ON THE WORLD STAGE: Anurag  Mhamal has become the 48th grandmaster of India and the first from the state of Goa! He was felicitated by the Tiswadi Taluka Chess Association at a function held at the Institute of Menezes Braganza Hall, Panaji, on July19, 2017. Here he is seen with Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, Tourism Minister Manohar Azgaonkar, and MLA and Chairman of GTDC, Shri Nilesh Cabral. Also in the picture are Srinivas Dempo, Dilip Salgaonkar, and Kishor Bandekar who were also honoured for their role in promoting chess in Goa

Parrikar has spoken

Parrikar states that the crime rate in Goa has not increased due to casinos!! And so, we must blindly accept the same: no evidence required! The national media  was not as kind when he was at the Centre and was the main reason for his return.

Chief Minister Parrikar must therefore know who is behind the chain snatching as they are not gamblers!?

All evidence from gambling cities show that there is more revenue spent on controlling the effects of gambling then the revenue earned. The effects of gambling include broken families, school dropouts, petty crimes, drug abuse, hangers on to politicians — whoever is in the ruling party — for doles, drinks, and increased hooliganism, for example pseudo-gaurakshaks etc.

Gambling is always stacked against the gambler and he must lose. If he is a compulsive gambler he will end up with huge debts, sometimes even losing families and homes! Does he resort to crime? Not always. Does it impact society? Always.

Who will pay for the resultant health, living expenses for the family? The State or society.

With no gaming rules in Goa the odds stacked against the gambler are perhaps the highest in the world! With BJP politicians ruling the land and owning casinos it will remain so. If you are bound to lose, why would you gamble?

  1. Converting illegal income/black money to white: Casinos are a boon to politicians and it is not surprising that most of the casinos are owned by politicians!
  2. For thrills: Youth flush with money — and their friends not so flushed with money but forced by peer pressure — find casinos attractive. Where will the latter get the money?

The ex-defence minister becoming the chief minister of Goa should have sent shivers down the spines of drug lords! However all is quiet on that front. Why? Do we need their money or casino/gambling money so much?

Recall Woody Allen’s anecdote: a man told a psychiatrist his brother thought he was a chicken! The psychiatrist enquired why he did not bring his brother in to see him? The reply: We need the eggs!

In which category do we fall? Are we still saying ‘we need the casinos’?

– R Fernandes, India


MY problem with what’s happening in my country is not about BJP and Congress or JNU, and anti-nationalism or Jats and reservations. Or Hindu extremism and Muslim extremism, or the beef ban and porn ban or Kejriwal and Modi or Ravish and that `India wants to know’ guy. My problem is our mind space being occupied with futile, useless, fruitless, negative, regressive thinking.

In an age when this country should be thinking of inventions and ideas, we are discussing the above mentioned subjects! Why isn’t the government and media talking about development? Why isn’t RSS talking about development? Why isn’t every Hindu talking about development? Why aren’t the Muslims talking about development? Why aren’t the news channels and Facebook discussing development or spreading this idea to the world.

Saffron or green or beef or chicken or porn or sanskruti  or Kashmiris aren’t tools of development. These subjects of our conversations are anti-development. And anything that’s anti-development is anti-national, at least for me.

I want to see my India look better than Switzerland, I want my India to do better than the US in the Olympics. I want to see my India more civilised than the most civilised country in the world. I want my India to be more innovative than Japan. I want my India to be more safe for woman than Copenhagen in Denmark. I want my India to be more open minded than Canada. I want my India to be better than what it is today. And not worse!

Better can only happen when we start thinking productively, else we will all be wasting time and that is something useless, futile and infertile.

Please share these thoughts about what’s happening around us to all your friends!

– Gen Prakash Katoch, India


OUR cops and investigation agencies have a habit of coming out with their own unbelievable fictitious stories/versions. just like the Bollywood films, to distract Goans! They can’t investigate or solve many of the high profile criminal cases in Goa.

After entertaining Goans with their version of dupatta-killer Mahanand and the late Fr Bismarque Dias case for a while, they now suddenly arrested a 54-year-old  mentally disturbed man for the desecration of religious structures and crosses in Catholic cemeteries. He is being portrayed as a super-fit hero Bahubali  by the local media and over the internet.

I for one don’t believe that the desecration of cemeteries is a one-man job. It is a job of some organised communal gang in Goa. Instead of fooling Goans with this latest bit of cheap tiatr at the behest of some politicians,   the police should continue the investigations and bring the real culprits to book.

That is if they want peace and  harmony in Goa!

– Jerry Fernandes, Saligao, Goa


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