(Clockwise from left) From Gera Properties with love for children and parents… the planned 15-acre ‘River of Joy’ complex; (l to r) Mahesh Bhupathi, Rohit Gera, Shiamak Davar & Bhaichung Bhutia will make it work; a glimpse of some of the planned homes

INCREASINGLY, my dears, I’m beginning to think life is about promises gone with the wind …or fulfilled sometimes! Ask me where I was thinking this? While listening to real estate developer Rohit Gera waxing lyrical over Gera’s new real estate property christened `River of Joy.’ It promises to usher in all kinds of joys into the life of children and their parents.

`River of Joy’ is some 15 acres of developed property listing flats/apartments and deluxe villas probably closer to the river. Rohit Gera is a smart cookie! I asked him if a river was featured anywhere at his new upcoming child-centric development out at the Kadamba plateau and he smiled; of course, the river Mandovi flows by a close distance. Rivers were on my mind because they’re in trouble the country over and drying up before our eyes.

Any real estate housing promising a river nearby is bound to sell out quick! From the sound of it `River of Joy’ is inviting a lot of attention because it is the first of its kind in Goa. It’s being developed with children in mind. It’s a great idea of course to develop child-centric homes with just about every convenience thrown in for good measure. It’s an idea whose time has come. `River of Joy’ is a 15-acreage real estate project featuring apartments and villas, commercial shopping plaza and a more important piece de resistance temptation – it offers a desirable lifestyle for those who want to give their children the best possible future.

With a home here your children need not travel distances from home to school and back with several  sorties for tuitions, sports practice, other extracurricular activities, to develop mind and body, heart and soul…and adults may  join if they wish, be young with their children anew! I guess if I had children I’d check out Gera’s `River of Joy’ homes, Goa’s first child-centric housing complex.

Speaking to media people at a razzmatazz press conference at the Taj Vivanta on Jan 15, 2017, Rohit Gera had his brand ambassadors on board. Namely, Bhaichung Bhutia (Indian football torchbearer), Mahesh Bhupathi (ace tennis player) and Shiamak Davar (guru of contemporary dance), and they will be contributing to the temptations of child-centric `River of Joy’  

We know Bhaichung Bhutia (comes across as a most earnest sweetheart in his passion to spread the message of football to children), Mahesh Bhupathi and Shiamak Davar, all iconic names with coaching academies in their various disciplines. One of the things they’re keen on doing is tie-ups with real estate projects of the futuristic Gera kind. They are incorporating areas for football, tennis, dance and much more at the new Gera complex; also there’ll be a Michael Phelps swimming academy and Shankar Mahadevan for a musical touch…this is what Rohit Gera means when he says children will be safer on their own secure turfs if all joys are within reach at their residential doorstep.

Most of the coaching will be gratis for the initial months and afterwards children and parents may decide what they want to invest in to live happily ever after. Interesting press conference!


A MEDIA person asked him about water shortages at the Kadamba plateau and Mr Gera replied they’re putting in all the eco-friendly infrastructure of water harvesting, solar energy and sewage re-cycling plant. In our enlightened times real estate barons do see the need to whatever they can vis-à-vis offering a green eco-friendly and conscientious lifestyle. Then presumably the complaint that khaas aadmi are hogging and wasting vital natural resources will come down eventually…

So appealing is the idea of these child-centric homes that Mr Gera crowed `River of Joy’ is more than 50% sold out and yes, he has no problems with investors buying flats for rentals quite simple because upwardly mobile parents do rent homes to give their children the best of facilities to reap a better future (than perhaps they themselves had, remember how our grandparents and parents made the sacrifices of their times from humble beginnings)….and as a real estate developer he is concerned about Goa’s brain drain, “We have to stop that!”


IN THIS respect it is not out-of-Goa investors but Goans he is wooing to invest in `River of Joy’ homes. After all today’s parental and society’s vital concerns are to do with all-round development of children, their safety, and here is an opportunity for closer parent-children interaction (which today’s stressed lifestyles rarely enable because of the commuting woes of both parents often times).

Like I said earlier, my dears, if I had any children I’d go for this achhe din promise for children and parents alike at the `River of Joy’ in Goa! I suggested to Mr Gera that apart from children perhaps he can think of happy homes for senior citizens too and why not right next door to his child-centric homes, so that young and old may live alongside to reap the myriad benefits of a material and immaterial kind? Hey, I also liked what the irrepressible Shaimak Davar said at the press conference about his dance academy coaches entertaining both four-year-olds to 84-year-olds for dancing classes!

How much do the homes cost? Well, not all of them go into a crore plus, plus, so you may want to look into it with the help of loans if need be. Goa is enjoying a real estate boom because lots of folk from Mumbai/Delhi/elsewhere want to come live secular lives here in a still green Goa where the air is worthy breathing…long may it stay that way, my dears. Wish I’d spoken more to the charming Bhaichung Bhutia but too much media was chasing him and then my eyes strayed to the foodie delights laid out for lunch, and I went to check it out…even if at most press conference I assure you media people rarely have time to relax, linger over a meal worth relaxing and lingering over like the way I like to do, a real pity.

On that note it’s avjo, poite verem, selamat datang, au revoir, arrivedecci and vachun yeta here for now.

– Mme Butterfly

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