THE THRILLS AND CHILLS OF ISUZU RFC INDIA 2018: It’s usually man v/s beast but this is all about man v/s machine! This week-long off-roading event is India’s toughest international off-road motorsport competition and returns to Goa for the fifth time running with 39 contenders (four teams from Goa). Winner gets carte blanche entry to the thrilling Rainforest Challenge (RFC) Global Series Finale in Malaysia at year-end. RFC India was launched by Delhi-based Ashish Gupta of Cougar Motorsports in 2014


GOANS were buying and paying for poisoned fish to feed their children. Dead fish preserved in formalin, a chemical which penetrates the biological system and damages cellular structure at nucleus level, affecting the function of normal cell production. DNA is disrupted and this is called muto-genesis, which can cause cancer. Even when formalin is used in laboratories, protective gear is used as fumes of the compound affect human senses. Nobody has recommended that formalin may be used to extend shelf life of fish! What should Goans do with these rascal politicians to protect themselves from mass murderers! They should all be booked for abetment to crime, mass murder and cheating. Formalin in fish, ketamine drug in rape pill, illegal matka, killing innocent people in name of cow, no peace, no communal harmony. It’s time for a change…Goans are fed up with crooks running Goa! Wake up real Goans and tell Manohar Parrikar to keep rubbish stories to himself.
— Kenneth Silveira, Vasco da Gama

WHAT’S the point of the EDC chairperson telling us how wonderful the Panaji-Mumbai highway is, with no potholes from Sawantwadi to Goa, and to appreciate the builder! I invite him to travel up and down the inner road from Dona Paula to Miramar to appreciate the potholes. St Inez is also in very bad shape. I also request our beloved Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar to take a ride with him down the inner roads of Panaji to see their bone-rattling condition. Also request Chief Engineer of PWD to accompany both of them if PWD Minister Sudin Dhavalikar is not up to it because he is still convalescing.
Every 15 days or so potholes are patched up by PWD workers but soon it’s the same old story of being back to square one with potholes worse than before. What a wastage of public funds. I travel these outer and inner roads daily and they are terrible! At night visibility is so poor that street lighting is completely dull and at certain areas the lights are off…you cannot see the potholes.
Please help us residents of Dona Paula, Caranzalem, Taleigao and Miramar, as we are suffering.
— Stephen Dias, Dona Paula

WHILE a very embarrassed Goa government has obviously not released an official bulletin on the factual state of health of the minister hospitalized in Mumbai for almost two months, it is now no secret that the stroke Goa’s Power & Social Welfare Minister Pandurang Madkaikar encountered in a Mumbai hotel on the evening of June 5, was on account of an overdose of a potency-enhancing substance he hurriedly and rashly consumed while on his sex outing.
If it was not on a trip in discharge of his official duties as minister, why should tax-payers be burdened with his fat medical bills which may eventually amount to crores of rupees? Destiny has finally caught up with one of our playboy politicians, in this case Pandurang Arjun Madkaikar.
— Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

The CM says they cannot force Industries to employ locals. How does Maharashtra ‘force’ Cipla to employ only Maharashtrians — not Goans/Kannadigas/ Keralites — in Cipla factories in Goa?
Manufacturing units require Engineers, BSc / MSc / BPharm / Commerce Graduates / Hotel Management / Chefs /waiters / ITI technicians. Are these skills not available in Goa? We have large number of these passing out in Goa alone. MSc candidates may be less because our Goa University has less seats forcing students to go out of Goa to study. If these Graduates don’t have the skills, then it is the CM’s failure. How happily he states this in the Assembly!
Why is there no Pharm D course in Goa? Once we have a need for these jobs the CM will say there are no such graduates in Goa!! Is he creating jobs or fooling us on why Goans are not employed?
Goans are too honest: MPT Chairman openly threatened MPT employees and pensioners because he thought they had disclosed the illegal coal handling beyond the sanctioned capacity. Past MPT Chairmen have even promoted managers from other ports over the Goans in MPT on seniority.
Casinos: Since these are sea going vessels they need Captains/Chief Engineers and other crew where salaries are same as the market. Goans go on foreign vessels in all these capacities do they not have the skills to work here? Or are these posts not filled? The few Goans who worked in the Casinos had fabricated theft cases against them and were subsequently removed. Are the operators worried that their illegalities will be reported by the Goans? We all know that the requirement to transfer the on board sewage to land is not being done. Are there fake currency/black money deals they wish to hide?
Steel rolling mills: they employ people with total disregard to the Factory Act with their workers even living at the premises. They are high power guzzlers and generate harmonics in the downstream lines. These harmonics damage consumers’ equipment and increase the transmission losses. These losses are used to arrive at the new tariff rates: so locals have to pay for these factories misdoings. These power polluting factories were sent out of Delhi by the Courts because of this and given a haven in Goa. Will Goans work here? They already have a ‘subsidy’: they can defy the Factory Act and not use harmonic filters. Cost of the filters are almost the same as their furnaces.
Why have Cipla/Steel rolling Mills/Casinos in Goa if they do not want to employ Goans? Taxes? In Tourism alone check the cash outflow: patrolling, constant policing of Prostitution rackets/late night EDM’s/drugs and the medical/dole for the destruction of local families of drug abusers.
5-star Hotels pay International Salaries only to the top Management: the rest are paid a pittance.
If you bring shady factories to Goa who can only operate by illegalities, why will they employ Goans? See the way the Govt wants to resume mining in Goa — ostensibly so Goans don’t starve — persisting with the tainted lease holders only. Is this the kind of subsidy they want to offer Industries to employ Goans?
Get reputed industries without subsidies and without demanding kickbacks/trying to acquire more land than required and demanding underhand money for the same and they will employ Goans willingly.
Were they even aware that Samsung recently opened the world’s largest mobile factory in Noida? Did not they miss out? Too busy selling off Goa to the BJP Central bosses?
— R Fernandes, Margao

Why doesn’t Goa much-hyped new IT policy include something about accessibility for persons with visual and other disabilities? Although it is mandatory under new disability act and representation has been made to the government at least six months back. Very disappointing!
— Avelino de Sa, Panaji

The statement made by Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar in the Assembly that the losses due to the mining scam is just at the most, Rs 4,000 crore is an affront to the long and detailed M B Shah Commission report on the mining scam losses which were pegged at Rs 34,000 crore. Could the diligent and painstaking report made by the M B Shah Commission miss the mark by nine times the amount? Can we allow those who have looted and plundered the state exchequer of such a huge amount to go scot free? Facts and figures to corroborate the M B Shah indictment can be easily gauged by the extent of mining activities at the time. The Goa Foundation’s claims amply substantiate the extent of the mining scam.
It is a fact that most of the mining dependents are having to pass through hard times and these people could probably be the ones who are least involved in the sharing of the illegal spoils resulting out of the huge mining scam. The Supreme Court should not allow those who have plundered from mining activities to go unpunished, while at the same time those mining dependents most affected should be provided interim relief and be handed out subsistence allowances or waiving of their water and electricity bills, be provided with rationed rice, wheat, sugar and palmolein free of cost to bide over their hard times due to cessation of mining. Vegetables and pulses should also be given to them at extra subsidized rates from government Horticultural outlets. These expenses can be met from the Permanent Fund collection.
— Elvidio Miranda, Panaji

FORMALIN is a 35-37% solution of formaldehyde. There is no naturally occurring formalin in fish or any other food item just as there is no cholesterol in any plant material including cashew nuts. If entire consignments of mango can be destroyed when ethrel bottles are found in the godown or ripening chamber, why did not FDA use the same yardstick and destroy the truckloads of fish at Margao market? The fish trader is as Muslim as the fruit traders whose mangoes are routinely destroyed by FDA, so even religion would not be more discriminatory than otherwise. Otherwise FDA should also do laboratory tests on mangoes to detect FSSAI prohibited chemicals. Ethylene gas in fruit, formaldehyde in fish and crustaceans like prawns, crabs and lobsters, is naturally occurring! Stringent enforcement of law is need of the hour!
—Mayabhushan Nagvenkar, Bhooshan Nabar, Solomon Rajkumar, Dr Eaknath B Chakurkar, ICAR-CCARI, Dr Ravi Karande, Roque Dcruz,l D Jayarama Bhat, JKayaram Hr, Shamika Mone, Goa

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