THE GREAT NIGHT OF LORD SHIVA IS HERE! At the Mahalasa Narayani Temple at Mardol, the giant lamp tower attracts devotees from far and near. Maha Shivratri is believed to be the wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Lord Shiva, or Mahadev, is the god of cosmic destruction and dance, and is worshipped in the lingam or phallic form which unites with the yoni representing female creative energy. Shivbhakts recite the mahamrityunjaya or death-conquering mantra, “Om tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam/Urvarukamiva bandhanan mrityor mukshiya maamritat!” (Pic by Gaurish Poke)


IN 2008, Manohar Parrikar, while in the Opposition, had publicly stated that it would be worthwhile to shift the Navy out of Dabolim. Again on May 20, 2013 he reiterated that the Navy could be moved for Dabolim to become a full-fledged civilian airport. He also repeatedly demanded that land, including that in Panaji, given to the armed forces, be immediately reverted to the state.

But even after taking over as Defence Minister in November 2014, despite having the power, he moved not an inch to even get a square meter of land back. In fact, despite Goa’s scarce land, in a total volte face, he is now volunteering to give away more land freely keeping Goa’s future needs in mind.

Over the years Parrikar’s skewed cheap politics of rhetoric and theatrics have stood exposed. He is now famous for his u-turns, corruption, nepotism and abuse of power Even his very own mentor Prof Subhash Velingkar has now publicly dubbed him as a master liar and unworthy person. It cannot get any worse for this IITian who is now nothing but amen!

– Aires Rodrigues, Ribander



WE are all Indians who think like this: Mothers want their daughters to control their husbands and expect their sons to control their wives.

Everything that is run by the government looks very bad except government jobs.

A huge country of more than 20 languages, united by one foreign language!

Seeing a policeman makes us nervous rather than feel safe.’

We are always in a hurry but never on time!

At holy places, the poor beg outside and the rich beg inside.

We post so many morals in what’s app but never follow a single one!

Is there a lesson in all this somewhere?

– Ida Mukherjee, Panjim



WHAT is love? Love is when my mother kisses me and says “mera achha beta lakhon me ek hai…”

Love is when you come back from work and dad says “Arey beta! Aaj bohot der ho gai…”

Love is when your bhabi says, “Hey hero, ladki dekhi hai tere liya, koi aur pasand ho to bata dena…”

Love is when your brother says, “Bhai tu tension na le, main hu na tere saath.”

Love is when you are low and you sister says, “Chal bhai kahi ghoom ke aatein hai…”

Love is when your best friend hugs you and says “Abey, tere bagair mazaa nahi aata yaar…”

These all are best moment of love, don’t miss them in life. It’s love when a wife makes tea for husband and takes a sip before him, when a mother gives her son the best piece of cake.

It’s love when your friend holds your hand tightly on a slippery road, when your brother asks if you reached home on time?

It’s love when you send a small message to your friend to make them smile.

Love is actually another name for care.

– Anonymous, Dona Paula



ISRO launched 104 satellites but Panaji has one of the oldest modern buildings called Junta House which houses several government offices, which can’t launch a lift? It’s not a question of funds but administrative will!

– Prakash Kamat, Panjim



LIQUOR baroness  Sasikala wants to become chief minister of Tamil Nadu. State government-owned TASMAC has a monopoly over wholesale and retail vending of liquor. It issues orders to Midas Golden Distilleries (P) Ltd and promotes their liquor brand. Midas is currently owned by Hot Wheels Engineering and Signet Exports, of which Sasikala and her sister-in-law Elavarasi own 97 per cent shareholdings.

RTI sources say procurement by TASMAC from Midas Golden Distilleries is: `1404 crores (2011-12); `1729 crores (2012-13); `2280 crores (2013-14); `2736 crores (2014-15) and `3283 crores (2015-16).

This can never happen anywhere else in the world!

– Stephen Dias, Panjim



Imidacloprid is a chemical used on much of the world’s fruits and vegetables and is threatening life from bees to insects. Bees are facing a giant global crisis that threatens our food supply. Canada is considering a game-changing ban on imidacloprid. Let’s back bees the world over. Canada has opened a public comment period to help them decide, but industry bullies are lobbying to protect their product.

All countries should ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides immediately. Let’s save bees from extinction. Once Canada bans these pesticides it is bound to have a domino effect with other countries too acknowledging that the threat to bees extends to our food supply.

India should take note of this. Monsanto is vying to merge with Bayer, and Dow Chemical with DuPont. These beasts are growing in power and pushing to keep their poison on the shelves. Europe has already stopped the use of this bee-killing chemical after people led by Avaaz flooded ministers with thousands of messages. We urge the rest of the world follow likewise.

Rachel Carson, who led the charge to ban the chemical killer DDT in the US, once wrote, “Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.” Let’s let the miraculous strength and beauty of nature all around us be our inspiration to come together today and back the bees, our busy best friends! Let’s not invite their mass killing with our chemicals.

– Nell Greenberg, Avaaz, Goa   


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