IT’S VANAMAHOTSAV TIME: And everyone’s getting into the act of wooing Mother Earth! Here’s Principal & Sessions Judge North Goa, Irshad Aga, watering a fruit sapling at a “Kitchen Garden & Tree Plantation” event  at Apna Ghar, Merces, on Aug 3, 2017. Also in the picture are Chief Judicial Magistrate, Juvenile Justice Board (North) Pooja C Kavlekar, Director of Women & Child Development Juhi Redkar and Secretary, North Goa District Legal Services Authority, Shabnam Shaikh


DURING his stint as Defence Minister at Delhi, Parrikar was not spared by the national media. His usual tricks of saying the media did not translate his speech correctly and therefore mis-quoted him could not hold water. He used a ridiculous method of returning to State politics — because GF requested him??!!

After Parrikar resigned as Defence Minister, the acting Defence Minister, Jaitley, immediately cancelled three defence orders!

All this has made Parrikar lose confidence in himself. Look at how he permitted people from land locked States to dictate terms for the shifting of Lucky7!! Goa is a maritime State with absolute command in sea faring activities and our Chief Minister Parrikar listens to the casino owners!

We need a strong chief minister: one who can stand his ground against marauding Central BJP clan who have the current one eating out of their hands.

The bye election in Panjim is a fight for democracy in India, not just Goa. All states in India need Goans to stand against the throttling of freedom to eat without being lynched! Against Emergency! Against the throttling of the media. If the Prime Minister and the Supreme Court came out against cow vigilantes only recently, it is not because of the protesting Indians in India but because the Indian diaspora in the US protested because they were ridiculed by their colleagues and found themselves threatened.

In Goa itself, the Assembly is taking on administrative powers to curb Kashinath Shetye from exposing the Ministers.

Parrikar now allows Goa University to employ their favourites??!! They cannot fill vacancies despite the relaxation clause? They want a blanket clause? BJP says education must be in local language: now the University professors themselves do not know the local language?

Parrikar has gained MANY TIMES by making U-turns and then defending them with the most outrageous statements. In medical terms this is called pathological lying. No one trusts pathological liars. This is modern India’s version of Wolf! Wolf! The wolves have already taken Goa.

– R Fernandes, Margao


THE State cabinet on Aug 2, 2017, approved the proposal for transfer of land acquired at Baiguinin by the Corporation of the City of Panaji to the Goa Waste Management Corporation to construct a waste treatment plant on the lines of Saligao Waste Treatment with a capacity of processing of 250 tons per day. It may be recalled that the UPA-2 government were in the process of sanctioning funds for setting up a Waste Treatment Plant under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM).

What were the obstacles for the government to set up the Waste Treatment Plant at that time when Baingunim has already been selected as the site? Why is it that Panaji and Panjimites were treated as 2nd class constituency and citizens while the Saligao Waste Treatment Plant was approved and set up before the Bainguinim plant? Is Manohar Parrikar trying to fool the people now that bye-elections are around the corner, while all this time he did not bother to act on the same and did not have the interests of Panaji residents at heart?

The people of Panaji have been given a  very raw deal by Parrikar. The people of Panaji should reject Parrikar once and for all for not having taken measures to set up the plant at Bainguinim before the Saligao plant was commissioned. What reason do Panaji residents have to vote Parrikar back when he has neglected it for the last 23 years?!

– Contributed by Stephen Dias, Dona Paula


This is with reference to your article titled”Polarisation” in the July 29-Aug 04, 2017 issue of the “Goan Observer” and your excellent analysis, as always, and  timely advice to the Goa Church.

As a Goan Christian, I am deeply troubled that the Church authorities in Goa chose to leave out our Goan Hindus from the public meeting. I am troubled, not because of the reaction of the Hindutva Organisations in Goa or elsewhere, nor because our Goan Hindus are in “majority,”(a coincidental factor), but because our Goan Hindus are part of the global ”Goan Family”  and therefore, are our very own dear sisters and brothers. Leaving them out of the said public meeting, was an insult that I cannot brook. As a Goan Christian and therefore a member of the Goan Christian community, I beg forgiveness of my (our) Goan Hindu sisters and brothers, for the hurt the Goa Church caused, I am sure, unintentionally and unwittingly.

– Sergio Carvalho, Mapusa


WE, Catholic Citizens, strongly condemn the photograph being taken in the Immaculate Conception Church, where the parish priest Fr Cleto is seen blessing the BJP candidate. This is shameful act to gain cheap political mileage in a sacred place of worship. It has been clearly written on signboards in the Church that photography is prohibited in the Church premises of Panjim Church.

  1. How was this photograph allowed to be taken?
  2. Do the rules not apply to Parish Priest himself?
  3. The act of giving blessings could have been a private affair; why has this act been publicised and published in the press?
  4. That the message is being used for political purpose is clearly shown from the fact the BJP is circulating it on social media with their Lotus symbol and BJP for Goa message — is Fr Cleto promoting this?
  5. What message is the BJP trying to send to Catholic voters, with this photo on its campaign material? Is this not use of religion in politics, which is banned by the Model Code of Conduct?

Interestingly, Activist Sameer has filed a complaint against Parrikar for using places of worship for political mileage. In the wake of the hostile climate against minorities in India and the violence against Christians in Khandamal and other atrocities, Fr Cleto, the Catholic Builder Cedric Vaz who brought the RSS members to the Church, and those who do similar acts are bringing in their own doom, and that of the community they represent, given the larger plan of the Sangh Parivar of Hindu Rashtra by 2023.

We demand that no priest should photograph himself or allow photography in the Church of any political figure, be they Ministers, MPs, MLAs, especially before elections so as not to convert the “House of Prayer” into a “Den of thieves” in the words of Jesus himself.

– Shared by a Concerned Catholic, Panjim


OUR Goa Town & Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardesai and Revenue Minister Rohan Khaunte need to act swiftly and crack down on the rampant land filling and hill cutting and blatant, illegal constructions going on across Goa. It is very distressing to see such unlawful land filling going on all over the Merces-Chimbel area adjoining Ribandar which is leading to a catastrophic environmental hazard.

With political patronage, illegal business activities have mushroomed, while the authorities are conveniently turning a blind eye to the environmental disaster and social nuisance in the making.

– Aires Rodrigues, Advocate, High Court, Ribandar, Goa


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