REMEMBERING MANDATAI N BANDEKAR: The ESG’s Women’s Day Film Festival was inaugurated on March 8, 2018, at the Maquinez Palace in Panaji. (R to L) Present at the function were seven-times national awardee and noted film director Sumitra Bhave, theatre and film personalities  Mohan Agashe, Sunil Sukthankar, Goa Legislative Assembly Speaker Pramod Sawant lighting the lamp, Rajendra Talak (ESG Vice-Chairperson), actor Atul Kulkarni, Mrunal Niket Walke (ESG General Manager, partially hidden) and Madhura Amit Bandekar of the NRB group. A retrospective of Sumitra Bhave’s films is being screened in Panaji/Vasco da Gama over the weekend with the support of the Manda & Nana Bandekar Charitable Foundation


OVER the last few years Manohar Parikar and the BJP has kept us all entertained with promises to recover those `35,000 crores looted in the infamous Goa mining scam. But the writing is on the wall. No one will be punished and not a paise will be recovered. The current very skewed probe is an exercise in futility which will only further drain the State exchequer and a criminal waste of judicial time. The Special Investigation team (SIT) acting as a caged parrot, is geared and manipulated by the BJP.

Vedanta group owned Sesa Goa, one of the main companies indicted by Justice MB Shah Commission in the mining scam, has been deviously left out from being under the scanner of the SIT, only because Parrikar’s sidekick Atmaram Nadkarni is the legal messiah for Vedanta.

And that mining extortion ordered to be registered by Parrikar himself against Vishwajit and Pratapsingh Rane is now wrapped up after junior Rane embraced the BJP while senior Rane with his half leg in the Congress has virtually surrendered his heart and soul to the saffron brigade.

That mining plunder of Goa which accelerated from the  year 2000 has been an all party venture with the Congress, BJP, NCP and MGP having all feasted galore from the pie with Manohar Parrikar himself the chief minister from Oct 24, 2000 to Feb 2, 2005. Why has the SIT not yet interrogated  Parrikar over his role in the massive scam?

– Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar


THE BJP and Congress are two sides of the same coin! According to the Aam Aadmi party it is unfortunate that the BJP is now pining hopes on Amit Shah to solve the Mhadei river crisis. This reflects the bankruptcy of ideas in the BJP and also proves that the Congress is passé. The BJP and its partners who switch sides at will are heavily dependent on their respective High Command and this severely compromises the interests of the people of Goa.

After BJP President Vinay Tendulkar admitted that Amit Shah will find a way to resolve the Mhadei river row, it is clear that Goa now has a dis-functioning government and a dormant Opposition. Power is in the hands of Amit Shah and Nitin Gadkari with the political interests of Karnataka far more important than what’s happening in Goa.

AAP also condemns the daylight robbery of timber courtesy the cutting down of trees at the Mopa plateau by GMR, the people are going to pay a heavy price as a result of failure of governance in Goa in the past one year.

–Pradeep Padgaonkar, general secretary, AAP, Goa


WE Goans prayed to Parrikar to stop the coal hub in Vasco for our children’s health but he refused and now he is begging for Goan prayers for his good health. As we sow so shall we reap!

Why is he going to USA for treatment in a Christian-dominated country? Why not be treated in India where we have Baba Ramdev and his Patanjali medicines of gaumutra? At least now BJP and RSS should realize and stop harassing Christians. Share this message so that it reaches Parrikar and his chamchas and especially the Catholic MLAs licking BJP boots!

– Anonymous letter by a Vasco citizen, Utt Goemkara Movement


THERE is no need for resumption of mining immediately after the March 15, 2018, Supreme Court mandated deadline. Mining activities in the state have to take a different shape and form with the formation of a Mining Corporation. This Mining Corporation should have a core committee that constitutes a Supreme Court delegate, mining companies’ representatives who have expertise in all aspects of mining, a GSPCB representative to monitor pollution, an NGO representative who could act as a speed-breaker as also an environment watchdog, as well as a government representative.

Mining Corporation will act as a nodal watchdog to streamline mining activities in Goa. All aspects of mining activities such as extraction, grading, chemical analysis, appropriate transportation guidelines as well as  apportioning the quantity of ore to be extracted should be addressed by this core committee.

Depending on the grade of ore in a particular mine, the minimum auction value can be decided so that the mining companies get a fair deal. Calculated contributions towards a permanent fund, which will pay mining dividends to every enrolled Goan, should also form part of the scheme of things.

In a nutshell the Mining Corporation should be a comprehensive body of regulators which will subdue partisanship and enliven sustainability.

– Elvidio Miranda, Panaji


DEAR Mr Manohar Parrikar and all of Goa’s MLAs, as a concerned Goan NRI and senior citizen, who visits Goa regularly and stays informed and committed to the welfare of my fellow Goans, and sustainable development of my homeland, I am writing this letter in alarm at the inappropriate developments in Goa and the speed with which they are happening.

You and your government know nothing about your portfolios and surround yourselves with advisors based on political party inclinations rather than independent thinkers on the subject of the portfolios.

In the early ‘60s Goans fought and won a big victory with the Opinion Poll against merger of Goa into Maharashtra. Since then unfortunately Goans dropped their guard and now Goa is not only merged but submerged in the whims of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Submission to big business interests and convenience of Maharashtra and Karnataka seems to dominate your government affairs. The size and impact of your development projects are more appropriate for the gigantic states of Maharashtra and Karnataka, but totally inappropriate for small Goa

Your government is struck by an epidemic of megalomania. For example, the plans to build a six-lane highway through Goa linking Maharashtra to Karnataka, running across 32 towns and villages of Goa, is shocking,  inappropriate and out of proportion with Goa’s pace of life and character. Huge highways cutting through agricultural fields, forested hills, national parks, villages and homes of common people…this is an attack on the Goan way of life. And all this for the benefit of business  interests of the rich and powerful in Goa’s neighbouring states! A second airport in the extreme north of Goa bordering Maharashtra will benefit mainly Maharashtra’s business interests. Coal transportation to benefit Karnataka steel plants.

The only explanation for such megalomaniac thinking is that you Mr Parrikar and your MLAs have lost your soul. May good sense emerge and ignorance submerge!

– Carmen Miranda, Panaji


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