LET THERE BE LIGHT ANEW! At the inauguration of the new Congress Election Office on Atmaram Borkar Road on Aug 14, 2017, (l to r) Panaji Congress candidate Girish Chodankar with GPCC president Shantaram Naik, state-in-charge Dr A Chella Kumar and Curtorim MLA Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco. Chodankar invited Manohar Parrikar for an open debate on Panaji issues but got no response!


THERE is a sudden change in the chief minister’s view on drugs in Goa. Did the Panaji bye-elections wake him up? Finally he agrees that drugs are available, going further to say that there is extensive use of drugs at late night rave parties, adding that rave parties are illegal! Who is the Home Minister? Whom do the police report to? How can he display such helplessness? And to believe this CM was the Defense Minister! Just a few days back in the Assembly he said there were no drugs near educational institutions! Who frequents rave parties? The government cannot be unaware that students frequent rave/late night parties in North Goa. From there, drugs readily find their way to college campuses.

The government has also said there were in favour of re-starting EDM festivals. For whose benefit and at what cost, when drug overdose deaths are also seen at such festivals?

This all shows a very confused and lax CM and government.

Last week the Goa Women’s Forum (GWF) protested about the escort ads freely using the names of Goan college girls and housewives before the SP-N Goa. The BJP ministers have claimed a police and drug dealers nexus! The forum needs to keep this in mind when listening to the SP-North Goa. They must insist he provided them weekly reports on clamping down on such escort agencies. They need to also protest the sale of drugs in Goa.

Do not let the police enjoy a paid holiday in Goa. Prostitution is going on in village backyards in the coastal belt. This is a sure way to make Goa into another Bangkok.

The Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) never seems to come out against either drugs or prostitution or these escort agencies. Which means they consider the same essential to their bread and butter. The GWF needs to accost the TTAG on this. Note, the TTAG did not hesitate to approve the trade fair jaunts of the government!

– R Fernandes, Margao


IN the latest issue of `Renovacao’ which is the pastoral bulletin of the Archdiocese of Goa, Dr F E Noronha has highlighted how crucial is the August 23 Panaji bye-election.  On Wednesday the self-respecting voters of  Panaji constituency, which includes Ribandar, will create history by defeating former defense minister, Manohar Parrikar, who illegitimately and dishonestly in March this year usurped the chief minister’s chair though the backdoor by his highhanded poli-tricks. With Manohar Parrikar’s departure we should start the process of saving what remains of a badly battered Goa.

Through his honesty, humbleness and strong commitment to serve people, Girish Chodankar has won the hearts of the voters of Panaji constituency, which includes Ribandar. Time to bid Manohar Parrikar a farewell for having fooled the people of Panaji for over two long decades!

– Aires Rodrigues, Advocate, High Court, Ribandar, Goa


TODAY the government wants to control what we eat, which movies we view and when, how many children we have, which God we worship, who we should marry, what we should wear, who can vote depending on one’s religion, what fitness regime we should follow, what we watch online, how we socialise, how we spend our private time with partners.

Heads of educational and research institutions are chosen so that their future will be shaped by a certain ideology. Indian school children will soon be taught of a new national movement and a new version of the independence struggle as the Nazi children were taught about the Teutuonic knights of the Middle Ages.

The new nationalist rhetoric is so similar to Mussolini’s “everything for the state, nothing against the state, nothing outside the state.” Is this not an attempt by the state to take control of one’s private and public life?

The aggressive cultural nationalism, bans, ideological re-imagination of the country’s political and cultural past, ideological takeover of national institutions, threats to anyone who disagrees with the state and its cronies, and an abusive online army of vigilantes, who are particularly vulgar against women, together denote a mini Talibanisation in progress. This is how the Taliban began with its Pastunwali code and in no time took away all the liberties and rights of people while banishing women from public life.

In today’s New India we have ambulances for cows but no oxygen for humans. On the 70th year of independent India, this is just a reminder that many who will give bhashans and raise the Indian  flag had no part to play in the Independence struggle but in fact sided with the British. These people owe the honour/pride of raising the flag to real nationalists and not psedo-nationalists.

On August 15, our Prime Minister addressed the nation from the Red Ford in Delhi. The elves didn’t build it. It was built by Shah Jahan, one of history’s most prolific builders. You cannot re-write history, so do not try to do so!

– D C Dias, Taleigao


IMAGINE this. A cyclist is a disaster for the economy. He/she doesn’t buy a car and does not take a car loan. Does not buy vehicle insurance.Does not buy fuel.Does not use the services of repair shops and car washes.Does not use paid parking.Does not become obese.

Yes, and well, dammit! Healthy people are not needed for the economy. They do not buy drugs. They do not go to private doctors. They do not increase the country’s  GDP!On the contrary, every new McDonald’s outlet creates 30 jobs; 10 dentists, 10 cardiologists and 10 weight loss experts!

– Lourdes, Goa


AFTER a day long struggle finally both votes in the Gujarat RajyaSabha elections were held invalid by the Election Commission and Congress leader Ahmed Patel  won! This was bound to happen. BJP deployed every dirty trick for this election – bribes, threatening MLAs, raids, and even attempting to shamelessly influence the EC. But no matter how powerful the lie, in the end, truth always prevails.

Co-incidentally, 75 years ago, on August 9, Mahatma Gandhi called for British to Quit India. Now, with this victory in the RS, another fresh episode of quit India will begin and this time the slogan will be BJP Quit India!

– Vladimir Furtado, Goa


THE slogan of “Madre Vatan Bharat Ki Jai” was given in 1857 by Azeem Ullah Khan. The slogan “Jai Hind!” was given by Abid Hassan Safrani The slogan “Bharat Chhora!” (Quit India) was given by Yusuf Meher Ali, who also gave the slogan “Simon Go Home.” The slogan “Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna, Ab Hamare Dil Mein Hai” was written in 1921 by Bismil Azimabadi. Surayya Tayyabji made the remarkable and incedible contribution that gave us our flag, the tri-color as we know if today.

Incidentally, not one of them was proponent of Hindutva or a member of RSS/VHP/BJP!

– Shared by a reader to think over as we celebrate 70 years of Independence


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