Please Note: This picture is for representational purpose only just to show no physical distance and no mask at the wedding which led to rise in Covid-19 cases

The wedding reception of a member of the Dempo family held in a five star hotel in Panaji has led to a huge spurt in Covid-19 cases.

The videos which have gone viral of the wedding show that neither the bride and groom or the family or the large number of guests attending the wedding followed covid-19 norms.

No masks were worn and no physical distance was maintained. As dramatized by the video of the bride and groom dancing with other guest.

The list of those who got infected is reported to be over 500 with all the covid-19 beds in the Manipal hospital that treats prominent personalities was fully occupied.

Most of the covid-19 positive guest were from Margao and Panaji including close family members of the bride and groom. The influence of the family has made sure that details of the number of cases have not been reported even by the health department.

The health department has only reported only 69 new covid-19 cases where as the guests from the reception itself runs in hundreds.

The doctors have warned people not to take Covid-19 lightly rising quickly in neighboring states.

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