NEW 4-WHEELER AND 2-WHEELER AMBULANCES FOR GOA: Goa Health Minister Vishwajit Rane is delivering on promises at least when it comes to new ambulances. Goa is getting 10 new four-wheelers and 20 two-wheelers to be put in place by July-end. Some of the ambulances have already been allocated. Pic shows Taleigao MLA Jennifer Monserrate handing over the keys of a new ambulance for the people of Taleigao to the Taleigao Health Centre on July 27, 2017. Looking on are Health Services director Dr Sanjeev Dalvi; Sarpanch of V.P. Taleigao, Shri Janu M. Rosario; Panch Members, Smt. Vilma Cardozo, Smt. Helena Pereira, Shri Uday Kuttikar and Shri Mahadev Kuncolienkar; Secretary of V.P. Taleigao, Shri Peter Martins; and CCP Councillors, Shri Kanta Shirodkar and Nazareth Cabral


A VERY close aide of Vijai Sardesai has revealed how Goa Forward president, Vijai Sardesai, successfully negotiated an excellent  deal for Babush Monserrate for his absolute support to Manohar Parrikar. As part of the deal brokered, the State government will now not demolish but regularise the portion of government land which Monserrate has illegally usurped in front of his palatial bungalow at Miramar.

The government will also not demolish Monserrate’s Hotel Varanda da Mar at Miramar, which has been illegally constructed in flagrant breach and violation of the law. Manohar Parrikar has also agreed to close the rape case pending against Monserrate as well as the infamous Panaji police station stoning case in which he was the main accused.

It’s fott, fotting and fottingponn in the guise of Goem, Goenkar and Goenkarponn while Goa inches towards a state of total lawlessness! Amen.

– Aires Rodrigues, Advocate, High Court, Ribandar, Goa


MANY villages of Goa will be having their quarterly Gram Sabha meetings this Sunday, July 30, at 11 am at the Panchayat office. There’s a real cool campaign running to urge people to attend their Gram Sabha meets, click a selfie and post it Facebook with the tags #Act4Goa #JulyGramSabha.

Why is this important? A Gram Sabha compromises of all voters in the village and it’s an opportunity to work  along with each other in running the village. These village meetings are at the heart of Indian local democracy. If you want action on a particular issue this is the place to  make your voice heard. You can join a number of village development committees.

So please attend your Gram Sabha meet this weekend. Even if you don’t have a vote, please urge your neighbours to do so! This is the first Gram Sabha since Panchayat elections and so an extra important one.

Postscript: This campaign is being led by Forca Goa Foundation and has been conceived as part of the discussions of the Green Goa Active Citizens Platform. We at Video Volunteers have found this to be a truly exciting platform for change in Goa and would love you to get involved. Let me know if you want to know more about the various activities being planned at jessica@videovolunteers.org.

– Joanne Pyres, Goa


THE results of the last State Assembly polls have clearly shown that most Goans gave their verdict by giving 17 seats for a Congress party government, and rejected BJP with only 13 seats. Unfortunately, instead of respecting the people’s mandate some power-hungry BJP leaders in a swift move managed to install a BJP coalition government — against the wishes of the Goan people.

The BJP formed the government with the support of elected leaders from the regional parties like MGP and Goa Forward (the party founded to fight the last elections with the sold intention of defeating the BJP!) and mercenary Independents seeking ministerial berths in the Cabinet.

I still can’t get why the BJP leaders were so much in a hurry to form this coalition government despite knowing full well that their party had been rejected by the electorate! Hey, if leaders of rejected parties like the BJP can be allowed to form their government in such a manner, by quickly buying up some prominent leaders from other parties like Goa Forward (whose leader had sworn that they would never support a BJP government under any circumstance in his election campaign!)…and money power rules above all, why any future elections? Why should we Goans go to vote standing in long queues in different parts of Goa???

I’m disappointed seeing even some of our newly elected leaders selling their souls and helping a rejected party to form a government just for the sake of their own “achche din” for the next five years. These political leaders have brought real disgrace to Goa by suddenly switching sides and joining hands with a known communal party like the BJP and all in the name of development! They came to our doorstep begging for votes and then betrayed our trust.

Goan politics sucks and so do most of our corrupt current politicians. Some sworn enemies have joined up for the sake of their own development. It’s time we voters had rights to disqualify those whom we voted into power and who betrayed our trust after elections…this can bring more transparence into our corrupt political system.

All that has happened is not Goenkarponn but fottingponn and mind you, true Goenkars will never lie or back-stab his fellow Goans. They remain loyal to their principles unlike these traitors who have sold their principles like pimps and dalals in Goa! They offered fake dreams in the name of  Goenkarponn.

You guys are not Goenkars but shameless, power-hungry, cheating traitors! Wait and see, Goans will show you your place in time to come…viva Goa, viva Goenkars!

– Jerry Fernandes, Saligao

COW-GIVEN Excitement

I’VE been held up for anywhere from five to 15 minutes each and every day this month because of large joint families of cattle that seem to be doing a Goa-darshan on foot. They don’t seem to have a fixed abode — they just pop up when you least expect it, right around a turn or at a busy intersection. I’m hoping they’ve seen enough of urban Goa for now and move on to exploring our forests and fields. You’d think cattle would like to stay on grass instead of tarred roads!

Unfortunately modern-cattle even seem to prefer roads to sleep on instead of grass. But for anyone concerned… please don’t worry about streetlights causing them any discomfort. We don’t have too many of those on our big new roads in Goa yet! They are free to find the broadest, darkest road, and spread themselves right across it.

So now apart from the thrill of driving at night without streetlights — which makes everyone drive with their headlights blindingly on full — there is the delicious excitement of dodging not only potentially-dangerous pools of collected water, but also coming to a screeching halt to spend some time appreciating the beauty of cattle at rest. Video games have nothing on this.

– Blaise D, Dona Paula


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