VIOLENT GOONS: The Agniveer will be like the Nazi storm-troopers of Germany for the Modi government to ensure that Narendra Modi retains power even if he is defeated in 2024.

Narendra Modi’s Agniveer (Fire Warriors) will be like the Nazi storm troopers of Germany’s dictator Hitler – they will prolong his government in power in case he is defeated in the 2024 election! The Agnipith is similar to the armed gang of goons recruited by former President Donald Trump to take over the White House after Joe Biden won the last election in the USA. The real fear is giving guns to teenagers and young men who might take to random shooting, the moment they don’t like something in school or supermarket or home – as it has been happening in the United States routinely.

By Rajan Narayan

AFTER getting himself elected democratically as the Fuhrer (president of Germany), Adolf Hitler converted the country into a dictatorship. To strengthen his position and to pre-empt any protests from the armed forces, Hitler formed his own army of storm-troopers called the Nazis — equivalent to Modi’s newly proposed scheme to employ unemployed youth as Agniveers in the Indian defense forces. Hitler’s Nazis were roughly in the same age group as our Agniveers currently being recruited.
As in the case of Modi’s Agniveers, Hitler too focused on the lumpen elements in German society. No qualification was specified for the Nazi storm-troopers as is also the case of these Indian Agniveers. Why does a young man of 17 or 18 years need to be educated to be trained to fight and handle a gun? In fact, the less educated the more vulnerable they are to being brainwashed.
I’m reminded of a very poignant scene from the film “The Sound of Music.” There was a postman delivering letters to the baron and his family. The daughter of the master of the house and family, Captain Von Trapp, falls in love with the young man! This postman overnight becomes a Nazi storm-trooper. Fortunately, love prevails and the young storm-trooper does not report the presence of Baron Von Trapp’s family because his girlfriend is in the family!
If you recruit illiterate lumpen elements and arm them and prepare them to wage war you have to find a target. This was what perhaps provoked Adolf Hitler to choose the Jewish community as the target of the Nazi storm-troopers. There was a lot of resentment against the Jews not only in Germany but in most parts of Europe. We don’t not know whether this was instigated by the Christians who inherited the kingdom of the Jews. If you remember your Bible it was King Herod who was responsible for crucifying Jesus Christ.

One other important reason why the Jews were resented was possibly the fact that as a community they were professional money lenders. Money lenders if you go by William Shakespeare’s version in his play The Merchant of Venice demands for every pound of flesh and last drop of blood from a defaulting debtor. This is what enables the merchant’s lawyer Portia to get her client acquitted.
You may consider the Jews of Europe similar to the Marwari community in the north India which owned big business houses ranging from the Birlas to even the Goenkas who owned newspaper chains like The Indian Express. The only exception in the 19th century in the total monopoly of the Marwari families was the House of Tata. The dominance of the Marwari ended only with the entry of the Ambanis and Adanis. Their southern counterparts are the Chettiyars, the community to which former Finance Minister P Chidambaram belongs.
In Europe the Jews were an easy target. They were not money lenders in the normal sense but pawn brokers. So much so that a lot of the lumpen elements in Germany owed them money. And the Jews presumably like Babush Monseratte in Goa does, when a debt is not honored, seize all the assets of the debtors who did not return the money borrowed.
Hitler invented a new theory to justify the persecution; indeed, so powerful was his hatred for the Jews that he sought their wholesale annihilation in Germany and the lands invaded by Germany. The theory is that only those of Anglo-Saxon stock are pure Germans. This is similar to saying that only Saraswat Brahmins are pure Hindus.
So Hitler let lose his special army of storm- troopers on the Jews. A lie repeated a million times is presumed to be the truth! Hitler’s brilliant propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels painted the Jews the blackest of black. He projected them as toothless exploiters who had stolen the country’s wealth and benefitted from the labor of the Aryan race.
TAKE the case of the bulldozing of suspected minority community protestors in Delhi or those protesting against the formation of the Agnipeeth (path of fire). In the case of Germany’s Hitler he even sent orders to round up Jews and their families sytematically from every German city to be sent to concentration camps where they were killed or put to labor work. This is also where they were literally gassed to death in death chambers. Lethal gasses were injected in the closed chambers in which Jews were locked up.
How did the Nazi storm-troopers distinguish the Jews from the so-called Anglo-Saxon Aryans? Regrettably, the Jews like the Muslims all over the world believe in the practice of circumcision. So down with the pants and the Nazi storm-troopers could easily distinguish the Jews and they were tortured and murdered in cold-blood. Perverted Nazis supporting Hitler even conducted all kinds of bizarre experiments on the Nazis. The community was virtually eliminated from Germany. Thus, Hitler hoped it would ensure that he would continue to stay in power forever – even as we perceive that Modi seems to want to stay in power forever!


UNFORTUNATELY for Hitler, the entire Western world was revolted by his treatment of the Jews by the Nazi forces and the sole exception of Italy, led by Benito Mussolini and the Japanese who were collectively called the Axis powers. The biggest enemies of Hitler were the Unites States, the United Kingdom and Soviet Russia. The US and the UK probably because the Jews controlled all the banks in the US and UK and were among the wealthiest citizens of the world. They had tremendous political influence and persuaded President Harry Truman and subsequently President Roosevelt to wage war against the Germans.
The UK was of course led by the indomitable Winston Churchill. Hitler could still have saved himself if he had not developed the megalomaniacal obsession of conquering the whole of Europe, along with Russia. Hitler met his match in Stalin as the German army literally froze in the bitter cold of the Soviet Union after capturing Poland, Yugoslavia, and several East European countries. Hitler had already taken over France and other western European countries. There was a race between the Russian army and the US army to eliminate Adolf Hitler. The Russians reached there first. In the end the cowardly Adolf Hitler took refuge in a bunker with Eva Braun, his mistress, and committed suicide.
The present world that we witness is partly a consequence of World War II. The United States and Russia decided to divide the world into the Eastern block and the Western block. All the East European countries became part of the Soviet Federation. Even the city of Berlin, the capital of Germany, was divided into 4 parts with the US, the Soviet Union, UK and West Germany controlling various sections.
It is only with the coming of Mikhail Gorbachev, as the chairperson and first president of the Soviet Union, that the Berlin wall was literally broken.
The fear of all right-thinking people including former Chief of Staff General VP Malik is that the shrewdly calculated Agnipeeth scheme in India would destroy the country. That it would lead to civil war between the new recruits who will serve only for four years and the established armed forces who have a minimum tenure of 20 years. To join the army you need a minimum qualification of Std 12 pass. In this case even if you are a Std 10 pass or have studied only up to Std 5, you can become an Agniveer.

THE reason why there are so many shootings in schools and supermarkets is the result of permitting young people the liberty to buy arms. Imagine what will happen if you have 46,000 half-educated, lumpen society youth being armed with guns and with the license to shoot, what they could do to communities protesting government diktat. Whatever Modi may claim we have no doubt that Muslim and Christian communities will be the target of the armed force of Agniveer.
History has shown you cannot fight fascism with democratic means. Political strategist Prashant Kishore tried but as long as you have a Sonia Gandhi you cannot get Opposition parties to unite. The Agnipeeth army will also deepen the North-South divide as it could create a shooting match between the Southern Agniveers and Northern Agniveers, both fully armed.
If the North and South can fight over the imposition of Hindi on the Southern states, imagine what would happen if the BJP tries to force Hindutva policies in South India. The agenda of Agnipeeth has already been spelt out by the Hindu Dharam Sansad held at Ramnathi in Ponda in Goa on. Reportedly, no efforts will be spared nor will there be any restrictions in the single minded goal to convert India into a Hindutva Rastra.

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