SELFIE MOMENT FOR ACTOR ANUPAM KHER… He thrilled photographers at the stadium when he took the time to click a selfie with them!


I SEE a lot of garbage piling up in Panaji although workers can be seen collecting garbage at the roadside at Miramar as well as in Dona Paula, specially during IFFI.  It looks like it the workers cannot cope with the tremendous workload. Moreover, dry leaves fallen from the huge trees along the roads are accumulating daily on the road as well as on the footpaths.

I had earlier suggested to the CCP officials that motorized vehicles (similar to what we have at some major airports in India) should be used to clear footpaths instead of sweepers who find it difficult to cope with this thankless task and have to work in the sun. I had also requested the CCP to issue gloves and safety gear to the worker at a minimum,  but it is still not done.

I was told by two sweepers in Dona Paula and a driver of the garbage collection truck that one person by name Thomas who is supposed to be an in- charge/supervisor is most of the times absent from his duties or unavailable and that they have complained at the CCP office but no action is being taken. Even the swiping of their ID cards is not done by the supervisor Thomas, and instead, the swiping machine is handed over to them for their use. This is highly irregular and the Commissioner must see that this system is put in order/shape.

In Dona Paula outside the NIO Institute compound wall, (opposite the Police outpost)  a pile of garbage was not removed for quite a long time until people were fed-up. I made a request to the Mayor  and soon a garbage-collection vehicle came. However, before the arrival of the garbage truck the garbage was set on fire by some locals.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident — lack of garbage collection makes people set fire to piled up garbage. I’ve seen a haze almost every evening in the area known as Dempo Bhatt recently. Soon Goa will be a second Delhi at this rate!

– Stephen Dias, Dona Paula


IN August this year amongst a mountain of other assurances, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar while luring us for votes had promised the residents of Ribandar that he would ensure that within three months medical services and facilities are available at the old Goa Medical College Hospital in Ribandar. The three months have passed by and there is no sign of any movement in that regard.

Ribandar may be part of the Corporation of City of Panaji (CCP) but as far as overall development and civic amenities are concerned Ribandar remains utterly neglected and in a decaying state despite the very high municipal taxes we pay. Even some villages in Goa are much better off.

Ribandar has for decades been demanding a football ground, a community hall and a proper market but it is very anguishing that these long standing demands of Ribandarites are yet to be fulfilled. We do not have a children’s park or a garden nor a public library and there is lack of proper sanitation all over with garbage strewn everywhere. Erratic power and water supply is the order of the day. And for the Fonduvem Ward of Ribandar even the dead are denied a proper crematorium to rest in peace.

Over the years while our MLAs and Municipal Corporators have risen and rocketed from rags to riches our Ribandar remains stuck in the dumps.

– Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar


THE Central leaders of the BJP keeping an eye on the upcoming Assembly elections in some states and also the next Lok Sabha elections have slowly started unleashing destructive communal politicians like Yogi Adityanath, (CM of Uttar Pradesh, known for habitually issuing anti-minority statements to score political points) for rallies and election campaigns in different parts of India despite knowing about his controversial/criminal background.  Looks like the central BJP leaders are hell-bent on unleashing Hindutva politics promoting such type of known fascist dangerous leaders not just in UP but in the whole of India just to seek guaranteed Hindu votes in the next Lok Sabha elections and to hold on to political power at the centre for the next 10 – 20 years.

Adityanath is a dangerous trouble-maker, and most controversial leader, who is known for running a militant outfit ‘Hindu Yuva Vahini’ over the years and carrying out violent attacks against minorities, especially against Muslims, Christians etc  in different parts of UP giving flimsy excuses. Many criminal cases have been filed against his violent activities and he was even arrested in the past for instigating his ‘Hindu Yuva Vahini’ activists to indulge in violence in many sensitive places of UP.

This is the same Adityanath who had also led his so-called ‘purification drive‘ in 2005, whereby 1,800 Christians were reportedly converted to Hinduism in the town of Etah in Uttar Pradesh. In fact, after carrying that exercise he even said that he would never stop organizing such similar exercises till he turns UP and India into a Hindu rashtra. He is known for making the most inflammatory hate speeches against minorities and promoting communal disharmony everywhere.  In June 2015, Adityanath, whilst talking about ‘Surya Namaskar’, and Yoga reportedly also said ‘those who want to avoid Yoga should leave Hindustan’.  To know more about his past controversial activities and his statements, people should check on Wikipedia.

I think that by supporting/promoting such type of known evil-minded hate promoting goonda leaders the Central leaders of the BJP are definitely not leading us forward but rather  backward into the dark ages. Who knows, they might even declare Adityanath to be the next prime ,inister of India after the Lok Sabha elections just to finally fulfil their ambitious dream of turning this secular country into a Hindu-rashtra once and for all. Our Central BJP leaders are hell-bent on giving us not acche din but bhayaanak-din (horrifying days) by promoting such communal goonda leaders  in different parts of India to enjoy their own acche-din dividing Indians.   

God save India from political bankruptcy…   Long live Secular India…. Down with communal forces cum most idiotic backward thinking punks, the real enemies of our country… Jai Hind…

– Jerry Fernandes, Saligao


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