USA-BASED MIT PhD Dr Shiva Ayyadurai in one of his educational videos explains the complex reality of the human immune system vis-a-vis vaccination programs and how they could be creating ever new auto immune diseases, “Research is still functioning on outdated understanding of one size fits all fake science theories! The body is a complex personalized system and in today’s personalized medicine treatments there is no room for vaccines.”

By Tara Narayan

FOOD for thought this week! After the Covid-19 lockdown terrors and the feeling still in most of our minds that it is not so safe to eat out here and there, especially in questionable places…there is more enlightenment about what goes into the making of fighting fit health! This huge data bank is growing about how far we have strayed from reaping the fruit of health and fitness, though we are living longer we are growing older faster.
Most of us think the good life is only food, sex and the good life, none may or may not be easily available. In the first case if money talks we put food in our mouth morning, noon and night and suffer the consequences of obesity, visibly everywhere in common society today, an indicator of how actually how unhappy we are with life loaded or not so loaded. As we suffer we realize somewhere along the line that the biggest challenge in life is to keep our immune system fighting fit at all times – but for our highly honed immune system through the ages of humankind, we would not have lasted this long.

HOWEVER, if we listen more and more to the Bombay-born and now Massachusetts-based systems scientist Dr Shiva Ayyadurai (one of the four Indian Americans listed as independent candidates for the 2024 US presidential elections), the more we realize it is our understanding of the immune system which has to change. Like we cannot browbeat it or compromise with it with our plethora of drugs and vaccines. playing an increasingly contentious role in healthcare today. Increasingly, the perception (based on no mean facts) is that healthcare is a rogue industry even if it is paved with good intentions! It is actually in cahoots with mainstream pharmaceutical companies creating synthetic drugs to feature in more and more expensive prescriptions to tackle our myriad health problems – is healthcare only about drugs and newer drugs, those for cancer treatment going into several lakh.
Health care costs are now very steep and most patients don’t know whether it is cheaper to live or to die, to leave their loved ones broken-hearted and in despair both emotionally and financially. Again and again we realize that food and what kind of food plays a vital role in respecting our guardian angel immune system which healthcare or mainstream medical treatments play with every time there is a health crisis – albeit to heal us and restore homeostasis anew.
We know a lot about who lives longest happily ever after now with the kind of knowledge we have about super foods, lifestyle regimes and ways of thinking to be happy rather than unhappy enough to make short work of our happiness chemicals or hormones streaming through our blood streams…there is all this research of capillaries and endothelial cells manufacturing nitric oxide to keep us fine and fit how we may all check up on our telomeres as they grow longer or shorter depending on the state of our oxidative chemistry in body beautiful.

CUT to nowadays how I see the poor eating junk food while the not-so-poor and the wealthy are educated enough to shun the industrialised processed foods of our times. Ironically, once the poor eat millets, jaggery, veggie greens from their small farms and were considered the class with strong immune systems; today, it’s the urban wealthy eating organic grains rich in nutritional values. From farm-to-table is coming of age but only for the educated classes. In short, the rich are getting healthier while the poorer folk are getting unhealthier and our public hospitals are packed with patients weak with malnutrition, the immune systems compromised with obsolete treatment regimes – who’s reviewing medi-care and healthcare without looking at the financial picture! It is really health versus money in healthcare, a dismal catch 20 syndrome.
As more and more think we know what and how to eat but we really don’t know how to differentiate good from bad – especially in home after home where family has ceased, the stress in a nuclear family of two parents, two children, is how to cope with life lived ever on the run. Freshly prepared meals go for a toss and if there’s money enough, I’ve seen parents indulgent to the point of rejecting water and offering the myriad coloured, fizzy, sugar doped drinks of the market place in bottles, cans, tetrapacks…water is not good enough to drink!

MOST of us don’t even know the importance of the immune system and the key role its health plays in wellbeing. In recent times we’ve learned that the controlling the immune system is the key to controlling the human population (witness the boom in vaccines which mostly marginalize and concentrate on manipulating the immune system). Most of us concerned that the time has come when there are powerful groups at the top of the pyramid of the good life, seeking, scheming to cull and control the growth of the human population before its doomsday for the world en masse (with angry nations flexing their nuclear capabilities).
Funny, how on one hand there are Utopian hardliners seeking to kill, kill, kill the many…while the many struggle to find healing of the mind and body, heart and soul! So many things will determine how the world will live or die in a bang or slowly, painfully slowly, suffering a zillion agonies of regret.
WHAT’S food got to do with all this! Of course, if our air, water, food is poisoned by nuclear waste…you want to live? The question occurs, will the human immune system survive a nuclear holocaust? We don’t know but it is useful to study the immune system if only to reap the rewards of staying fighting fit.
In recent years I find the best review of the immune system comes from systems engineer and scientist Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, the most exciting candidate in the current electoral race to be the next president of USA! You may read him up separate but here is the gist of what he tells us about our immune system, something perhaps even our mainstream doctors may know…it is this Indian-American engineer, politician, entrepreneur, and anti-vaccine activist.
He says “It’s not that virus that kills us – we have trillions inside and outside of us – when your immune system is working, you’re ok. People who eat like crap and make poor choices have a compromised immune system. Monsanto is poisoning us.” Truth is there are many who want to poison the mass of humanity in today’s times!

COMING to the immune system Dr Shiva Ayyadurai’s analysis is the best I’ve come across to date. His take is we have for five decades perpetuated and exploited a long since out-dated science of the immune system! What is the immune system all about? Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the inventor of Email, breaks down the complexity of the immune system and its interconnections to understand that modern science clearly shows that the future of medicine is personalized and precision medicine: the right medicine for the right person at the right time.
He says the old 1915 model of the immune system that is still used by scientists and doctors is too simplistic an understanding about where pathogens come from. Today, we have come a long way and we know that our immune system triggers the adaptive immune system to create antibodies.
The modern immune systems is basically active and passive, all of us are born with innate (natural, general) immune system and after that comes the adaptive (specialized, passive) immune system. Dr Ayyadurai also talks of the sophisticated interferon immune system (read him up on this, it’s very extensive and fascinating insight into body beautiful).
The long and short of it is that we are only good as our immune system. The adaptive immune system responds in B cells and cytotoxic T cells in four phases of encounter, activation, attack and memory. And interestingly, says Dr David Heber (MD, PhD, professor emeritus of medicine at UCLA Health): “Nutrition is a key modulator of immune function…” So if you want to know more about your immune system check out your gut, its flora and population of good bacteria! The gut is the largest immune organ in body beautiful and plays a key role in fighting infection aides by a large network of nerves around the digestive system.
See, what you drink and eat matters! It makes all the difference to the fighting fit health of your immune system. For example, eat an organic cultivated carrot instead of a deep-fried samosa (fried in palm oil, top of the list of baddie oils, in fact avoid all altered oils of our oil industry, our packaged junk foods are full of altered oils or fats, bad, very bad). Like me you will say oh, once in a way! I succumb to the temptation of bad for me food on a bad day.
But I also try to be good most days because I know better. Hey, binge eating is something which so many of us do today and this is contributing to obesity statistics – the basis of future health problems. Ask for it, you get it. Clearly, most of us are drinking and eating ourselves to death, also filling the coffers of the multi-billion healthcare industry with impunity! Inclusive of the alternative healthcare industry being promoted nowadays, it’s going out of the reach of aam aadmi with government funds oftentimes.

THE next elections coming up vote for the politician who offers 100% free state-of-the-art public healthcare as well as exclusive hospitals for seniors based on sanatorium naturopathy therapies! If we, the people don’t push it, we won’t get it. I agree absolutely with Dr Shiva Ayyadurai that power, profit and control should be in the hands of the people of a country – and not the government which is by and large what we have seen today, not democracies but kleptocracies, that is full of politicians and their families stealing from the public kitty to feather their own nests. At the expense of the people’s more fundamental infrastructural needs.

OKAY, no more, winding up this week with a bit of fascinating trivia: Do you know that ostriches have the strongest immune system of any animal in the world and there must be reasons for that (it runs, runs, runs)! Now scientists are studying the ostrich which promises to do wonders for our understanding of preventive healthcare (and beauty industry); it’s a dysnfunctional immune system which leads to three of our common autoimmune diseases, diabetes type 1, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus and much more.

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