In view of the steep increase in Covid-19 cases the Maharashtra chief minister Udhav Thackeray has announced a completer lockdown for 15 days starting from 8pm on Wednesday.. As part of the new restrictions, no one expecting those who are engaged in essential services will allow to move in public,

Mall and Super-malls hotels and restaurants will be shut down and can only do take aways. What will be open are shops selling groceries vegetables fruits, bakeries and diaries. Those street vendors will be allow to keep the stalls but you cannot eat there but only take away. Similarly with restaurants and bars.

All establishments public places activities and services will remained closed. Even E-commerce will be allowed only for delivery of essential goods. In the case of marriages the limit of guest will be 25 and for funerals it will be limited to 20.

Goa reported 562 new cases with positivity rate 22%. Margao headed the list of new cases with 523 possible due to Gudi padwa with Porvorim registering 460 cases. Ponda registered 369 cases, Panaji 340 and Mapusa registered 330 cases with the tourism belt at Candolim registering 311 cases.

The Saleigao church has suspended services for the public, Tourist are now scared to travel to Goa out of fear that they will get stuck in Goa due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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