About us

GOAN OBSERVER PVT LTD is the only independent media organization in GOA prompted by veteran journalists, Tara Narayan and Rajan Narayan.

Tara Narayan started her career with DEBONAIR under VINOD METHA and worked with BEHRAM CONTRACTER in MIDDAY and AFTERNOON FOR MORE THAN 25 years.

RAJAN NARAYAN started his career with FINANCIAL EXPRESS in 1968, joined ONLOOKER as ASSISTANT EDITOR in 1975, became the youngest EDITOR of MIRROR at the age of 28, moved on as MANAGING EDITOR of IMPRINT, DEPUTY EDITOR of BUSINESS INDIA. RAJAN NARAYAN moved TO GOA as founder editor of OHERALDO. He quit HERALD and along with TARA started THE GOAN OBSERVER in November 2003.THE GROUP started GOA’s only exclusive health and fitness magazine MIND AND BODY and HEART AND SOUL in 2010.

GOAN OBSERVER IS an independent, not for profit publishing house, independent of both the GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE ADVERTISERS.ITS editorial content is objective and never for sale. GOAN OBSERVER IS COMMITTED TO COMMUNAL COMBAT AND FIGHTING CORRUPTION AT ALL LEVELS EVEN AT THE COST OF THE LIFE OF THE EDITOR. Similarly, MIND AND  BODY is committed to upholding highest ethical values in medicine.

We also undertake the publication of books on a turnkey basis including writing, editing, designing and printing both in India and abroad at very competitive prices. We also design posters and brochures which subsidize our publishing costs.