IN MEMORY OF FR BISMARQUE: Friends of the late Fr Bismarque offered prayers and floral tribute to mark the social activist and environmentalist’s second death (or murder) anniversary, at the GMC mortuary on Nov 6, 2017, where his body still awaits burial. The unresolved mystery of his death continues to haunt many Goans who think he was killed by real estate mafia and the case manipulated into closure without a proper investigation. Fr Bismarque’s body was found at a sluice gate down a river Mandovi tributary at St Estevam on the night of Nov 5 & 6, 2015


THE BJP reality is not development but to make mega money and favour Modi to satisfy the greed of his Gujju  industrialist friends Adani, Jindal, the coal mafia, etc. All at the cost of Goans, using dictatorship to force authorities to blackmail and enforce submission! Some points worth debating about:

  1. It’s important to understand that BJP have bought a lot of people and mafia with big money.
  2. If Manohar Parrikar is adamant to get NGT cases pushed to Delhi, it gives us an idea as to what lengths BJP will go to make coal corridor for Adani, Jindal, Vedanta.
  3. There is a lot of money riding on the Adani deal and entire Goa will be distracted with the magnitude of roads for trucks, double rails for coal trips, rivers hijacked for coal barges, all crisscrossing Goa and polluting it and our lungs.
  4. Think about it. If BJP got 13 seats, why did they desperately want to remain in power? Mainly because the money linked to Goa and the Adani Carmichael coal mine deal in Australia which is massive — so BJP bought up politicians like Vijai, Khaunte, Rane, Mauvin, mainly to remain in power to continue to loot, plunder, destroy every aspect of Goa. So that the coal menace can make them mega bucks!
  5. Why do you think Parrikar offered to legalize illegal slums on the way to Dabolim and why has BJP silenced, muted and blackmailed every authority in Vasco so that they are unopposed at ground zero at Vasco MPT?
  6. BJP has silenced the Goa Pollution Board to fake every pollution report but even a fifth grader can  physically see the amount of coat debris, chunks and dust all over Goa. The fact is that the dust is also so fine and there is no filter to stop it from entering our lungs and choking it slowly.
  7. There is no apparatus of health and safety to check the fallout of coal, monitor the rise of respiratory ailments of Goans already affected by coat dust. There is no monitoring by PWD, Municipality in  handling procedures of coal. There is no protocol in place to check coal loading, covering and transportation by road, sea, rail. There are no checks at sea and the coal and heavy metals that can get affect marine life which we Goans love to eat. Are we eating mercury-laced fish in Goa?
  8. There no checks on how coal deposits will affect our ground water supplies and make it undrinkable and equivalent to poison.

Altogether the massive coal corridor in the making will turn Goa into a wasteland and it will affect the health of Goans. So let’s stop living like stupid illiterate  morons and let them shift their coal business elsewhere!

– Edwin Mascarenhas, Goa


DEAR Editor, I love your Goan Observer which gives a detailed account of day-to-day mishappenings in our Govt. and I like the way you blast the corrupt BJP in Goa by exposing their misdeeds. But they are shameless despite the bringing to light of their ugly governance. I did not like the way Parrikar came to power as a power hungry CM. It is the most ugliest deed he has done to achieve power, and what worries me is that he still survives despite criticism. Our people have to be blamed for electing him despite his dubious and power-hungry nature.

I like to read your stray thoughts and so keep up the good work of bringing the misdeeds of BJP govt to light in your Observer.

I love to read Goan Observer for political news. It is worth reading every week as it gives a complete picture of the BJP govts misdeeds or misrule.

– Samson Fernandes, Cuncolim (From Facebook)

Say Yes To Freedom!

FORMER union minister and senior Congress leader, Shri Eduardo Faleiro whilst addressing a press conference at the Congress house recently said that the Church-backed Diocesan Society of Education (DSE) run schools should ensure that its primary schools teach through Konkani and Marathi medium. He also said that Konkani should be taught in the Devanagari script as it will provide access to Marathi/Hindi and also help our future generations to get jobs right here in this country in the near future.  Well, looks like this retired leader Mr. Faleiro is simply day-dreaming.

Today, if most Goan parents are hell-bent on sending their children in English medium primary schools by even paying money then that’s because they know that there is absolutely no future/scope for their children in Goa/India with the knowledge of Konkani/Marathi. Hey, can these self-styled custodians or defenders of mother tongues, regional/Indian languages ever guarantee our children decent jobs right here in Goa or India?

The one thing I have personally always seen is that most Goans whom I have come across who have passed-out from Konkani/Marathi medium primary schools find it very difficult to speak even simple English with proper accent/pronunciation, due to which they suffer from low-esteem and often have no confidence to face even some simple challenges in life.

 I think that people who themselves go to English medium primary schools, send their own children/grand children to English medium primary schools, passionately follow cricket instead of Kabaddi, wear pants/shirts instead of dhotis/kaashti’s should stop telling us Goans what is foreign and what is Indian or which medium to choose for our children in primary schools.

Proud to be a freeborn and freedom loving Goan parent….Say yes to freedom of choice. Long live freedom… Long live common sense…

– Jerry Fernandes, Saligao


IN A sudden development late Thursday night, the proposed Saligao Night Market has been scrapped.

The credit goes to the attorney of Saligao Communidade, Austin da Gama, who managed to convince the two promoters to drop their night market plan and switch to organic farming.

The main promoter, being a seasoned local farmer for over a quarter of a century, saw the sense in da Gama’s proposal and made the switch.  

The new organic farming plan will have local mahila mandals and interested villagers collaborating to make it a community project.  The promoters have appealed to all Saligaokars to make the project a success.  

Villagers see this move as the beginning of a new chapter and era in Saligao’s history.

– Muriel D’Souza & Mario Mascarenhas, Saligao


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