SUPREMO: It is not Narendra Modi but Amit Shah who calls the tune in the BJP. With his latest electoral success Amit Shah has consolidated his position as the Stalin of the saffron revolution

It is Amit Shah’s systematic planning, preparation and attention to detail, that is responsible for the clean sweep of the Northeast. RSS cadres from Nagpur have spent two years in Tripura to demolish the CPM in the state. It is Amit Shah who is the elephant in the room and not Modi
By Rajan Narayan
THE probability is that ailing Chief Minister Manohar T

HE elephant in the room is not Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but Amit Shah, the president of the party. For the benefit of the uninitiated, the phrase ‘the elephant in the room’ refers to something very important which no one wants to talk about or acknowledge. It is not the promises of Narendra Modi alone or at all which win elections for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. If the people went by the broken promises of Narendra Modi, the party would not win any state elections.

During his campaign in the parliamentary elections in 2014, Narendra Modi promised achhe din. He promised to bring back all the black money out of which he would deposit `15 lakhs in the accounts of the poorest of the poor. May be his intentions were honourable. But the implementation was a disaster. Modi neither took advice nor gave a thought to the consequences of demonetisation, which affected the poor people the worst. The rich as usual managed to escape. Ironically the bold and the beautiful and the rich and the powerful used the poor to stand in lines for them to exchange their black money.

The latest on the disaster demonetisation, which was to bring all the crores of crores of black money hidden abroad, is that Nirav Modi, just a day before demonetisation came into force deposited `900 crore worth old currency. Obviously all those who have black money had advance information on demonetisation. The only ones who did not have advance notice were the middle class and the aam aadmi.


THE other promise made by Narendra Modi was sabke saath, sabka vikas. Again there have been more communal riots after Modi came to power than ever before. Not only the Muslim minority, but the Dalits have also been targeted by the Sangh Parivar. How can anyone forget a Muslim being butchered merely on the suspicion that he had stored beef in his fridge at home. How can we forget the brutal killing of Dalits in Gujarat accused of slaughtering caws when they were only doing their traditional job of skinning dead cows. The gau rakshaks who were encouraged by the BJP government did not realise that the Dalits were doing the jobs that nobody else wanted to do; that if the Dalits stop doing so, none of them would be able to purchase or wear leather chappals or shoes.

The Central government and many BJP state governments passed a law against the slaughter of all cattle until they realised that the worst affected were the farmers. What does a farmer do with his bullocks when they become old? Without the minority community which buy cattle for slaughter and the Dalits who skin them, not only would old stray cattle destroy crops, but the country would lose a huge amount in export earnings. Which is why the government is now considering reviewing its ban on the slaughter of cattle.

As far as sabka vikas goes, there have been no additions to jobs since Modi came to power. Finally in the last quarter there has been some signs of the recovery of the economy with the growth rate of 8% which is higher than that of China for the same period. But even that is jobless growth as the manufacturing industry and the IT industry are switching to artificial intelligence (AI) and robots to replace human man power.

Soon after the BJP came to power in 2014 with a 3/4th majority the euphoria continued. They won state elections in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. They managed to retain Maharashtra in alliance with the Shiv Sena. The only major setback they suffered was in Goa, despite Manohar Parrikar being at the helm. The BJP did not realise that the people of Goa had voted in the 2012 elections not for the BJP, but for Manohar Parrikar. Which is why when Modi shifted Parrikar to Delhi as defence minister, the hot air balloon collapsed. And in the 2017 elections despite hectic campaigning by Parrikar and a lot of match fixing the BJP could win only 13 of the 40 seats in the Assembly. If the BJP finally managed to hijack the government in Goa it was again because of Manohar Parrikar.

CELEBRATIONS: The BJP and Narendra Modi have much to cheer as they advance towards a completely BJP-ruled
country, leaving other parties scrambling to catch up

The Congress leaders suggested by the high command were not acceptable to its pre-election alliance partners. When Nitin Gadkari came begging for their support to form the government they made it clear that they would extend support to the BJP only if Manohar Parrikar was the chief minister. This is why, anxious not to lose Goa, Narendra Modi, or rather Amit Shah, agreed to send Manohar Parrikar back to Goa as chief minister instead of serving the country in the much more important capacity as the defence minister.

The Northeast part of the country, which may not be important economically or politically, is very important to the BJP. It has always been a very big challenge to the BJP as they had never succeeded in making even a dent in the Northeast. The Northeast was the monopoly of the Congress and in the case of Tripura, of the CPM. Indeed the CPM chief minister has ruled Tripura for 18 years continuously.


THE reason why the Northeast has always rejected the BJP is that the most important factor in Northeast politics is the minority Christian community. The over whelming majority of the tribals in the Northeast are Christians, though not necessarily Catholic.

Many of the biggest churches and the boarding schools in Shillong were built by Goan Catholics. In fact the former Chief Conservator of forest got married in Shillong. The father of the well-known architect and AAP activist studied in a private boarding school in Shillong.

The Northeast is also important because it is on the border of both Bangladesh and China. Meghalaya has a border with China and in fact coal from Meghalaya is transported in a conveyer belt to a cement factory in Bangladesh. Arunachal Pradesh is a very sensitive state which has a common border with China. In 1962 when the Chinese betrayed India and invaded it, they captured large parts of Arunachal Pradesh. Even now they claim that large parts of Arunachal Pradesh belong to China. They object to the visits of Indian leaders including Narendra Modi to Arunachal Pradesh. The Chinese have moved armed forces and have been building roads right up to the border or even into Indian territory.


IN THE past, the reason why the Congress controlled the Northeast states except for Tripura, which was with the CPM, was because of the strategy of Sonia Gandhi. It was our own Luizinho Faleiro (who gifted Goa to Parrikar because he wanted to be the chief minister himself) who was sent to the North East. Being a Christian, Luizinho manage to get the Church to support the Congress by telling them that Sonia Gandhi was blessed by the Pope to rule India. The simple tribals of the North East who are not very educated accepted the lie and supported the Congress. As long as Luizinho looking after the Northeast the Congress controlled all the states including Assam, with the exception of Tripura where he could not break the CPM rule. In fact during his daughter wedding at Kesarval, there were half a dozen of Bishops and even Cardinals from the north east. But since Luizinho moved back to Goa the Congress has lost its hold over the Northeast. The real story is how the Northeast was captured by the BJP which is detailed in the accompanying story.

The BJP does not win because it is the most popular party in the country. The BJP does not win because it delivers good governance. The BJP does not win because it has bright achhe din. The BJP does not win because it has succeeded in sabka vikas.


THE BJP wins because of the support of the RSS. The BJP wins because Amit Shah is perhaps the best political organiser

and the fixer. It is the RSS which is the most disciplined organisation of the country which is the backbone of the BJP.

DOMINATION: With their victory in the Northeast, the BJP led by Narendra Modi controls 70% of the country on the
eve of the parliamentary elections next year. In a Goa-style operation the BJP even manage to form the government in
Meghalaya where they got only four seats

The reason why the BJP lost ground in Goa was because of the revolt by the RSS against Parrikar before the 2017 election. The BJP is the only party which does micro management. As the next story describes they has a RSS representative for not just each booth but for every page of the electoral roles. The person in charge of the page which contained names of may be 60 families was called the Panna Sahayak.

The RSS volunteers used to travel in trains and buses and ask people what their problems were and promised to solve thm. The BJP and the RSS leaders from Nagpur not only travelled all the way to the Northeast but went and stayed there for two years preparing for the elections. In Tripura nobody expected the very popular Manik Sarkar who has been chief minister for 18 years to lose. The BJP won all the seats in Tripura thus eliminating the Left completely. Interestingly one of the main reasons why the BJP won was that the state had implemented only the 4th pay commission and not the 7th pay commission for Central and state government employees who represented 40% of the voters in the state.

Every party, particularly AAP, should read the  story on how the BJP managed to win the Northeast, particularly Tripura. Or they don’t have to go to Nagpur the RSS headquarters to learn how to win elections. They only have to go to Taligao. Most young men or women who passed out of Auxilium will tell you that their school fees were paid by Babush Monserrate. To get elected and to retain your seat you have to be seen working for the people. If AAP works as selflessly and systematically for the people like the RSS did in the Northeast it can win forty out of the forty seats in the elections which may take place any time now because of the illness of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar.

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