HIT LIST: The Karnataka SIT recovered a diary from the mastermind who plotted the Gauri Lankesh murder, Amol Kale, that contains hit-lists with 46 names — including that of leading Goan writer Damodar Mauzo


As far back as in 2005, Jayant Athavale gave a call to the ‘seekers’ of the Sanatan Sanstha to become Hindu militants. Athavale even drew up a time table for the destruction of evildoers stretching from 2000 AD to 2006 AD. It is obvious that what we are witnessing now is delayed action on his agenda for murder

In the Dussehra special issue of the Sanatan Prabhat, the mouth piece of the Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti, as far back as 2005, Jayant Atawale set down the time table for the murder of rationalists like Narayan Dabholkar, trade unionists like comrade Pansare, and others like Kalburgi and Gauri Lankesh who opposed religious fundamentalism and campaigned for rationalism.


It is the same logic that has led to our very own Damodar Mauzo being targeted.
A diary recovered from the mastermind of the killers of Gauri Lankesh allegedly includes the name of Damodar Mauzo on one of two hit lists. The provocation is a speech by Damodar Mauzo in Dharward where he called for a ban on the Sanatan, and expressed shame that the headquarters of those linked with the killing of rationalists should be related to the temple town Ponda — within the premises of the Ramnathi Temple.
In section 13 of the Dussehra special issue of the Sanatan, Jayant Athavale, the founder of the Sanatan, published a time table which, absurdly enough, he calls “timetable of the spiritual practice”. (It originally appears in Volume 1E, section 13 of the book ‘Spiritual practices of protecting seekers and destroying evildoers’ compiled by Dr Jayanat Athavale and Dr Mrs Kunda Jayant Athavale, as part of the series ‘Signs of spirituality’)
Under the timetable the years from 1997 to 1999 are meant for impressing about the mind that destruction of evildoers is apart of spiritual practice. Obviously this means that the band of assassins who will carry off the murder would be brainwashed during these three years.
In sub-section B of section 13, Athavale allots seven years (from 2000 to 2006) for actual destruction for evildoers at physical, psychological and spiritual levels. There seems to have been in delay in the schedule with the killings actually happening in the years 2016 to 2018.
Under sub-section C, the 16 years from 2007 to 2022 AD are intended for generating the potential to run the kingdom of the absolute truth.
Sub-section D say the three years from 2023 to 2025 will mark the commencement of the regime of absolute truth (Divine Kingdom).
Just in case the Sanatan threatens to file another criminal or civil defamation case against us I would like to say this material was part of the evidence placed before Justice Scaria who acquitted us of all charges of defamation as we are merely highlighting the Sanatan’s own literature.


In the ‘Spiritual practices…’ book, Athavale justifies violence in several places. In fact the entire volume seems to encourage people to be seekers (which is what the brainwashed followers of the Athavale are called), and then encourage seekers to be instruments against ‘evildoers’.

A. Become a ‘seeker’
According to Jayant Athavale the spiritual practice of destroying evildoers is “a war between the righteous and the unrighteous, the seekers and the evil doer, not between religious orders or sects. But in 4B Athavale continues his poison under the title of “War for the sake of society“ saying, “In todays times the demoniacal attitude does not exist in the form of demons but in the collective form of evildoers in the society. That is why the lord too will destroy them in the collective form of seekers”.
In 5A Jayant Athavale proclaims “today everyone is helpless before the evil attitude of society”… “A handful of evildoers rule society and make it dance to their tunes”…
The difference between the average citizen and the seeker according to Athavale (5A1) is that “seekers repose their faith in the invisible god, surrender their body, mind and wealth and undertake spiritual practice day and night. Actually they are the once who are fearless and courageous”.

B. NormaliSe Violence
Section 14 J (page 78 of the English version of the book) states “Violence towards evildoers is non-violence”. So presumably killing of rationalists is non violence. Athavale goes on to add “punishing an unrighteous man does not tantamount to violence. In this context violence does not mean inflicting unhappiness but implies harm” which encourages seekers to physically eliminate or murder so-called evildoers.
Athavale goes to extent of saying it is a sin not to slay (murder) an evildoer (Sec 14K).

C. Identify Evildoers
Jayant Athavale in section 15 of the book (page 82) under the title “Actual destruction of evildoers” says “real seekers, that is those who do not want anything other then realization of god should start making lists of evildoers”.
Obviously the diary obtained from the master mind of the Gauri Lankesh killers is part of the process of making lists of evildoers. The deadly intent of the Sanatan is made clear by his statement that the Sanatan Sanstha — a snake in the garden of Eden of Goa — claims “it will prepare society to take action against evildoers”.
Who are evildoers according to the Sanatan Sanstha? They not only include vegetable vendors (or perhaps in Goa fish vendors) who cheat and those adulterating food grains, but ‘selfish’ union leaders who teach workers to fight for their rights instead of making them aware of their duties.
Ominously in the context of the four murders which have already taken place, evildoers who are suppose to be destroyed include those “making false propaganda against spirituality”. I presume Narayan Dabholkar, Govind Pansere, Dr Kalburgi and Gauri Lankesh fall into this category as defined by Athavale.
That Goa is a major target is clear from 17 E of the book in which Jayant Athavale states that “as the task of the reinstatement of the divine kingdom will commence in Goa and Sindhudurg district, the people there have to be constantly made aware of what a great responsibility they shoulder”.


What is spirituality according to Jayant Athavale? What are the practices that the Sanatan Sanstha considers unacceptable? Who are the people who Sanatan seekers, indoctrinated by their teachings, consider to be evildoers?
It looks like anyone who disagrees with Jayant Athavale and the Sanatan Sanstha are considered evildoers.
To give an example, the Sanatan Sanstha are against the alleged glorification of Narkasur during Dussehra in Goa — which is why bombs were exploded very close to the venue of a Narkasur competition in Margao in 2005, in which Digambar Kamat narrowly escaped being killed.
According to Athavale those who have been killing rationalist are carry out the spiritual practice of destroying evildoers. Most social reformers and portrait claim we shall do it. On the contrary seekers undertake service with faith and spiritual emotion that everything occurs according to God’s wish. Excepting that according to Athavale he is the representative of God.


Among the requirements stipulated for the seekers who are entrusted with the responsibility of destroying evildoers is a) good physique (20%) b) chanting the Lord’s name (50%) and c) other spiritual practice (30%) there is a note at the end of the table of ‘Requirements for the fight’ which states “when one shoot along with chanting of Lord’s name the bullet certainly strikes the target due to the inherent power in the Lord’s name.
It does not require chanting the Lord’s name to kill an unarmed, defenceless women like Gauri Lankesh, who was shot with four bullets. The so called seekers (as we had revealed in the Goan Observer issue June 28, 2008), are specially trained to carry out their so called ‘spiritual practice’ of destroying evildoers.
In the self-defence manual published by the Sanatan Sanstha (a copy of which is our possession) the Dharam Sakti Sena chief Vinay Panvelkar trains ‘seekers’ in the use of weapons. The weapons include the trisul and guns.
Even though the Sanatan claims it is only an air gun, the Sanatan Sanstha Swasaunrakshan Prasiskshan contains explicit instructions on what part of the anatomy should be targeted for causing maximum damage. Though the training is for using air rifles, this can be used equally effectively for country-made guns and even AK47s. The seekers wielding the guns wear t-shirts identifying them as soldiers of the Sanatan Sanstha and exhort other seekers to kill evildoers and uphold Hindu violence.

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