Mrs Shobha Ashok Kamat & family of Aaichi Kitchen…the best of Goan food masala and condiments were here!

PURUMENT BAZARAndhraite Jaya G for fresh mango and lemon, garlic and ginger pickles, tomato chutney and more




PURUMENT BAZARMeet Maria de Mello of The Goan Homestead…also a find for decent Goan masala, pickles, snacks



PURUMENT BAZARLots of kokum produce here: Agal, sweet syrup, and kokum peels to stock for the whole year for a delicious kokum sour in food




PURUMENT BAZARRaika Honey…the honey expert in Goa is Suprajit P Raikar




PURUMENT BAZARThings to stock up for the monsoon: Ukdachya rice, tirphal, cowpeas, baby mango in brine, Goa’s palm jaggery cones, dry vadio nuggets to spice up a rainy day dish, mango jam mangada, jackfruit papad and boiled jackfruit seeds, baby onions braids, Goan cashewnuts…to make monsoon time cooking easy and flavourful!

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