DEADLY: There was a violent attack on `Charlie Hebdo’ cartoon magazine and its staff in France for carrying unflattering images of Prophet Muhammad. This made French native people angry and it led to angry protests and mass rioting over France’s liberal policy in accepting Muslim migrants into the country who are now second generation citizens of France.

By Rajan Narayan

There is an increasing hatred of migrants in the developed European countries. The primary targets are the Muslims as some of their fanatics have been creating violent incidents. With slowing down and collapsing economies, jobs are being lost even in the US and US Indian IT professionals are being attacked. Donald Trump is encouraging them….

UNLIKE, in India which has probably more than a 100 political parties, the major developed countries like United Kingdom, United States, France and Germany or even Japan, have only two major political parties. The United States has Democrats who are liberal, who believe in lower taxes and encourage immigrants. On the contrary, the Republican party whose mascot is former President Donald Trump is a true capitalist, wants to reduce taxes and kick out migrants from the US.
A larger number of the migrants in the United States are from neighboring Mexico, followed by India and China. Donald Trump built a border wall between the US and Mexico to prevent migrants from coming in. Perhaps a legitimate concern is that Mexico has the largest number of drug peddlers supplying the US drug market and in which so many American youth and adults addicted.
In the forthcoming election in 2024, Donald Trump is threatening to abolish a HP1 visas which provide jobs to Indians in the US. Incidentally, Trump organized an attack Capitol Hill, the United States parliament building and was arrested for it.

THE United Kingdom has historically had only two major political parties. The Conservatives led by our own Rishi Sunak (of Indian African origin) which is in power now. As in the case of the Republicans in the US, the Conservatives are thought to be rich and believe in reducing the maximum taxes. The Conservatives also do not believe in extending benefits under the National Health Services.
Curiously, Rishi Sunak proved to be more sympathetic to the poor than the Labor Party. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has deferred the proposed ban on the use of petrol and diesel cars for another five years in the interest of the poorest citizens. Sunak has also extended a huge grant to the Tata Group to switch to green energy in the largest steel plant in the United Kingdom owned by them. Tata’s also owns the Jaguar car factory which is the pride of UK.
Similarly, in France, Germany and several European countries, there is an anti-immigrant wave. The anger against immigrants is primarily directed at Muslims. Due to problems in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, millions of Muslims have migrated to the European countries and in the UK and US.

FRANCE has had to make a rule which makes it legal that whether at school or workplace, no religious symbols may be displayed. The hijab is strictly banned in all French education institutions. Similarly, at the work place, neither Muslims nor Sikhs are allowed to demonstrate their separate identity. There are similar restrictions on Muslims and other migrants in Germany, Denmark and other European countries.
The protest against Muslims is by the Conservative parties which are pro-capitalist. The Labor parties are equivalent to the Socialist parties more sympathetic to working people. In the UK for instance the Labor Party when in power increased the quota for immigrants.
What is common to the developed democratic countries of Europe is the absolute freedom of speech. They also believe that the rule of law must apply to everybody including royal family members and even the prime minister’s family. There have been several occasions when royal family members have been issued challan for over-speeding or drunken driving.
More recently Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murthy were panelized for taking off the leash from their dog while visiting Hyde Park. This is a public park where pet dogs being taken for a walk or outing have to be kept on leash for sound reasons. Former British prime minister, Boris Johnson, was penalized for holding a party during COVID-19 pandemic time when this was banned.

COMING to the reason why Muslims are so hated is because they do not integrate with the local communities. While the majority of Muslims are peace-loving and do not abuse the hospitality of the host country the fanatic amongst them have grossly abused the immigrant citizenship granted to them.
In a country like France which believes in total freedom of speech in a democratic country, when a very well-known cartoon magazine “Charlie Hebro” published sketches of the Prophet Muhammad – its offices were attacked and the editor killed. Muslims have been involved in several such violent incidents in Europe. The number of Muslim fanatics who engage in extremist action may be few.
But this gives an opportunity to the right wing which opposes migration to demonize the Muslims. Similarly, the present cold war between India and Canada is because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is considered sympathetic to Khalistan. The Khalistan movement wants a separate state within India but fighting for this more from abroad.
The Khalistan movement got a huge boost after the late prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi, ordered the army to enter the Golden Temple in Amritsar to flush out the Khalistan terrorists occupying it. She paid the price for this decision with her assassination by her Sikh guards in her Delhi residence soon after. This triggered large-scale attacks and lynching of the Sikh community in Delhi and Punjab.
It is claimed that the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi who had succeeded his mother, Indira Gandhi, asked the police not to interfere with the killings organized by some overzealous Congress politicians. This is similar to what happened in Gujarat during the Godhra riots of 2002 but on a much smaller scale.

WHAT is most worrying is that a version of German-styled Nazism is raising its head just when Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying to convert India into Bharat based on the sanatan dharma. In Germany an increasing number of young people want only Europeans to be citizens of Germany. The word Nazi has come to be attached to hatred for immigrants.
The irony is that citizens of the USA are themselves once upon a time immigrants from Ireland and the UK and had their own battles with the mother country to be independent. It is well know the UK of that times packed off all its criminals to the USA as also Australia which were the lands of Red Indians and native aborigines, respectively. History recounts how it was with the superior use of guns and gun power that the European immigrants managed to wage war and kill of the Red Indian tribals over time and settle on their land.
Even worse they caught people in Africa and transported them to the New World as slave labor to work on the cotton fields of southern states of USA…it was only much later that President Abraham Lincoln made history by fighting a war to free the black slaves so that they became American citizens fair and square despite the widespread bitterness amongst the dominant white citizens.
It’s all a question of economics. The Muslim countries, namely Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt are still steeped in poverty. Due to the Shariyat policies followed by Iran and Afghanistan young people do not get enough opportunities for education and jobs. Plus, they feel oppressed by the hidebound religious tyranny of their own country and so were driven to seek escape and asylum in the liberal democracies of the European countries including the UK and the US.

IRONICALLY, the UK, claiming absolute freedom of speech and equality, has become an asylum for some of India’s biggest criminals and crooks. This allegedly includes names like Vijay Malya, Nirav Mody, also many Russian millionaires. UK refuses to deport or send them back to their home countries because it is claimed that their home countries do not have jails with good conditions for criminals under trial.
Migrants, whether Muslims or Christians or Buddhists, must integrate with their host country of choice and appreciate the freedoms they did not enjoy in their countries. They may follow their religious practices but religion is a private practice and should not be a public nuisance for other citizens. They must abide by the laws and principles of the country they have run away to enjoy freedom. There may come a time when Muslims may be told to go back to their own original home countries of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The most tyrannical Muslim countries are Iraq under the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) and Afghanistan in the control of the Taliban.

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