ANNUAL DAY: At VISMAYA, the Goa Medical College Annual Day social and prize-distribution function at Kala Academy on April 5, 2018. Minister of State for Health Vishwajit Rane and guest of honour Govind Gaude, did the honours in the presence of GMC dean Pradeep Naik and others who included Dr Savio Rodrigues (GMCSA advisor), Harshad Murgaonkar (president), Utkarsh Talwar (cultural secretary), Ashton D’souza (general secretary). The event was organised by the Goa Medical College Students Association 2017-18.


THESE and many more failed attempts, including attempts to kidnap girl students, are on the rise in Goa. This alarming situation is felt only by the Goan citizen, not the police, not politicians, not the governor! They are not affected on a personal basis and are therefore secured and insulated. We have recently witnessed the fierce lathi assault on protestors. The police sent out look out notices and arrested several protestors who assaulted the police. This same kind of enthusiasm is lacking when dealing with drugs, kidnappings, prostitution, fake escort services, etc. Should Goans wait until 4,000 children go missing every year like in Delhi before the government takes notice?
The government does not hesitate to seek outside help for water supply to Panaji, augmenting Selaulim and for sewage treatment plants. Even for the chief minister’s medical help we look West. By the way this act is totally unpatriotic. Now there is a call for getting foreign aid to save the Dal Lake. GMC is outsourcing many activities. Should not police activities be outsourced given their pathetic and care-a-damn attitude?
The IPS officers believe in the faith of the chief minister in outstation hard working people! We only keep on hearing this. When can we see results to back the same? Wake up BJP – master your addition and subtraction first before attempting division of illegal profits, PDAs, ports and rivers. Show us your CM credentials. Else do yourselves a favour and call for elections.
– R Fernandes, Margao

THE unruly indiscipline, wrongly showcased by our unworthy parliamentarians, is the cause for today’s dangerous, destructively violent anti-national activities. Even when it was declared that the review petition is on the way, our instigators played their dirty tricks and caused such a big loss of life and national properties.
Why wasn’t the disciplinary action provided for not being strictly utilized by the honourable responsible chairpersons is a big question mark in front of every other Indian. The members are behaving like donkeys, braying all the time when crores of rupees are being wasted away in broad daylight!
Why is our justice system too sleepy to entertain the lawless with adjournment for years, encouraging more lawless misdeeds that they can digest at the cost of the national population as well as properties acquired out of the tax-payers’ money? When fully convinced that a person is guilty, why yield to professional technicalities to save the person? At times we aam aadmi feel as though you government people are paid to curse the country with your ego!
There is no example set from the top and de-chaired politicians add to the confusion by adopting more dirty tricks, with their weapon of laundered money. We, commoners, wish to see the end of such lack of discipline and responsibility at the earliest. Who will bell the cat? This need not be the escape route, all of us together should bell the cats and stop the looting of public money. Come on, citizens of India, let us show this government the door!
– Mohan Rao Kadekodi, Caranzalem

The Delhi High Court needs to be complimented for setting aside the verdict of the Election Commission of India (ECI) disqualifying 20 AAP legislators appointed by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal for holding an office of profit as parliamentary secretaries. President Kovind committed a cardinal error by upholding the EC verdict, a clear case of partisanship, not in conformance with the democratic principles of justice and without giving a fair hearing to each of the 20 AAP legislators, in blatant disregard to natural justice.
It may be recalled that the Supreme Court earlier had passed an order on the same issue, that the office of profit was not defined explicitly in the Constitution. The Aam Aadmi Party is making a valiant attempt to give their best in Delhi but have encountered huge roadblocks ostensibly by the Governor of Delhi which has impeded the development of Delhi. The BJP Government at the Centre still cannot stomach the fact that the people of Delhi handed out such a tremendous mandate to Aam Aadmi Party.
– Stephen Dias, Dona Paula

WHILE the Supreme Court of India has been repeatedly highlighting the need of ensuring morality in public life, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, to safeguard his own chair, stooped to a very treacherous low by high-handedly appointing the very tainted and controversial Babush Monserrate as the chairperson of the newly created Greater Panaji PDA. This very politically motivated and skewered move by Parrikar is devoid of any public interest. This needless PDA has been carved out to solely reward Goa Forward and Babush Monserrate for support to the current ruling coalition and by giving him a lucrative avenue to further loot and plunder.
Babush Monserrate in January 2005 was stripped of Town & Country Planning portfolio by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar for having committed large scale and rampant illegalities in conversion of land. Later due to his very controversial Regional Plan 2011 there was a huge uproar and public outrage. Babush Monserrate in January 2007 was forced to resign as T & C planning minister.
He has also committed serious offences involving moral turpitude and stands charge sheeted by the CBI in the Panaji Police Station storming case, while the alleged rape case against him is also pending probe before the Crime Branch. Besides his deep-rooted links with the land mafia, Monserrate has huge land banks within the jurisdiction of this newly greater Panaji PDA. We cannot allow the accelerated destruction and devastation of Goa’s remaining hills and fields in our villages.
– Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

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