SOME GREAT NEWS! The cleaning up and restoration of Goa’s traditional water bodies begins courtesy eco-conscious Water Resources Minister Vinod Palyekar and RDA Minister Jayesh Salgaonkar, who are here seen inspecting the Salmona spring in Saligao on July 13, 2017. With the restoration of Goa’s traditional water bodies Goans will be spared potable water woes in time to come!


APROPOS to the anti-Muslim/anti-Christian mayhem  going on in Goa and India in the name of Hindutva, I would like to say that we, the people, should remain calm and united. Not give in to the troublemakers crawling out at night to express shallow religious chauvinism.

What’s happening is reprehensible but can we think along progressive lines on a long term basis? For example, can we look beyond antediluvian religious practices and perhaps in time subscribe to the idea of cremating our dearly beloveds in state-of-the-art crematoriums instead of burial grounds — be they Christian or Muslim or Jayalalitha-style?

Instead of suffering from a disease called “religiositis” (so contagious these days!), what if we turn all burial grounds into gardens where we may scatter the ashes of our dearly beloveds and plant trees in their memory? Or what if we convert our burial grounds into children’s playgrounds?

I’m not sure how many will subscribe to such an idea! There are many ways to remember our dearly beloved in the temple/church/masjid/monastery of our own home, our own mind, with ceremonies lavish or simple, en famille or with a gathering of friends? Why get disturbed about material spaces dedicated to those who have long since gone with the wind?

Well, I can only hope I’m not raising a hornet’s nest by suggesting we move to newer frameworks of thinking! Imagine an earth without any reserved burial grounds of any religious denomination. Why let a bunch of Hindutva hoodlums indulge in desecrating any burial ground, and that too in the name of some uneducated politician-on-the-make whose name is Saraswati — who by no stretch of imagination has any of the graces of Hinduism’s original goddess Saraswati (my goddess  Saraswati would never behead anyone’s head for whatever reason, let along eating beef)!

Sometimes it’s good not to react, just let the rest of the world watch and take stock. Who are these monsters being spawned from the sacred earth of Bharatdesh — not Bharatmata please, for Bharat we know was King Bharat in ancient Hindu religious mythology. They may be hell-bent on lighting anew the fires of a civil war in India, but who wants another war which this time around would be far, far worse than anything triggered by the departing British in cahoots with Mohamed Ali Jinnah/Jawaharlal Nehru (to the anguish of Mahatma Gandhi and his subsequent killing)?

We know our history but to which perspective do we want to subscribe? The human and humane one, or a diseased, killer perspective? I’m just raising a few questions here. How should civilized citizens behave in the face of the provocative vandalism going on in Goa? React in kind, tit-for-tat, take to behaving like those who pick up the trishul to shame every virtue mahadeo represents in Hinduism (never Hindutva) or shrug and maintain peace?

– Pankajbala R Patel, Panjim


A BUNCH of brainwashed communal-minded lunatics have been continuously vandalizing religious symbols, with the sole intention of starting communal riots in Goa…as they are doing in other Indian states to help one communal party stay in power.

Unfortunately our investigation agencies have still not made a breakthrough. After watching the guts of these lunatics, I feel that the law and order situation has totally collapsed, especially under the current Chief Minister Parrikar’s ruling BJP coalition government in Goa.

When our CM can’t even defend a few religious structures from communal elements in a tiny state like Goa, what defending was he really doing when he was Defence Minister of India?

Anyway, Mr Parrikar and his colleagues should stop testing the patience of Goans by giving verbal assurances. They should act fast and firmly by arresting the real culprits before they go further. I salute my fellow Goans for not reacting violently, and for displaying maturity and showing restraint. Goans have lived together in communal harmony and will never fight with each other over religious lines no matter what. Are the communal elements listening?

Viva Goenkar!

– Jerry Fernandes, Saligao


THE latest communal-minded desecrations in Curchoren shows a marked increase in the intensity of destruction. This is because the perpetrators are emboldened, due to the complete ignorance and inaction of the Goa Police. Parrikar too wakes up late as he is wont to do in such matters.

The DIG of Police summed up his team’s efficiency when he said his night patrol heard sounds in the cemetery and rushed to the spot but could not enter as the gates were locked! The perpetrators of destruction escaped by climbing the walls! His police team is incapable of scaling the same wall? He needs to inform citizens what exactly his policemen are capable of. Hope he is now training his police force to scale at least low walls. Perhaps he needs to enlist help from the Electricity Department where recruitment requires their linesmen to scale electricity poles!

As for Goa governor Mridula Sinha, instead of calling for people to remain calm, she should haul up her police team and order them to tackle their incapable policemen…truly, the BJP government is obsessed only by cow politics and executing plans made by the Central BJP minister for Goa.

– R Fernandes, Margao


IT’S stunning how the vandalizing communalists are getting away so freely! All I can say thank God for Goans who have better sense than to fall for the obvious bait thrown their way. There is action but no reaction in kind. I find this kind of communal baiting leaves me indifferent and I will never fall for it because I know it is all the politics of one party which doesn’t deserve to be in power. The people of Goa are far more civilized than these outsiders from communal states to rise to the cowardly tricks of communalists.

– Gourish Poke, Morjim

Correction: The letter BJP Goofs in the last issue was wrongly credited. It was actually written by Aires Rodrigues. We apologise for the error


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