America’s Freedom of Speech enshrined in First Amendment is unique in the world… and Bombay-born Dr Shiva Ayyadurai in USA is taking on the aristrocracy (“not so obvious establishments”) of government and social media giant Twitter for manipulating politics and social media for their own ends!

As he wins his landmark law suit against Twitter in the US of A!

IF your heart and mind has gone cold in recent times here’s some warming news, my dears! You remember how I’ve waxed lyrical (or so I think) about this enterprising Dr Shiva Ayyadurai (human being and fighter for human rights most extraordinary, plus systems biologist, MIT graduate several times over, PhD, polyglot and what not and what not, made good in the USA as the son of migrant parents)?
Well, this American Indian who campaigned for a US Senator’s seat from Massachusettes in 2020 (seeking a political career for the second time around for the second time) and lost. Lost but not defeated. He went on to break the seal of secrecy on how the First Amendment (he says the US is the only country in the world to have refined the right to freedom of speech and criticism of government in power) was being violated and sabotaged by both state electoral officials, and in the larger picture how the US government itself colludes with social media giant Twitter to shut up political candidates (like Dr Shiva Ayyadurai who was campaigning independently on Republican party platform) who naturally has every right to keep his thousands of fans on social media informed. Absurdly, social media account holders are described as “media influencers” as if that’s a criminal act!
Well, not to be defeated, Dr Shiva Ayyadurai filed a law suit in US Federal court for justice and got a heady taste of it on May 13, 2021 when Judge Mark Lawrence Wolf ruled that his petitioner was right and Twitter was wrong in trying to muzzle a political candidate’s voice on social media. There is much more to all this of course which will come tumbling out as Ayyaadurai’s two law suits find further resolution in the court. It is suffice to say here that the judge declared in a two-day “Motion to Dismiss” hearing that Ayyadurai’s law suit is of substantial constitutional importance vis-à-vis the First Amendment of the American constitution and will set new bench guidelines by the time it is over.
It is a huge rewarding for a gutsy little Tamil boy coming from the bottom rung of Tamil Nadu’s caste-ridden society, whose parents migrated out to the USA in 1970 in search of greener and more equitable freedom. This is indeed a story to catch the imagination, of a migrant boy from India who like David (in the Biblical story) not afraid to take on a Goliath like Twitter (accused of being racist to boot, Ayyadurai calls it modern racism in the USA). Needless to say many around the world are watching this case for the cause of justice around justice around the world.
Wherever the common people of a country who are promised so much by the governments they vote into power, only to find themselves trapped in hellish situations – in country after country where the values of liberty, equality, fraternity are sabotaged and subverted blatantly, or surreptitiously in vicious political systems which thrive on corrupt and criminal “not so obvious establishments.” Molesting, bypassing and suppressing the voices of the very working classes which created these NSOEs their gross fortunes and grosser lifestyles!

What happens in the great land of freedom USA has a bearing on us here in India too where currently there is so much turmoil and ire against the ruling government — for its constant efforts to diminish and re-write the Indian Constitution (considered one of the best in the world vis-à-vis offering its people all the primary rights enshrined in democratic values). Simply put, the right to tell the truth, seek freedom, health and happiness in a bottoms-up way – in contrast to all the top-heavy dadagiri seeking to put away those brave enough to protest and dissent behind bars.
I must confess I’ve been following this Dr Shiva Ayyadurai narrative with ardor and his voice coming through all his many videos rings a bell, gently reminding us not to back to sleep like complacent Rip Van Winkles, but to wake up and follow the dollar trail. Right up to the top from where evil percolates down to make the common citizen’s life a misery and a nightmare ad infinitum. I would cheer a Dr Shiva Ayyadurai. Catching the nitty gritty of his soul beneath the Americanized lingo of freakin’ this and fuckin’ that so and so arsehole…er…kind of makes life amusing and worth living, for me at least in small time Goa in India!
I pray Dr Shiva Ayyadurai makes it as senator from Massachusetts sooner or later when this legal wrangling is over and a lot of dirt cleansed from American politics. The story now is that even the late President Trump is catching the fever of how the American First Amendment is being increasingly being manipulated for power and pelf and thinking of filing some serious litigation. He should have listened to Dr Ayyadurai long ago when the latter offered him both help and monetary contribution for a healthier USA!
ON that note it’s avjo, poiteverem, selamat datang, au revoir, arrivedecci and vachun yetta here for now.

— Mme Butterfly

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