TIME TO STOP ALL IMMERSIONS! This is picture of the Yamuna river in Delhi after Durga Puja celebrations and the same story after Ganesh Chaturthi… marine life turn up dead on shore after the annual immersion of plaster of paris, chemically-painted adorned idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Durga. Let us not contaminate and kill in the name of religious rites and concentrate on restoring and freeing our rivers from the sins of our mod con consumerist civilization!

IN GOA and India it’s one festival after another and I must confess I’ve taken to the airing my views on Facebook with aplomb although I still have to clue myself up about a lot of things!

Digital India is dawning on me bit by bit although I may be in my senior years forever trying to catch up with the life and time of today’s juniors…like in Mumbai over the Dassera weekend I noticed how we’re steadily as a civilization slipping into a culture of instant gratification! Don’t laugh…in Mumbai even the wealthy are feeling the pinch but they’re still shopping till doomsday to pump life into a crashing economy courtesy Namo’s bitter medicine if you know what I mean.

At Mumbai’s Terminal One domestic airport while returning to Goa I noticed the Indigo airlines folk are trying to educate flyers into checking themselves in on their own courtesy a digitally-designed computer or some such thing – you have to press buttons and inform them you’ve arrived well in time, a hour before departure of the flight. I was running late and the machine rejected me and ordered me to proceed towards manual checking in where with relief I get a warm smile from a young man who wants to know if there is any electrical stuff in the bag I’m checking in….yes, one of those Sony power banks which smart folk have these days, but it’s in my hand luggage and not check-in bag! That’s okay then, he said, in checked in baggage they’ve been known to explode, but the cheapo copies, not the good branded ones…well.

If you’re asking me our electronic and digital craze is ushering in a world which is very hostile to peaceful living. And if our environment is getting steadily impregnated with radio waves and the bees, butterflies and birds are being affected, I’m very upset. Give me bees, butterflies and birds any day! Most of us are not conscious of how our electronic/digital technology is impacting life on earth…and for that matter how safe are we from it ourselves? Think about it.

We need to change our ways of living and a video I’m impressed by lately is one which lists some good habits vis-à-vis curbing our passion for itsy bitsy plastics. Hey, along with others I urge my readers here to say no to water in pet plastic bottles (carry your own water bottle), plastic straws, plastic bags, food and medicines packaged in plastics, plastic cutlery, plastics in the kitchen and bathroom where maids think they don’t have to wash off the black slime gathering in buckets…because it is plastic! Plastics don’t get washed out as often as say crockery and stainless ware in the kitchen does with every usage, no? Hey, help stop this deadly plastic waste generated by our mod con lazy civilization going and settling down in mountainous colonies at the bottom of our life-giving water bodies across India and the world…the world is barely 15 to 20 per cent of the good earth I read repeatedly these days.

I’VE taken to Facebook anew with some trepidation and still have to get clued up about many things. But have been reading all the steaming opinions about Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s mass campaign to link the rivers of India…apart from travelling around and giving bhashans about growing trees on river embankments, creating buffer zones of trees…I think it’s far more ecologically sensitive to just let rivers flow and not change their riverine ecosystems with mega show-off technologies like dams and canal linkages.

LIVING RIVERS: A freely flowing living river keeps our coastlines intact

If we dam river after river and link them…the oceans will come to get us faster! It’s common sense to realize that rivers are the arteries of our piece of earth holding our coastlines  intact…try damming an artery in your own body and see what would happen. I’m not for damming or linking rivers but all for putting pressure on China to stop all development across the high mighty mountains of the Himalaya so that the topography and geography of our rivers don’t change beyond recognition in the next 25 years.

As it is we’ve been killing our rivers on our own……no??? Let’s work collectively towards restoring, cleaning and freeing our rivers in all the ways we can. That is if we want to live freely and without fear of the kind of water anxieties,  battles and wars coming up fast!

All of this makes me ask why do we constantly measure progress and success in life by the yardstick of monetary benefits? I mean, my dears, I learned a long time ago that not all wealthy men and women are successful human beings just as not all poor men and women are successful human beings! We just respect those who know how to respect wealth as much as poverty for whatever reasons…if you listen to the stories of life from grinding poverty to riches beyond dreams or from riches beyond dreams to painful, hurtful poverty…call it karmic destiny if you wish with its je nais sais qua mysteries.

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