Goa Tourism & Nestlé India collaborate to launch KITKAT Travel Break Pack

WE know that the Swiss Nestle’s has been around for a very long time in India and it’s one of our earliest corporations. Now it’s a real giant worldwide with a network of companies engaged in manufacturing a reported 2,000 plus, plus goods beginning with varied products although we may associate it with chocolates and Maggie noodles most of the time! This is to say that was quite a Kit Kat moment at Goa Tourism’s conference room at a media presentation on June 12, 2018, when GTDC’s chairperson Nilesh Cabral was oozing pleasure and praising Nestle’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) as the best ever.
In his Curtorim constituency, he said, Nestle’s are doing an excellent job donating and maintaining water fountains for school children; and now they’re signing a memorandum for a training program for Dristhi lifeguards and beach cleaning staff. They need help in upgrading the skills of those managing the beaches of Goa — what to do if tourists will turn up in the wee hours of dawn to bathe in a heaving dangerous monsoon sea at Calangute beach…to drown (referring to five tourists from Maharashtra who drowned in an incident very recently).
Cabral mourned, “We put up red flags, we caution them don’t go into the sea….but we can’t stop tourists from coming to Goa!” Despite the drowning incidents Goa Tourism is going full steam ahead in wooing tourists to Goa this monsoon. The newest seduction being the Goa Tourism-Kit Kat Travel Break Pack which Nestle’s is manufacturing to showcase lesser known tourism places of Goa, these will be on sale on an all-Indian basis for visibility…attractive tin boxes (mini Kit Kat within) to tempt tourists to Goa. It’s like come to Goa for a Kit Kat break — Goa is the destination for taking a sweet break from life’s travails!
Domestic tourism in Goa has been getting so much flake in recent times that Nestle’s Sanjay Khajuria (vice president, corporate affairs, Nestle India, headquartered in Gurgaon) promises to help Goa Tourism in damage control. After all, “Nestle India’s two decade old presence in Goa with two manufacturing facilities is a testament to our long association with the region. As part of our community initiatives, we have undertaken several programs aimed at enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future. After undertaking a pilot skill development program for street vendors in Goa, we will be training lifeguards, cruise crew, beach cleaning staff and watersport operators and Drishti will be collaborating with us.”
Present at the Kit Kat occasion were Goa Tourism and Nestle’s folk, apart from Nilesh Cabral and Sanjay Khajuria, also Nestle’s Jagdeep Marahar, Sanjay Bhandari and other officials. There was a small film presentation and various Drishti lifeguards were felicitated with trophies, Nestle’s chocolates and packaged drinks distributed all around to media with fanfare. Some media folk wanted to know when Nestle’s will adopt an eco-friendly policy by doing away with plastics in their product packaging and Mr Sanjay Khajuria said, soon!
Nobody asked if Nestle’s range of chocolates will become more health-conscious in India? Discerning chocolate lovers say Nestle’s chocolates are sweeter in India then in more health-conscious countries in Europe where consumers keenly read product labeling and prefer to buy cocoa-rich rather than sugar-rich chocolates (sugar being identified as one of life’s carcinogens). An Indian Kit Kat break, anyone?
Incidentally, Nestle’s has been in India for over nine decades after it entered the dairy industry in 1912, and is one of our biggest players in milk, chocolates, confectionary, remember Nescafe coffee, Maggie noodles and soups, not to mention Nestle Slim Milk, Nestle Jeera Raita (not in Goa market yet), etcetera. In Goa they have factories in Ponda and Usgaon. Not many folk know that almost all the company’s Kit Kat is made in Goa to meet the Indian market’s demand. Despite Baba Ramdev’s best efforts, Nestle’s is here to stay – perhaps because Nestle’s CSR is superior to the multicrorepati godman’s CSR!


MONGINIS GOES ETHNIC!Monginis, makers of world class cakes and pastries, recently decided to go for some ethnic touches. This means their 70 Monginis Cake Shops all over Goa, Sindhudurg and Karwar, will now be stocking such much-loved snacks as Goan chivda and chakli. According to a press release these snacks have been sourced from Chanekar’s of Bicholim who’re one of the oldest, most famous of manufacturers of Goan farsan and sweets. The new snacks are packed in air tight packets and available at `70 per 200 g packet be it chivda or chakli. Look out for them if you’re a Konkan namkeen lover! We would like to add that the Chanekar classic of khaje or kadio bodio is also justly famed, how about adding this too to the new Monginis initiative of retailing ethnic snacks?

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