By Rajan Narayan

Rahul Gandhi has accused Prime Minister and Home Minister Amit Shah of cheating small investors to the extent of Rs30 lakh crore. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah reportedly told investors to wait till June 4, the day of the election results to invest in the share market. If Narendra Modi believed that the actual results would be as good as better than the predictions of the exit poll, it is stupid of him to advise investor to buy shares before June 4. The presumption is that the share prices would go up even further after the results since Narendra Modi is seen as a business friendly prime minister. But any stock broker or investment advisor will tell you that it is stupid to buy you share when the market is witnessing a very sharp increase in share prices. Indeed after a rigged exit polls the share prices have already gone up by 2500 points. If on the other hand Narendra Modi knew that the actual election results would be much lower than the 400 plus that the exit polls have predicted it was criminal act for Modi to advise small investors to buy shares on and after June 4. When the actual tally of the BJP sank to 240 seats instead of the 400 plus seat predicted by the exit poll, the price of shares in Dalal street crashed by over 4390 points. All the games of exit poll were wiped out. This meant that Narendra Modi was aware that the share market could collapse and that small investor would lose their money if they followed his advice. This is exactly what happened and investors who waited till June 4 lost Rs30 lakh crore. Narendra Modi should be held personally responsible for the erosion of investor wealth by Rs30 lakh crore.

Boasted artificially by the manipulated exit polls the Mumbai stock exchange index soared 2,500 point to a record of 76489 on Monday. On the day of the result when the BJP score fell to 240 and the NDA total was 290 the shares crashed by 4,390 points to 72,097. This resulted in a loss of Rs32 lakh crores to investors. In fact at one point on Wednesday, June 4 the day of the result, the prices of stock were down by 6000 points. No doubt the shares recovered on Thursday, June 6 by 682 points. But this was much lower than the fall of 4390 points. Rahul Gandhi has asked “Why did prime minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah give specific investment advice to the five crore families investing in the share market? Why both the interviews where Modi gave investment advice were given to the media group owned by Gautam Adani.  What business did Amit Shah and Narendra Modi have to offer investment advice at a critical time. Narendra Modi is not a financial expert. He is not a stockbroker. He had no business to ask small investors to buy stocks in a falling market. The increase in shares initially was because the exit polls were manipulated by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. It cannot be coincident that all the exit polls predicted that Narendra Modi and BJP would get 400 seats. The ground reality is that even the NDA could not get even 300 seats. The BJP by itself got only 246 seats as the 300 seats it got in 2019. The stock market crashed on the day of election because the BJP had been reduced to a minority government. The BJP by itself did not have the 276 seat which is the simple majority in parliament.

In the stock market, there are the bulls the bears and the sharks. The bulls have horns with which they toss up the price of shares. The bears have claws with which they pull down the shares. This are legitimate stock operation. In the stock market bulls buy shares when the prices fall and sell them when the prices go up. For instance, if the Goan Observer share comes down to Rs50 from the face value of Rs100 the bulls will buy our shares. When following the results of the election where BJP was reduced to 240 seats the shares of Goan Observer shot up to Rs500. At the stage, the bulls will sell the shares. This is just an example. The bears on the other hand will sell the shares when they are high to bring down the prices. When the share prices come down they will buy the shares. The Sharks are people like Narendra Modi and Amit Shah who spread false news or use inside information to manipulate the share market. It would appear now that Narendra Modi and Amit Shah knew that the share prices will collapse when the actual results were much lower than the exit poll forecast. It is a criminal act that Narendra Modi ask five crore investor to sink their money in a market which has collapse by 4300 points. Join the demand for the resignation of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.  

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