Hello Everyone

There are 96 thousand Tractors and 12 million Farmers protesting on the border of Capital of India New Delhi.
Dear World, it’s the longest March in the history of the planet Earth by farmers for roll back of three laws imposed on them by the present Government of India. Please support us as we, the Farmers are placing food three times daily on your dining tables.
Indian Media is paid by agencies and hence are fabricating the protest.

Support Us, in writing the “Most Beautiful Chapter in the History of this Planet Earth”.

Just forward this text to everyone in your friend circle, this is the only contribution we need from you.
Let it be the repayment of everything a farmer has given to you & your Family directly or indirectly.
Just one forward Please🙏


  1. Fishermen & Farmers are today neglected by the Congress+BJP Government in Goa. They should approach AAP Farmers Wing & AAP Fishermen Wing for help in Goa. AAP will definitely help them as they are Common Man Party Aam Aadmi Party.

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