Says USA-based Dr Shiva Ayyadurai: Raise your political conciousness if you want to retain your independence and freedom!

YOU may have met Dr V A Shiva Ayyadurai of the USA in this column before! He comes across as one very remarkable man even if strange are the ways in which life teaches us the evergreen lessons of life. He is scientist, inventor, educator, fighter extraordinary (MIT several times over, PhD, perennial scholar with a mathematical brain); a man who swears by systems in place, a man of movements to raise human consciousness. It’s a long intriguing and inspiring story but to cut to the chase here, let me say Dr Shiva Ayyadurai is a man of movements.
Consequent to his growing Truth-Freedom-Health global movement, he recently started a Win Back Freedom movement to raise the consciousness of Americans who’re either aware but don’t care or unaware of electoral corruption which means eventually they’d lose their fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the American Constitution, he says, “I have not forgotten freedom but a lot of Americans have!”
Strange as it may sound there’s an extraordinary movement budding in the US of A and it’s led by India-born systems scientist Dr V A Shiva Ayyadurai, who while fighting for the Senate seat from Massachusettes last year lost only to learn all about the manner in which electoral malpractices in US elections were being regularized courtesy rigged voting machines, destruction of records so that nothing may be verified later! It is a criminal offence.
Ever a fighter for a just cause this precise and charismatic scientist left India at the age of seven years with his parents in 1970, to discover the freedom to live and grow up in his new country of adoption. In the wake of losing out in the primary US elections for Massachusetts senator’s seat, he was not willing to accept injustice. He filed a lawsuit in court which is turning out to be not only a historic but to date victorious lawsuit (one which ought to impact other countries around the world who claim to be democracies).
The lawsuit is not only washing up a lot of the corrupted electoral system’s dirty linen but exposing how social media giant Twitter is in cahoots with the US government in suppressing an undesirable’s political candidate’s Twitter account and in this case while the candidate is still campaigning. Who decides who should be granted the right to expression on social media and who shouldn’t?
Right, the government of the day and its elitist representatives like Twitter? This is the government telling Twitter what to do, says Dr Shiva Ayyadurai and “influence supporters” like him are blocked during election campaigns. This kind of underhand surreptitious undermining of a political candidate definitely makes it a legal offence and hence the lawsuit filed by Ayyadurai in a Federal court in Massachusettes.
It’s a First Amendment of the US Constitution offense, Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, fighting his own case, pointed out to Federal court judge Mark Wolf. Seeing the evidence presented by the petitioner a shocked judge took him seriously enough to call Twitter to his courtroom – and then all hell broke loose as the facts emerged one after another, backed up by figures and much else to expose the sheer vindictiveness a candidate seeking government office can come up against.
As Ayyadurai’s says, his lawsuit is defining moment for him because to vindicate all that he is saying a Federal court is taking it seriously and not throwing it out like so many of former President Trumps cases were! The case is turning out to be so critical that it had the judge commenting that it will make history for students of Constitutional law in the US.
So now Twitter is in court to fight him with its battery of lawyers, taking on Dr Ayyadurai and his accusations of Twitter’s role in contributing in electoral malpractice, and expose of how the American Constitution and its First Amendment which grants every American citizen a guarantee of freedom of expression (yes, the right to be critical of the government) is at stake.
This is to say the honorable Ayyadurai learned how to be fighter in the best sense of the word early in life, he had to and he wasn’t going to let anyone now dismiss him as a “darkie from India!” He had taken to life in the USA to heart, suffered some, was rewarded some, and emerged victorious, a winner all the way. After several MIT degrees and a company of his own called CytoSolve doing amazing work in the field of systems biology, he had decided to run for the Senator’s seat from Massachusettes last year and is now finding out the extent to which ordinary working class Americans are losing their freedom!
His fight for truth, freedom and health is now history whereby he educates his 50,000 global fan mail on his several Internet sites including vashiva.com. His take is about how the not so obvious establishment up there is in league with those who are cut-throat serious about suppressing people’s Constitutional freedoms which eventually will lead to a kind of slavery under a surveillance society in the making. Far-fetched? Not at all, catch up with his very well argued videos and a host of books which he gives away to anyone wishing to join his TruthFreedomHealth movement.
And now in a first ever case of its kind the USA he hopes to show Americans how it is the government which made Twitter silence his political postings on Twitter during his election campaign for Massachusetts Senator’s seat. Ayyadurai says that for years we were told that Twitter acts on its own as a private company but the truth is you cannot even question its decisions on who should be heard and who should be silenced. The hearings in court have produced amazing evidence to prove how government and Twitter have created an infrastructure for the government “to launder censorship of speech through Twitter.”
His website has put up all the documents as they emerge in this ongoing historic lawsuit and it is heartening to note that the presiding Federal judge is open to being fair in the interests of smaller and larger causes of justice as not seen to be done but also done.
Dr Shiva is representing himself against Big Law and Big Tech. And he cheerfully tells his growing fan mail across the world that this is truly a David versus Goliath lawsuit! Join him in this fight to win the war against the Big Daddies! The world needs to check it out, what he is saying, for its own good; that is if it wants to hang on to its democratic freedoms — or does it want to end up trapped in a new slavery game engineered by “not so obvious establishments” which are sitting up there on judgment and to manipulate the First Amendment of the American Constitution.
The elite in America as the world over today think the people should have their rights diluted or taken away in the larger interests of “power, profits and control” for the few at the top of the ladder of capitalist wellbeing. Dr Shiva Ayyadurai’s ongoing lawsuit is a victory of whatever educated and liberal human conscience still exists and he has put court papers, briefs, complaints, transcripts of what is turning out to be mind-blowing law suit filed by someone who represents successful migrant America, in the public domain of his website.
Something which bugs him immensely is that the mainstream media in USA is not giving him and his historic lawsuit any coverage, most riled about it he doesn’t mince words while noting it. In the short and long run too it would interesting to see if the majority of Americans understand what he is passionately and justly espousing and pointing out. Is America turning fascist, racist, discriminatory and downright dishonest with the help of social media like Twitter?
On May 21, 2021, Dr Shiva filed a Supplemental Memorandum regarding the elections Interference Operations Playbook for State and Local Officials that established the infrastructure, processes and protocols for surveillance and reporting of “threats” via the Twitter Trusted Partnership and Twitter Partner Support (PS) Portal. It sounds grim on one hand but there’s a silver lining on the other hand – perhaps Dr Shiva Ayyadurai will win his lawsuit and a new America will be re-born!
The America every American migrant dreamed of and worked for right from the first migrants arriving from England on the historic ‘Mayflower’ – and so created a story of so much downhill and uphill human rights that it later flowered into the inspiration behind the Statue of Liberty in New York! Until everyone swears to speak the truth, none will be free and none healthy or happy.
Will the US of A live up to one American Indian immigrant man’s expectations of a better American world for all, will it? Thousands who care are watching, supporting, joining Dr Shiva Ayyadurai’s vision dedicated to restoring a better quality of freedom and justice to the original American dream which is now undoubtedly become stressful for the many – heavenly utopia for the privileged few at the top, dreary dystopia for the working people further down the ladder of life’s oppressive miseries.
That’s why Dr Ayyadurai’s motto cry is always: We want political change to be bottoms-up, taking working class people to a fairer, brighter world in which everyone no matter how white, black or yellow, no matter of what origin, caste, creed or economic class…may dream in peace and make their dreams come true in harmony with a finite Mother Earth (or so I like to dream)!
Amongst other fascinating ideas one hears constantly from Dr Shiva Ayyadurai is how one size does not fit all and how precision medicine is the medicine of the future – to be prescribed to the right person at the right time. All this and much more, if you’re looking for inspiration to live, check out his several websites to get yourself educated about the systems science of politics – for the world is increasingly being politicized and polarized subtly along the lines of yet another kind of colonization of the mind. Not joking.
On that note it’s avjo, poiteverem, selamat datang, au revoir, arrivedecci and vachun yetta here for now!

— Mme Butterfly

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