US-based systems analyst scientist Dr Shiva Ayyadurai….. superfoods like onion and garlic can stop inflammatory cytokines, boost your immune system. Forget the vaccines of fake science!

THE truth, my dear, is that I don’t like the idea of being vaccinated for current evil pandemic of corona-19 for it is not going to solve any of our problems to do with a finite Mother Earth! Plus, I’ve been reading or listening anew to the video chats of my friend, the US-based Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, on the subject of how we all need to get educated on the subject of eating to strengthen our immune system – get educated or be enslaved, is his constant message.
He reiterates this over and over again in his talks to do with the modern-day plague of lies-loot-suppress vis-a-vis his own now formidable movement of truth-freedom-health (all related together one unable to live without the other). His several websites are now working towards “weaponizing” truth-freedom-health warriors around the world to create the future of our ordinary dreams!
This is to say Dr Shiva Ayyadurai is a Tamil born Indian migrated to the USA as a seven-years-old boy with his parents and there at the age of 14 years invented email, fought racism and discrimination all the way through MIT doctorates, supported President Donald Trump and ran for Senate elections in Massachussetts…lost, discovered covert electoral malpractices and is now filing legal cases in search of justice. His never ending search for justice has won him an army of friends the world over for he is a very restrained and yet articulate blogger with several websites which also put out his educational videos on the subject of obsolete/modern science (today’s science is not reductionist, not top-heavy, not stuck in a permanent groove, but something which has to move on and change with new research, insight, perspective).
Reading and listening to him offers a different kind of understanding into how our body beautiful works like the marvelous piece of engineering it is, except that we don’t know how to maintain and service it right so that it stands us in good stead forever after! Something like that. Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, scientist extraordinary, in the US of A, is full of information on the current global pandemic of covid-19 and how instead of patronizing vaccines (about which we cannot go to court to sue a concerned pharma company in case of tragic consequences, as we can in the case of drugs failure) we should instead look at our individual one of a kind body system and understand the ordinary innate/interferon immune system and how everything we put in our mouth makes a difference to the quality of our immunity. Not drugs!

The food we eat and immune health are linked: Onions make microbes cry with their organosulphur compounds; and garlic is king of herbs! Also studies spices and how “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”Quoting Dr Shiva Ayyadurai

The first principle of life is look, food makes the difference. Yes, put garlic, onions, cinnamon, the drumstick tree, the neem tree, etc, back into your eating and drinking habits…he has made several videos tracing the linkages of food as medicine to detail and define what he calls “a CytoSolve Systems approach” to map disease and how to rectify deficiencies through food! Hey, his way doesn’t require torturing rats, rabbits, guinea pigs in pharma research laboratories which spend huge sums of money on useless, futile and stupid chases to come up with a drug or vaccine to solve a health problem plaguing human beings.
Ayyadurai is quite clear in his thinking that it is food, only super natural food supplements, which can empower the immune system and consequently health; but first we have to study and interpret the synergies invoked by biology and chemistry – call it the study of alchemy if you like. It’s science, no magic. Now the guy is hell bent on creating what he calls “truth freedom health warriors” to lead the war against the current enslavement of the humanity by those who live ruthlessly and control us from their utopia or so to speak. You may check into Dr Shiva Ayyadurai’s talks every Monday evening on one of his websites or blogger posts be it vashiva.com/join or vashiva.com (main page) – I can’t manage to access it for I’m not too tech savvy on my computer, but I understand that he speaks for 20 to 30 minutes to make his huge fan mail understand the foundation of the system science he teaches.
The message going out is let us create the future instead of letting the world’s evil moneybags politics turn us into slaves of ignorance – and in the process make short work of us in more or less similar colonial exploitation with a subtle difference. Hey, Dr Shiva Ayyadurai is a scientist and systems biology analyst, MIT PHD, and he never tires of informing his audience of his impeccable credentials…as if he has to prove them over and over again.
I KNOW I have written about Dr Shiva Ayyadurai here before and this is just to say I continue to catch up with him in bits and pieces every now and again, a most charming, disarming fellow who intrigues with his rags to riches biography and his constant need to redeem himself as a bona fide science seeker — and he is no longer low caste Tamil boy from the backwoods of Tamil Nadu! Thanks to his hardworking parents and memories of a grandmother who was a Siddha healer back in village Tamilnadu…who could read faces and prescribe for what was bothering a patient (through an ancient technique called Samudrika Lakshana which figures out what’s going on in your body).
He has got entire videos devoted to scientifically proving how food is medicine — garlic, onions, cinnamon, etc, actually trigger positive responses which lower inflammation in the body’s complex psyche. We know most of our diseases of degeneration are rooted in quality and quantity of inflammation going on in the body (driven by the three forces of transportation, conversion and storage of energy) till doomsday! Yes, all this is to do with what we drink, eat, work, entertain ourselves with, the emotional-intellectual synergies concerning mind and body, heart and soul.
JUST a little bit here about what Dr Ayyadurai says about his discoveries of garlic: It is a “very, very powerful medicine used as culinary medical purposes and dating back to 2,700 BC, nearly 4,700 years, in China, Sumeria, India, Egyptian cultures…” His own evidence-based research comes courtesy 246 clinical trial studies done on garlic. In fact, say garlic is a food antibiotic from the natural pharmacy of food for life! Garlic has something like 150 compounds working amongst other things like “shock obsorbers.” Check it all out at vashiva@vashiva.com or cytosolve.com which applies the principles of synergies between foods and body biology/chemistry.
I dare say all this would not be new to a serious student of Ayurveda, for Ayurveda is proving to be our more than purely science-based preventive healthcare system. But one which needs to be implemented from childhood in every home…as it was once upon a time before Allopathy came along (I have no quarrel with modern Allopathy for it has its own Raison D’etre in situations and conditions of traumatic healthcare).
NOWADAYS , it’s becoming increasingly evident that we have to move towards an integrated program of healthcare and as Dr Shiva Ayyadurai keeps reiterating the healthcare of the future must be the right medicine at the right time for the right patient…it’s called precision medicine. Or precision healthcare! I suppose that’s why there’re quite a few alternative healthcare practitioners in the countries of West today, who’re saying all of us should become certified health coaches, so that we can sort of pass on the baton of healthcare quickly or something like that.
So that the end result is more and more of us start living healthier, happier lives, courtesy better eating, drinking and lifestyle habits. If you’re noticed there’re several health coaching webinar course offers today over Facebook. I’d recommend Dr Shiva Ayyadurai’s educational courses. Also Dr Sears Wellness Institute courses which cost an arm and a leg for us out in India at least, I dare say Dr Shiva is more reasonable! But from my reading both pack a tremendous amount of knowledge and common sense in their programs, worth catching up with if you’re seeking good health, enlightenment on the subject of life and living. Mostly truth, health and freedom…easy to seek, hard to find!
On that note it’s avjo, poitem verem, selamat datang, au revoir, arrivedecci and vachun yetta here for now.

— Mme Butterfly

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