DEFENSE MINISTER NIRMALA SITHARAMAN WAS THERE TO WISH THEM BON VOYAGE! It was an undoubtedly historic moment for the all-women’s crew of Indian Navy’s sailing vessel INSV Tarini to be flagged off on their first ever global circumnavigation trip on Sept 10, 2017. The crew is skippered by Lt Commanders Prabha Jamwal, P Swathi, along with lieutenants S Vijaya Devi, B Aishwarya and Payal Gupta. They are scheduled to return to Goa by April 2018. Be sure to follow their adventures


THE High Court has sought the opinion of the chairperson of the National Green Tribunal, Western Branch, over the matter of transferring Goa-related cases to Delhi. It has also asked Goa government to clarify about the availability of space in Panaji, which can be used as courtroom if a circuit bench is to be set up.

The High Court pulled up the government over the statement that Delhi would be convenient for government advocates, and observed that NGT was set up for the convenience of the citizens and litigants and  not for the government. The court observed that if 500 km distance of Pune is not feasible and convenient, how can 1,500 km distance of Delhi be feasible and convenient? Would it not be feasible and convenient for the government to set up a circuit bench in Goa than transfer cases to Delhi?

The court also pointed out that the Goa government had not filed its affidavit and gave it a last chance to file it to clear its stand. The court took note of statements made by petitioners and interveners that adequate space is available in the premises of the Panaji Sessions Court building due to shifting of some courts. The High Court has asked the government to clarify space availability in Panaji if a circuit bench is to be set up here.

By sending the order dated Sept 12 to the chairperson of National Green Tribunal, Western Branch, the High Court also sought its opinion on the matter of transferring Goa-related cases to Delhi. The matter now comes up for hearing on Sept 25.

– Michael Dias, Goa


DRUGS devour the young who form the future pillars of society. Destroy the youth in Goa and Goa will be taken over by others and this is happening with the connivance of politicians. The recent drug overdose deaths opened our eyes for a short time when a Goa daily showed that drugs were sold close to a correction school in Siolim. This is a fact. The Calangute MLA Michael Lobo said he would disclose the names of police/drug nexus after the bye-elections. A BJP Minister says he is threatened by drug dealers for opposing the same. CM Manohar Parrikar ridicules him and asks people to give names of drug pushers when his own ministers claim they have the names. What is happening? It looks like the CM wants to ensure that drugs are not sold openly, that’s all. He speaks what the people want to hear to lull them into thinking he cares and will act. Today, even the RSS is questioning the PM Narendra Modi, saying the objective of the PM is only to appease his followers and so remain in power without any results to show. Goa CM is replicating the same.

– R Fernandes, Margao


IN THE death of former MP and the very knowledgeable Advocate Amrut Kansar, Goa has lost a very righteous friend of the poor. Though very soft-spoken, Amrut Kansar aggressively advocated so many issues affecting the deprived and the unprivileged.  A very honest and thorough gentleman he always was while leading a life with an ever so unblemished record. A true tribute to the departed Amrut Kansar by Goa’s legal fraternity would be to walk the path that he so always did with his head always high.

– Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar


A TRIBUTE to our former “weak” prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh when LPG prices have been hiked again to dig a hole in the pockets of the common man.

Dr. Singh was a “weak” prime minister because during his tenure he never let LPG prices go beyond `400 per cylinder, unlike the great Modi-ji who has once again hiked LPG prices.

Dr. Singh was a “weak” prime minister because he never let petrol and diesel prices skyrocket,  unlike Modi-ji who has ensured petrol and diesel prices rise on a regular basis.

Dr Singh was weak because he never let loose the CBI on Times Now despite “Arnob Gauswamy” and Navika Kumar vehemently criticizing all his policies. Dr Manmohan Singh was weak prime minister because he never let loose the IT Department to raid companies whose owners would sit on television debates and criticize him openly, despite the economy being on a growth trajectory… but has gone unusually silent since Modi-ji took over. How dare he not let loose a few corporates like Mallya flee the country during his tenure?

Dr Singh was weak because he never sought to control or disband NGOs who obstructed his infrastructure projects. Dr Manmohan Singh was weak because during his tenure he did not let loose the gau rakshaks. How dare Dr Manmohan Singh not create panic among the majority community by chanting “Hindu khatre mein hain”?

Dr Singh was weak because he introduced the RTI Act and passed the Lokpal Act and brought in transparency, unlike Modi-ji who is attempting to dilute it. Dr Singh was weak because he forced several of his ministers to resign based on mere allegations and ensured some were sent to jail, unlike Modi-ji who did not force his ministers to resign despite criminal conspiracy charges framed against a few. How dare Dr Singh not let Raja, Kalmadi and Kanimozhi flee to London?

Dr Singh was weak because he created employment for the poor and marginalized, by implementing the landmark MNREGA scheme, unlike Modi-ji who through his monumental blunder called demonetization ensured even those with jobs lost it.

Dr Singh was weak because he ensured that GDP soared to greater heights, unlike Modi-ji who has ensured GDP spirals out of control with poor implementation of demonetization and GST. Dr Singh was weak because he took collective decisions encouraging his ministries to do their homework, unlike Modi-ji who ensures all decisions are taken within the PMO.

Dr Singh was weak because he did not disconnect internet services as and when people protested, nor did he charge people with sedition cases if they criticized his government. He has to learn a lot from our “strong” Prime Minister Modi-ji.

Dr Singh was weak because he never filed defamation cases against people who called him objectionable names like “Maun Mohan Singh,” unlike Jaitley who spends more time filing defamation cases rather than manage his responsibilities in the multiple ministries he holds.

Dr Singh was weak because he did not change into as many expensive suits, feather caps and shoes, as our dear Modi-ji. Dr Singh was always dressed in simple clothes which does not auger well for the fastest growing economy in the world. How dare Dr Singh not go on as many foreign trips as our dear Modi-ji does with his Gujarati dance troupes and media friends?

Dr Singh was weak because he steered the economy to safety during the troubled economic recession of 2008, which singed the economy of the whole world, unlike our great Modi-ji who took a perfectly performing economy and turned it into a laboratory to satiate his ego and arrogance.

Dr Singh was weak because  he never did “Monnkey Baath” every month but was more interested in the “Mann ki Baath” of his citizens. How unfortunate.

Dr Singh was weak because he never attempted to fudge data, copy-paste NDA policies, fake information or bluff through his teeth. He decided to commit the most sinful act of being honest instead of making frivolous legal arguments to defend his failings, like our expert lawyer Jaitley saab does. He also did not loiter around Twitter and Facebook all day long, nor did he build a troop of unpad bhakts to spread lies and abuse people who criticized him.

Last but not least of all, Dr Singh was a “weak” prime minister because during his tenure he did not build a coterie of Punjabi bureaucrats around him to give him the wrong advice and chant “Har, Har, Singh-ji” day and night. As if this was not enough, Dr Singh is weak even while in Opposition because he got his predictions right that demonetization was a monumental blunder and organised loot and that it would bring down the GDP by 2 per cent.  How dare Dr Singh speak the truth in a New India where hard-working donkeys are preferred over Harvard economists???

– Vladimir Furtado, Goa


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