By Rajan Narayan

INDIA has become a rogue state like Pakistan and Vladimir Putin controls Russia. Narendra Modi has declared that the new India will pay back terrorists with interest. The British `Guardian’ had reported that Indian security agencies like the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) had killed 22 Pakistani nationals in Pakistan. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh admitted that the new India has started pursuing terrorists to their homes wherever they lived.
Canada had flagged the killing of a Sikh nationalist, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, who was a citizen of Canada. The United States had expressed unhappiness over the attempt to poison a Sikh Gurpatwant Singh Pannun in the United States. The doctrine of striking back against the enemy in another country was initiated by the late defense minister, Manohar Parrikar. After a wave of terror attacks from Pakistan, Parrikar planned a surgical strike.
Indian armed forces supported by the Air Force struck several posts deep within Pakistan which were used to infiltrate Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agents into India. But nobody expected that Indian security forces would target individual terror suspects within Pakistan. Following the complaints of Canada and United States there is a suspicion that the Modi government had resorted to assassinations abroad.

THIS is a very dangerous trend. Admittedly Russia and to a significant extent the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States have been targeting its so-called enemies internationally. There have been reports of the killing of Soviet agents in the United Kingdom and the United States. There is even the suggestion that radioactive material was used to terminate the lives of suspected terrorists.
However, it has been an accepted principle that one country cannot murder the nationals of another country without following the due process of law. International law does not sanction extra-territorial killings. Admittedly the largest exporters of terror are Pakistan and Israel. Pakistan has historically launched several terror attacks against India.
It will be recalled that immediately after the Godhra riots the ISI which is the Inter-services Intelligence wing of Pakistan launched terror attacks in Mumbai. The Mumbai Stock Exchange at Dalal Street was among the buildings affected. In the second wave of Pakistan-inspired terrorist attacks the Taj and the Oberoi hotels in Mumbai were taken over by a small group of eight to ten jihadi (terrorists).
The terror squad had travelled from Pakistan to the outskirts of Mumbai by shipping vessel. They had then taken over a fishing trawler and landed in the beachfront of Cuffe Parade in upmarket south Mumbai. The group of terrorists initially attacked the Victoria Terminal railway station which is the headquarters of the Central Railways.
After shooting a police officer at a hospital near the Police Headquarters terrorist Kasab headed out to Marine Drive. He was was stopped at Marine Drive and captured by the Mumbai police. The terrorist group which had taken over the Taj and Oberoi hotels killed several residents and guests of this hotel. Several hotel employees including the family (wife and two young sons) of the general manager Karamvir Kang of the Taj Hotel died in the terror attack. A squad of the national security guard led by Sandeep Unnikrishnna stormed the Taj Mahal Hotel, killed the terrorists and freed the guests.

PAKISTAN has been accused of routinely training and sending ISI operatives to India. The group which planted the explosives at the popular Rameshwaram restaurant in the Whitefield area in Bengaluru has been arrested. It has been revealed that they are a part of an ISI module.
Pakistan and some other countries like Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia, have been accused of supporting the terrorists. Saudi Arabia has been accused of extending support and patronage to Dawood Ibrahim.
Repeat attempts were made by United States agencies to kill Dawood Ibrahim in Karachi where he lived under the patronage of the Pakistani army. Incidentally, Imran Khan, the former Pakistani prime minister, who was toppled by the ISI, has been granted refuge in Mumbai. Imran reportedly rented a flat from film producer Karan Johar.
The KGB of Russia and the CIA of the US had been routinely killing suspected terrorists all over the world. The CIA has its James Bonds. The CIA and the KJB believe that they have the license to kill. They are supported by the Russian and American governments. Russia has gone much further and silenced all dissidence within the country.
Recently, an outstanding Russian journalist and Opposition leader leading the protests against the Putin government was arrested and put away in a camp in Siberia where he was killed or died. Russia has been routinely dumping its dissidents in Siberia jails which are the coldest this side of the European continent.

CHINA is also accused of suppressing all dissidence against the Communist party of China. Some of the richest Chinese have been jailed by the Chinese regime. The CIA has been carrying out hits all over the world. Any action by one country in another part of the world is against the law. India has no jurisdiction in Pakistan or Canada. The relationship between India and Canada has become very bad after India failed to admit to the charges of being involved in the death of the Sikh nationalist.
It may be mentioned that in the wake of Operation Blue Star when the Indian army entered the Golden Temple in Amritsar, there was widespread protest amongst Sikhs. The terror unleashed against the Sikh community after the assassination of Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards led to the formation of the Khalistan movement. The Sikh nationalists have been demanding a separate Khalistan. At the height of the Khalistan frenzy an Indian airline plane exploded over the Canadian skies. There have been demands for compensation from the Canadian government.
Internationally though Israel is considered the biggest exporter of terrorism. Israel has been systematically encroaching on Palestinian territory. It had been agreed that Israel would not enter the Gaza Strip which is the buffer zone between Israel and Palestine. Israel was carved out from Arab territory to fulfill the aspirations of Jews for a state of their own.
The Israeli Zionists are fanatic and are the inventors of the strike back in vengeance theory. When an Israeli aircraft was hijacked they sent a special force to liberate the aircraft. Israel has zero tolerance for terrorism and believes in chasing Hamas and other terror groups wherever they are and annihilating them. The present Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is considered a hawk who refuses to take calls from the Pope in Rome, and the US, asking for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza.

NOW, Iran has entered ongoing Israeli war conflict and inflicted a massive strike with drones and missiles on Israeli weapon depots. Israel is a very brilliant country and is suspected to be close to developing a nuclear bomb of its own. On the other hand, Iran too is controlled by fanatical Islamic clergy which strictly enforces the Shariat law on its people.
Iran is also one of the largest petroleum and natural gas producers in the world. Iran’s entry into the Israeli-Gaza war will affect all countries as the price of oil is bound to shoot up. If there is further escalation the global economy will go for a toss and some say we may have to deal with a third world war which will make all past wars child’s play.
It is disturbing that Narendra Modi has publically sanctioned India’s strike-back policy. We fear that this may be misused for settling scores against political rivals. If Modi gets a clear majority he may declare Arvind Kejriwal and Mamata Banerjee as terrorists. He may even arrest all political leaders like Indira Gandhi during the Emergency.

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