NAVY BAND: The renowned Indian Naval Band once again enthralled a discerning audience at Goa on April 10, 2018 with a beautiful amalgamation of martial music, symphonies, overtures, Indian classic music and other forms of contemporary genres including pop and swing music at Ravindra Bhavan, Vasco. The concert was organised by the Goa Naval Area HQ and it performed under the baton of Lieutenant Pradeep Kumar. Vice Admiral Vinay Badhwar, NM, Chief Hydrographer to the Govt. of India was the Chief Guest. The scintillating performance was witnessed by Rear Admiral Philipose George Pynumootil, NM, Flag Officer Commanding Goa Naval Area, State functionaries, local residents, serving as well as retired defence personnel, and the participants (foreign delegates) of the 18th meeting of North Indian Ocean Hydrographic Commission (NIOHC).


NOBODY knows anything in new India and nobody can be held accountable for anything going wrong.
Nobody knows who suggested planned demonetization.
Nobody knows how much old currency was deposited in the banks.
Nobody knows how much black money was recovered post-demonetization.
Nobody knows exactly how Indians went cashless after demonetization.
Nobody knows what the exact GDP figures are.
Nobody knows how Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi, Nirav Modi, Mehun Choksi escaped.
Nobody knows how Judge Loya died.
Nobody knows where Mahesh Shah disappeared from TV Studios after alleging that he had `14,000 crore of some prominent Gujarati politicians.
Nobody knows how Jay Shah converts `50,000 to `80,00,00,000 and then closes his business just days before demonetization.
Nobody knows how Aadhaar data leaked and privacy was compromised
Nobody knows how SSC and CBSE exam papers leaked for the very first time.
Nobody knows who drank 18,591 cups of tea daily in Mumbai secretariat.
Nobody knows who counted 3.10 lakh rats in seven days.
Nobody knows who purchased chikki for `206 crore and ate it all up.
Nobody knows who ordered and ate Ayurvedic biscuits for `5 crore.
Nobody knows who ordered to lathi charge on protesting students.
Nobody knows where Najeeb is.
Nobody knows who killed Akhlaq, Pehlu, Junaid, Afrazul and many others.
Nobody knows who killed Gauri Lankesh, Dabholkar, Pansare and Kalburgi?
Nobody knows how media freedom has been scuttled and that 2017 was the most violent year for India’s journalists with 11 murdered journalists, 46 cases of attacks and 27 cases of police action, including arrests and cases filed.
Now nobody knows who fired on the protesting farmers.
Nobody knows anything.
Is this the government we elected or nobody knows who elected this government too?
– Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

THE government is feeling the heat of the absence of a leader; nay, not leader but masquerader. Goans are castigated for protesting everything. Why? Because the government has no leader. A leader is one who takes strong decision for what is correct, not for favouring a group/class/individual. The former two are well known, the latter are Gadkari/Adani/Ambani/Vedanta, besides those who have already flown to UK.
Philippine President Duterte has closed the Borocay Island for six months to save the environment. Borocay Island contributed 20% of all tourism revenue and he dared to close it down. The island was voted by Conde Nast Traveller as the best island in the world last year. Was the president mad? Yes, our MLA Lobo, tourism minister, tripartite caretaker leaders, tourism stakeholders, will all feel so.
Duerte said the island stinks with no proper sewage treatment brought about by a careless local government. Officials who only needed to implement relevant laws and regulations on the protection of the environment, but failed. This is the message for Goa.
“Borocay will be re-launched,” Duterte’s spokesperson Harry Roque said. “Borocay will always be there. And the closure is necessary to ensure that the island will be there for the next generation.” Ah! Do you smell such a leader here? Goans need to protest. They will start by seeing which hotels and resorts comply with regulations and then build new sewage lines.
In Goa, all coastal areas have no sewage treatment plants and we are happily adding more rooms. MLA Lobo is more concerned with new hotels getting power, than installing sewage treatment plants! Technology now has above the ground compact space and odourless treatment plants which cost hardly `10 lakh for 60 heads.
Recently Kuwait decided to fine people who hang their laundry in balconies. Peking, now Beijing, did this in the 80s. India concentrates on garbage only: Not spitting and not visual pollution. Forget hanging laundry, we have labourers in the heart of Margo coolly sleeping on garden walls hardly half a metre from tourist monuments.
The “leader” all are searching for is one who can keep MLAs in control: By using blackmail, the income-tax, aggressive elements of society, vote banks, caste, Yogis, Gadkaris, etc! That is why Goans must waste their best years protesting and then get bashed by blinkered “I want all now” people.
– R Fernandes, Margao

The Aam Aadmi party has alleged that the state of Goa is being officially pushed into lawlessness and illegalities are encouraged by the government of the day. All official agencies appear to be on holiday at tax payers’ expense, with ministers instructing them to look the other way, while illegalities are patronized by ministers themselves!
Take the case of the illegal land filling at Caranzalem beach. This is happening in full public view and in the capital city where every machinery of the government right from CCP, PDA, TCP and the Police sit or stand. Sand dunes, protected under the EPA read with CZM Notification (even an attempt at touching them is a cognizable offence) are allowed to be brazenly destroyed by insensitive officers sitting in air-conditional chambers.
Even CM Manohar Parrikar had admitted to failure of the CCP and promised to post an IAS commissioner to “solve all problems” affecting Panaji. This IAS officer’s whereabouts are not known now. Perhaps he has run away from the situation, lacking the backbone required to deal with those professing “fottinponn under the cover of Goenkarponn.”
It’s a grim situation. The media and citizens bring such illegalities to the notice of concerned authorities but nobody dares to act. These officers are useless and do not deserve their salaries. Corruption is now blatantly visible and junior level staff is told to shut-up. Will the administration declare at what price they have sold this part of Caranzalem beach for illegal work? Why is the Chief Secretary not holding officers responsible?
– Valmiki Naik, Panaji

There seems to be a shortage of wheelchairs at GMC. The physiotherapy dept has just one and patients who need wheelchairs often have to wait patiently for their turn. While it’s understandable waiting for a fellow patient to be dropped to his/her vehicle, sometimes the wait is longer because the doctors loan out the wheel chair to patients or staff from other departments.
I saw a patient from the Ortho OPD who borrowed the physio wheelchair because his number was 32 or so and he was tired of standing. It led to quite an argument as a physiotherapy patient could not be moved to her vehicle and the boy refused to give it up until a staff member insisted.
I think the department needs more wheelchairs. And if that is not possible, it needs to stop loaning out the one it has unless there is someone going along to make sure the wheelchair is returned in 10-20 minutes.
– Nikhil Desai, Goa

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