Happy Birthday Shripad bab! “Birthday is just an event, ultimate aim of life is to serve the common man!” So quipped Union Minister for AYUSH Shripad Naik on his 64th birthday on Oct 4. The occasion saw free medical camps for those who wanted their eyes and diabetes checked as also a sharing of alternate systems of treatment in Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy, Yoga, and there was a blood donation drive alongside. Various Ayurveda representatives participated in the camps and 8,000 herbal plants of medical value were distributed to all on the occasion even as Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar joined in to wish the AYUSH minister on his birthday


ANY  kid will tell you that you have to complete level 1 before you are allowed into level 2 at any video game. That you need to master addition/subtraction before tackling multiplication/division — unless you are  rabbit! The Education Department’s failed mass promotion is another example of first things first.

With this in mind where is the need for KTC’s junket trip to the UK? The KTC buses spew black smoke, the grime inside the buses are seldom cleaned, rattling windows and leaking roofs all show the KTC mired at level 1! They happily accept awards for highest km per tyre and best fuel consumption: any wonder when the 56-seater buses have an average of 10 passengers per trip? This can definitely average 3.5 km/lt but is not an achievement. What the KTC needs to share with the public is the maintenance cost per km.

What does this action speak of the government’s perception of its voters? Mere automatic ticket dispensing machines to reduce manpower will not help nor fool the people. The KTC needs to be improve its level 1 score before it can even comprehend level 2 score. The government does not require the public to give its approval with their voters feigning ignorance: so please spare us the insults.

– R Fernandes, Margao


THE Goa government has got its priorities totally skewed. Instead of setting up a Special Investigative Team (SIT) to combat the flourishing drug trade in the state, it wants to set up a SIT on matka and that too by roping in a retired High Court judge in the arena to crack down on matka.

Matka has its wings long drawn across India and even in many countries overseas. It is definitely a lesser evil than the lethal drug menace or even the illegalities that the government has been merrily watching in the casinos. Gambling cannot be the privilege of only the rich and affluent.

Why is there a need for an SIT on matka? Every police station in Goa knows the names of all matka bookies operating in its jurisdiction. We are now seeing that in the farcical police strike against matka those linked to the BJP are being selectively spared, when all need to be treated equally before the law.  

While there are some people who believe that gambling in any form shouldn’t be encouraged, there are others who think that matka should be legalized. In Goa it’s a widespread industry in every nook and corner and the only source of income for thousands of matka agents.

In fact after the Supreme Court directed the Law Commission and  government to consider the suggestion of legalizing betting, the Law Commission of India earlier this year issued a public notice inviting suggestions from stakeholders and members of the general public on whether gambling and betting should be legalized?

The Commission noted that since the issue of gambling and betting is linked, it would study the possibility of legalizing both betting and gambling by making a comprehensive study of the existing laws.  It opined that that there was a strong case for legalizing gambling and betting since it will earn tax revenues to the State coffers!

– Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar


ROADS are an important part of life. On them all citizens depend to fulfill many of the necessary activities of life. As I ride through the Margao roads my mind just thinks about our politicians who promise us development of city and improved quality of life…which means better, safer roads for citizens.

Alas, almost every road of Margao city displays the attitude, sincerity and honesty of our leaders in fulfilling their promises! The pathetic condition of our city roads may one conclude that the government and its PWD are only concerned about those who travel by plane. Margao station is the largest junction in Goa and a maximum numbers of tourists and travellers prefer to travel by  train.

Are ill-designed, potholed roads the only image we want these tourists to take back with them? In the first place such killer roads make the life of citizens miserable too, especially if walking or commuting by two or four-wheelers after dark or at night time. With dim lighting the roads become dangerous and life-threatening invitations to death.

Panaji is the capital city of Goa and it looks like some development of roads is only reserved for it! Altogether in spite of being India’s smallest state, Goa has pathetic roads that what other development in infrastructure may one expect! Poor roads do not tempt anyone from starting business ventures in the state. Also all the time there is digging up operations for sewage drainage, this, that and the other, by the utility departments, digging up is never ending and this leaves roads forever in an unfinished state.

It’s high time the departments and government employees responsible for the maintenance of roads acted proactively to ensure road safety and ease of commuting or walking. Beautiful Goa can be a model of roadways development for other states – only if the funds sanctioned for different works are utilized honestly and with professional competence!

– Meenaz Bhanu, Margao


BULLET train, made in Japan. Patel statue, made in China. Smart cities, made in Sweden. Made in India logic, made in Switzerland. Modi’s bullet-proof car, made in Germany. Modi’s 10 lakh suit, made in England. Modi’s sunglasses Bvligari, made in Italy. Modi’s pen Movado, made in Switzerland. Modi’s RSS swastika symbol, made in Nazi Germany. Modi’s friend Ambani’s JIO devices, made in China. Modi’s PR company APCO, made in America. Please comment if anything is desi other than Modi!

– Nikhil Desai, Goa


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