CII FELICITATES SHIKHA PANDEY: Goa’s cricket all-rounder and flight lieutenant Shikha Pandey, while fielding questions at the  CII function held on Aug 3, 2017, had a memorable observation to a query about women in sports — “When we were young we were told often `Padoge likhoge toh nawab banoge, kheloge kudoge toh kharab banoge!’” (Girls were always told “If you study and write you will lead a nawab’s life, but if you play and jump around you will be treated as bad girls!”) Also in pic, CII chairperson Shrinivas Dempo, Shika’s parents Subas and Susheela Pandey, Gazal Bambri and others


THIS is by way of an open letter to Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar!

Two decades ago like many others I too held you in great respect while even working alongside you and the BJP, believing that you  were a ray of hope for Goa. But I had to part company after I was faced with evidence that you are very corrupt, communal and caste conscious.

The people of Goa were hoping that you would heed the recent sensible advice given to you by your dear friend Rajan Parrikar and gracefully pack your bags. But as you haven’t I am hoping that you allow Goa to move on in 2017. In 2007 you had publicly vowed that it would be your last election. However, in your greed and lust for power, you went back on your own word and contested yet again in 2012, and became chief minister after promising the people of Goa parivartan by way of good governance and zero tolerance for corruption!

But given your string of swift U-turns the people of Goa soon realized that by trusting you and electing the BJP they landed from the frying pan into the fire. In November, 2014, with the State engulfed in rampant corruption, nepotism and bad governance, you left a messed up Goa in a huff to be the Defence Minister of India, while you continued to deviously operate as the de facto chief minister, reducing the then incumbent Laxmikant Parsekar to be a mere puppet.

After as your disastrous stint as Defence Minister in March this year you deceitfully and through all crooked means forced yourself back as the chief minister of Goa, despite the people’s verdict clearly being against the BJP.

Panaji remains a sad decaying and sinking city despite you being its MLA for over two long decades, thrice Goa’s chief minister, and even Defence Minister of India. With all the power in your hands you could do nothing for your state and Panaji and incredibly you now have the audacity to seek yet another term as MLA, despite your grim performance or non-performance. This is despicable. Can you give us one good reason why you should be re-elected?

It is time for you to retire gracefully and hang up your very soiled boots. If you do so, Goa which has become a gambling, prostitution, narcotics and crime destination, may finally see some much needed achhe din. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

May your better sense prevail and I wish you a much-deserved retirement.

– Aires Rodrigues, Advocate, High Court, Ribandar, Goa



THE BJP has introduced two draconian bills by which the government can take over land, bypassing Central the Land Acquisition Act. All they need is an NOC from the “owner.” In case there are other owners/heirs or tenants they have to go to High Court to challenge the acquisition and/or fight for compensation. Also compensation amount is less than what is given in the latest Central and Acquisition Act. Government can also take over any land including agricultural land and give it for mining activities and industrial corridors.

– Vladimir Furtado, Goa



TO carry out his devious plan of speedily concretizing Goa, Vijai Sardesai in collusion with the land mafia wants to appoint three chief town planners with the blessings of the Don.

By these standards a state like Maharashtra would require at least 300 chief town planners! As expected its fot, fotting and fottingponn all the way while Vijai Sardesai continues to bear the brunt of curses rightly hurled at him by the people of Goa

– Contributed by Stephen Dias, Dona Paula



OUR dilemmas graphically put:

Corruption vs murdered for eating beef

Corruption vs maimed for not standing up for a song

Corruption vs lynched for herding your own cattle

Corruption vs assaulted for criticizing religious overreach

Corruption vs threatened with rape for evidence based criticism of one man

Corruption vs alienated Kashmir more than ever before

Corruption vs screwed over by demonetization and lost your life’s savings

Corruption vs “nano GPS” media circus

Corruption vs the worst foreign relations in decades

Corruption vs beat-up and arrested for being on a date as consenting adults

Corruption vs violent godmen and dishonest monks in  politics

Corruption vs ministry to study pseudo-science at the tax-payers’  expense

Corruption vs ambulance service for cows while already inadequate for humans

Corruption vs taxpayer-funded school for black magic

Corruption vs gold in gomutra

Corruption vs irresponsible Aadhaar leaks

Corruption vs runaway inflation on all fronts

Corruption vs ridiculously expensive statues for zero purpose

Corruption vs shameless narcissism and violent fanboyism

Corruption vs frivolous selfie vacations paid for by taxpayers

Corruption vs shameless designer suits for obscene price tags

Corruption vs fake academic credentials

Corruption vs unleashed the most vulgar army of trolls ever known to exit

Corruption vs fake news and photo-shopped propaganda at epic levels

Think it over!

– Lumina, Goa


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