THE scrapping of Mopa airport project is becoming more urgent given the widespread opposition to it. Now it has been revealed that 54,676 trees are going to be cut compared to the previous count of 21,000 trees. This is a large number of trees facing the axe and probably the most in history of any project in green Goa. The Federation of Rainbow Warriors have to be lauded for their persistent efforts to stop the felling of so many trees.
The National Green Tribunal which is India’s foremost environmental authority should consider banning of such a large number of trees for cutting because in its wake will follow ecological imbalance and disaster – as the naturally beautiful plateau which is home to varied fauna and flora will be lost forever. Goa for Dabolim Only and the Mopa Vimantal Pidit Xetkari Samiti should step up their resistance of this project.
Also, another organization of locals have contended that the market value of the land in Mopa is Rs1,500 per sq mt and they want the government to pay residents Rs,6,000 per sq mt because they will be divested of their land permanently which is currently for farming and grazing their cattle and other livestock.
It’s prudent for a caring government to shelve the Mopa project in public interest and out of environmental concerns. The Goa government should protect the environment instead of indulging in over-development!
– Elvidio Miranda, Goa

ROBOTIC use in industry is becoming more and more prevalent, with India too making strides in this respect. Latest robots are of the humanoid. India has such humanoids to assist passengers at airports, banks, party hosts, detecting and recovery of IEDs: improvised explosive devise.
The fear is these robots will take over jobs from humans. At present there are three robots per 10,000 employees in India. Strangely, robotic ventures are made for fame and money, not for relevance! In India, the one area we need robots to take over human jobs is scavenging. Or am I wrong?
This is the impression I get. Manual scavenging is banned in India yet there are more than 13,000 counted scavengers. The 2011 census shows there are more than 7,40,000 households where humane excreta is removed from dry toilets. Apart from this there are septic tanks, sewers, railway platforms, where such jobs go on. More than 300 manual scavengers died in 2017 because of their job.
Should not Swaach Bharat and robotics be remodeled to first tackle the above with patriotism? Corporate CSRs should focus on these areas!
– R Fernandes, Margao

IT’S very disgusting to watch Revenue Minister Rohan Khaunte engaging in publicity sham in a field in Socorro! It fools nobody. If Khaunte is serious about Goem, Goenkar and Goenkarponn he should lead in ploughing the fields along the Ribandar-Merces Road, which with the blessings of his very own department and Vijai Sardesai’s Town & Country Planning have been reduced to utter eyesores. Amen.
– Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

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