KONKANI READERS REJOICE: Governor, Dr. (Smt). Mridula Sinha seen releasing three Konkani books on the River Saraswati, brought out by the Bharatiya Itihaas Sankalan Samiti, along with Urban Development Minister Francis D’ Souza, Shri Haribhau Vaze, Shri Srinivas Dempo, Dr. Bhushan Bhave and Dr. Varad Sabnis, BISS, at IMB hall, Panaji, on May 9, 2018. The mysterious rigvedic River Saraswati is sacred for many Hindus who trace their roots back to the second millenium BCE! Perhaps no other river has inspired as much mythological literature as this river has.

D’Mello exposes Vijai

IT IS surprising that Trajano D’Mello is acting like a child at the behest of his current temporary master Vijai Sardesai.
The statement against our party president Girish Chodankar is laughable. D’Mello has made himself the laughing stock of the State as always. The Goa Forward Party Chief Spokesman has been miserably and unsuccessfully defending his own minister Vijai Sardesai, who was exposed by our president through documents.
D’Mello says that the minister was not in the know about the archives department’s document related to the “Adopt a Heritage Scheme”, exposing his own minister’s inefficiency. He has once again proved that Vijai can only talk, but can’t walk the talk.
How can a minister be feigning ignorance about such an important decision and make his own department’s director the scape-goat in the entire controversy? It would have been a gentlemanly gesture if Vijai had to accept his fault and assure the people he would correct his mistake.
D’Mello by trying to lay a personal attack on Chodankar has only gotten his minister exposed further.
The entire episode also proves that there is no governance. The minister does not know what his own department’s Director signs, if we are to believe D’Mello. This means that Sardesai should step down from the chair admitting his inefficiency to handle an important department like Archives and Archeology. If he can’t handle this and doesn’t know administration than he should at least step down from the so-called CAC.
Congress appeals to Goa Forward Party to stop fantasizing and accept the reality that they have been reduced to just useless stock of politicians, who are on the chair by stealing the public mandate of the people. It is time for politicians like D’Mello to think about their political future, which is getting completely ruined in Goa Forward Party and opt for retirement.
The people of Goa now understand what is true, and see through the distorted facts that Goa Forward is trying to unsuccessfully propagate to support the LIES stated by Sardesai.
— Sidhanath Buyao, Spokesman GPCC

VOLUME does play a massive part in everything. China and India are future markets because of volume. The sheer volume of in migration is suffocating the indigenous population with politicians unaware of the consequences. It is this sheer population that created havoc in India by banning beef, a non-issue before that.
Today, Goans are accused of opposing all issues. This is nothing but a massive volume of voices speaking such untruths against sane voices. Is the present expansion of PDAs not to be opposed? Are coal hubs not to be opposed? Illegal mining? We all want to not oppose all projects: But if what is thrown at us are the above, then can we help it?
When you throw a slew of such hair-brained projects, so that only a favoured few can profit, then in the face of such massive propaganda like — Now why oppose the Adopt A Heritage Project? What is wrong here? You always oppose everything? — we tend to compromise.
Why was beef banned in India? There was no problem prior to this? Did it not create havoc for some sections? Can the BJP be trusted? Is anything they have done been above board? Nothing. That is why there is a saying: Courage of your convictions.
— R Fernandes, Margao
EXTREMELY shocked that the political wing of the Goa Archdiocese has easily given in to the Adopt-a-Heritage Scheme without even consulting Goan Catholics on whose donations, mass offerings and other financial largesse the Church in Goa runs, including the Bishop’s Palace.
Goa parishioners feel backstabbed and betrayed by a handful of priests around the Bishop. Fr Valeriano Vaz is more a real estate agent than a priest who has penned his name on many church properties sold or leased in a dubious manner through the backdoor with full backing of the Archbishop.
Fr Joaquim Loiola Pereira, widely known for his pride and arrogance and acting the perfect rude bouncer of the Archbishop, is dubious character who blocks any affected parishioners who walk up to the Bishop for any solution to hardships faced in many parishes across Goa. He is a law unto himself who claims he is very busy handling the Bishop’s affairs while mostly the bishop is away or travelling. It looks like his main job on a day-to-day basis is to shoo away anyone who genuinely wishes to meet or consult the Bishop, while land sharks, corrupt politicians and other characters are ushered to meet the Bishop in all hosanna and glory!
That one finds Fr Loiola on social media forums almost all day or attending every and any social function that happens in Panjim, apart from his presence at parties and weddings, tells a tale of how busy a Bishop’s Palace priest he is. He also played a stellar cunning role in protecting a tainted parish priest in my parish who leased (99+99 years) a church property. I would wonder if Fr Loiola Pereira would give for adoption any of his or his ancestral properties?
On one hand the Goa Archdiocese heads are instigating the faithful, questionable NGOs/activists, against elected governments, regional plans and other Goa development programs, while on the other hand the Diocesan priests , including the Bishop, have been leasing out church property in lease agreements that tantamount to soft sale.
All this is done clandestinely without informing parishioners who are the Church itself. When caught these real estate-oriented Diocesan priests have reasons and arguments like dirty politicians to defend their rotten, unholy acts. It’s brought the entire Goa Church and the faithful to unfortunate shameful condemnation not just from Catholics but all well- meaning Goans.
Very soon one may find all parishes of Goa leased out one by one by the political land mafia section of the Goa Archdiocese, its functioning is destroying rapidly the age old Catholic Church and faith in Goa. It’s time Goan Catholics asked for a removal of those who have hijacked the Bishop’s Palace and are functioning like corrupt politicians using religion as leverage. There is urgent thinking needed on this subject by united Goa Catholics, or more doom will follow in the coming days.
— Cedric da Costa, Margao

Limit Heritage Scheme
THE Heritage Assistance to Old Goa should be restricted to help under the Corporate Social Responsibility scheme only of the partner corporate. It should be only supportive in nature and restricted to reinforcement. The command and control of the religious structures, maintenance of the ambiance, conduct of the religious rituals should be the sole prerogative of the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman and directly under the control of the Rector of the Basilica of Bom Jesus and the Parish priest of the Se Cathedral whose decisions should be binding, since they are the custodians of these historical heritage religious monuments. The assistance rendered should be only a goodwill gesture, without any other strings attached. The city of Old Goa should be maintained as a religious and spiritual place of worship of world class in accordance with the tenets of religion. As far as beautification of Old Goa is concerned, there is a lot that can be done in maintenance of the lawns, plantation of ornamental trees that are Biblical in origin and general cleanliness thus keeping Old Goa spic and span and respecting the area as a spiritual sanctuary visited by almost everyone who comes to Goa. Commercialization should not be the motive and freedom of movement of the pilgrims should be befitting the spiritual nature of this Old city, within bounds of modesty. Let us hope that the heritage scheme will result in the partner corporate receiving the blessings of Goencho Saib, St Francis Xavier, more valuable than anything else.
— Elvidio Miranda, Panjim

The very workaholic Justice Shahrukh Jimi Kathawalla of the Bombay High Court created, without so much as a yawn, a record by sitting steadfast in Court last week up to an unprecedented 3.30 am on the last working day before this summer vacation to dispose off over a 100 petitions that had sought urgent interim reliefs.
Such committed judges with a sense of sincere dedication in discharging their duties still keeps our faith and hope alive in the midst of a now totally soiled, discredited and disfigured Judiciary.
Very sad to say but the undisputed ground reality is that even the now politically manoeuvred Supreme Court of India has today ended up being the ‘Sordid Court of India’ with the sanctity of the Collegium torn apart. Quo Vadis our temples of (In)Justice?
— Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

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