V M SALGAOCAR HOSPITAL-JASLOK HOSPITAL PARTNERSHIP: It’s a strategic alliance to provide Goans with cutting-edge medical facilities and healthcare, said VMSH President Shivanand Salgaocar at a function held on Sept 1, 2017 in Panaji. With him in the photo are Dr Narendra Kumar Pathak (CEO, VMSH), Ranjana Salgaocar, Dr Tarang Gianchandani (CEO, Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai), Dr M H Kamat, super-speciality doctors Jayshri Shah, Nihar Mehta, Sahil Fulara, Rushi Deshpande, Ameet Pispati, Prajesh Bhut, Yatin Vaidya, Eugene D’Souza and others present at the press conference to announce details of the new partnership. The hospital is all set to now host clinics in six key areas, namely liver conditions, heart-related ailments, diabetes/thyroid disorders, kidney care, joint replacement/sport injuries and colorectal/pelvic floor-related problems


MANOHAR Parrikar might have officially won the Panaji bye-elections but for varied reasons it is Girish Chodankar who is the true victor. Girish Chodankar in polling a whopping 5,059 votes displayed rare brave courage by taking on the might of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and that too at very short  notice, with just less than two weeks to campaign, while Parrikar commenced his campaign almost over three months ago.

Unlike Parrikar who has all the State resources at his disposal, Girish ran a very low profile, clean campaign, visiting almost every house in the Constituency and winning the hearts of the people with his sincerity, honesty and humbleness, besides being a well-respected leader with a proven track record of having always delivered over the years on the work assigned to him.

Girish is also not as money-rich as the BJP and Parrikar are and they very high-handedly misused the official position of chief minister in violating  every parameter of the model code of conduct, while the hen-pecked authorities stood as mere awed spectators!

To the credit of Girish, Parrikar, who always considered Panaji as his fortress, had to this time around in his campaign desperately seek the assistance of all his ministers and MLAs, including the coalition partners, and to finally even frantically draft in the emergency services of Babush Monserrate.

Despite all his political politrics Parrikar was unable to win by a margin of 8,000-9,000 votes as he’d bragged and also was not able to ensure his vow that Girish would lose his deposit came true. Girish has established a good base in Panaji and should continue serving the city as it is very unlikely that Parrikar will care to do anything to uplift a city that he has so thoroughly neglected over the last 23 long years.

– Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar


GIRISH, please do not get disappointed. You gave Parrikar a good fight. That is the reason he got less votes than expected. You went around all the houses covering 90 per cent, which is appreciated within 19 days of your full strength in Panaji. Keep up your spirit so that it may help us in future.

– Stephen Dias, Dona Paula


THE media in Goa has brought out the extremely alarming news that in Siolim, a few meters from a school, drugs are freely sold to all, including students. How can students come out of their drug habit with such lax police and government?

The principal, after numerous complaints to the police, has given up on the administration: however, this does not absolve him from trying. When the CM, in a recent assembly session, unequivocally stated that no drugs are sold near educational institutes, the principle was duty bound to call his bluff — which he did not! He failed his students on this front.

There are many noted personalities in Siolim, many artists from outside Goa who have taken up residence/business here. We hear only silence from them on this front, but lots as far as garbage is concerned, Goans leaving for foreign lands, etc.

We have seen on sports channels, how good souls in Brazil, have used football to pull out youth/prevent others from drugs and thefts. The GFDC and Touch Rugby Association of Goa, should take up this challenge and include this school on their agenda for promoting these games with extra resources earmarked for them.

The villagers too need to boycott the drugs-seller on all social fronts and make it clear that living off such a business is criminal. Further, they need to make an assessment of who is for and against drugs and socially boycott them as well.

– R Fernandes, Margao


BJP’S Nilesh Cabral has reportedly raised strong objections over the statements of the fact-finding team and the recent article of the Church which has rightly raised serious concerns over the growing intolerance in different parts of India under BJP governments in the states and the current Narendra Modi-led BJP regime at the Centre. The one thing I have seen is that the BJP always uses such ignorant minority leaders to give their own counter-justifications to defend the communal policies of this party, especially whenever it comes under direct attack from the Church in Goa.

Of course, Francis Pereira, the alleged culprit in the desecration might have been in jail earlier for three years for murder, but even if we presumed that he’s a most ferocious man, how is it possible for this single man to vandalise 40 crosses, niches/graves in a cemetery in just a few hours and also break roadside religious structures in a jiffy in different parts of Goa? Is he a superman or is he a swift-moving hero like Spiderman?

Secondly, how can Mr Cabral say that what has been published in the recent Church article about the BJP is completely false and nonsense? Isn’t the BJP in Goa (not to forget at the Centre and other parts of India) not communal? If not, then why has the BJP always refused to give important ministries to its minority leaders who have been elected over the last so many years in Goa?

Why hasn’t the BJP given the tourism ministry portfolio to capable minority leaders like Michael Lobo and Glen Ticlo, despite both having vast experience in the tourism industry, coming from a hotel industry background in Goa? Why did the BJP refuse to appoint Fancis D’Souza as Goa’s chief minister when Manohar Parrikar was sent to Delhi to take over as defense minister of India a couple of years ago?

Last but not least, if the BJP is not communal at the Centre (and other parts of India), then why does it always talk of constructing temples and not churches and mosques in India at the time of every election? Why does it support those who threaten minorities that eat beef and promote cow worship in India? Why does it want to forcibly impose the fascist agenda of its mentor, the RSS, which incidentally is still working to turn this secular country into another Taliban type Hindu-Rashtra by instigating the majority community by raising fake issues like forced religious conversions, love-Jihaad etc and by branding all minorities anti-national.  I think that Mr Cabral should stop targeting the Church at the behest of his BJP bosses because we secular Goans are living with our eyes wide open and definitely know which party is communal and which is not in Goa/India till today. I’m really feeling ashamed of all such minority leaders for living like blind fools and supporting known communal forces just to help themselves grow in Goa/India so as to enjoy their own ‘ache-din’…

– Jerry Fernandes, Saligao


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