Dr V A Shiva Ayyadurai, late of India, now of America… making waves and going places on the subject of pharma vaccine scams!

THE older I get the more zapped I get by how venal the world of the haves is! With folk being engaged with little else but the coronavirus making its rounds around the world and it’s pretty clear to me that this is some kind of a biological warfare launched by yes, I will say it, everything that’s rotten in China and its zeal to be top dog. But to begin at the beginning this third week of the coronavirus pandemic in Goa, India, world…and everyone mostly stir-frying their brains about whether a simple mask on face can keep the virus at bay. When I go out I’ve been studying the various kinds of masks everyone is wearing from the top up and up down…only my Nepali maid who comes is not wearing a mask!
But when I do my one morning round to get milk, eggs, bread (don’t ask me why I have to eat these things, I don’t) all kinds of masks catch my attention, from the simple humble ones to the more exotic kind which may cost Rs500 and more at the chemist’s…pristine white, leafy green, at the Manipal Hospital the watchmen were wearing black masks…flimsy ice blue ones with four strings (nurses wear this one time use surgical masks and I wonder how many masks are disposed daily in hospitals), there are masks with breathing apparatus attached and which I saw an ambulance guy wear. I refused to wear masks until I was assured by various videos on social media that if I don’t want a visit from a coronavirus I better wear a mask at least when venturing out…so I got a serviceable blue cotton one with stretch rubber to hook behind the ears, wish I’d half-a-dozen of these, got an infection behind the ears!
I’m intrigued, my dears. Can a mask really protect me from the deadly virus? Suddenly the idea of wearing a mask has become as perceived protection as fashionable and everyone is into tailoring masks for to give away for free for love of humanity or to make a marketing kill. I’m just buying cotton handkerchiefs and washing and wearing them. Interestingly, the much prescribed and flaunted N95 masks can be fake too and a consignment was seized in Bengaluru! (The NIOSH-certified N95 particulate respirator mask effectively blocks foreign particles, virus, bacteria, etc, replace with a new one when it is damp and do not re-use.)
FIRST there was a shortage when people started scrambling and queuing up outside chemist shops to purchase masks, then there was a shortage…now masks are selling Rs100 to Rs125 and more and some are trying to get government contracts naturally! Friends, this is to tell you that in a Lancet report researchers have found that the coronavirus can hang around on a surgical mask for seven days (showing how crucial it is to properly remove face coverings after wearing them). They also confirm that primary precautionary measures must include washing hands frequently, avoiding touching face and faces, staying home is best.
If out don’t hang around folk who’re coughing and sneezing around, airborne droplets of infection may touch you….yes, by all means wear a reasonably decent mask when going out, I think a hankie is fine if it gets washed in hot water daily. Finish your business in shops while out shopping quickly without too much hands-on touching and snooping around! Go home sooner rather than later and first thing wash your hands and face or have a bath. That’s me giving myself much-needed advice! Okay, no more advice here for there’s plenty of it going around over Facebook.
THESE days I’m taking an interest in the politics of how the novel coronavirus was created in Wuhan, China, through medical espionage and foul play by mercenary American and Chinese entrepreneurs in league with pharma business lobbies. Not joking. I’ve just caught this video where a reputed top doctor Dr Shiva, standing for Massachusettes elections in America, calls this coronavirus epidemic yet another pharma-driven lobby adventure. Fact is in the countries of the West and now increasingly in our copycat Asian countries our immune systems are being compromised with a plethora of vaccines….so a stronger virus will demand a stronger vaccine to keep mod con human beings alive! The big guys are chasing a vaccine for coronavirus now to save patients if they can afford the vaccine or you never know it will be free courtesy Bill Gates….beware anything which comes free, like that.
Says Dr Shiva, so many coronavirus deaths quite simple because most of us today suffer from immune-compromised constitutions courtesy medical science and its systematic vaccinations as a solution to all ills! If our immune system is strong and not compromised it would put any virus on the run or something like that…but what does it take to have a strong immune system? Yes, stay away from sugar, roam in the sun gathering vitamin D, get more vitamin C into you eating fresh organically cultivated salads, fruit, sprouts. All that….we have lost touch with our hunter-gatherer history of evolution and come a pretty long way in contributing to the mass scale contamination and pollution of Mother Earth and now She is so sick, She couldn’t care less if the human species is wiped out!
Well, that’s all in a nutshell, read about what this Dr VA Shiva is saying over American news networks, Americans are listening to him. Dr Shiva (not ashamed to confess he’s comes from lowest of low caste system in India) says coronavirus is a master chess board set up by bankrupt pharma bigwigs, let by celebrity Dr Anthony Fauci who confused President Trump consults. Dr Shiva sees the political-economic links better for he understands both politics and medicine. What he says makes a lot of sense to me.
The world is becoming an utopia of the elite, of the few at the expense of the many. Pharma bigwigs in league with politicians have built false narratives to con and control consumers…by fixing our natural immune system which has evolved over millions of years. According to what the good doctor says a fake immune science is being promoted, so go find out what real immune science is — if you want to understand the coronavirus political-economic adventure. The virus actually puts our immune system on extreme defense mode, so much so that whatever is left of our compromised original immune system…packs up after putting up a real fight to save you, but dies gallantly. Our immune system is supposed to be our best friend, yet pharma-created vaccines have turned it into our worst enemy!
Hey, we’re in the midst of a “producers versus parasites crisis,” sums up Dr Shiva. The real problem is our compromised, sabotaged immune systems and that’s what we have to unravel, rectify, so we may return to our original immune health status to take on any virus (with no cash registers tinkling in the background!).
SAYS my favorite speaker Luke Coutinho in his latest World Health Day (April 8) chat: Stay at home and good luck to all medical folk! The most powerful drug on this planet is your physical health, your lifestyle. It’s advice for the times: Go easy on drugs you pop. “I have patients who tell me they take 25 medications!” They may be keeping your symptoms in check but soon you’ll have kidney problems. Make lifestyle changes, don’t eat crap food, don’t believe in the advertising of medications which you think are keeping you healthy…they are not. They will take a toll on your kidneys. Take responsibility and accountability of your life. Don’t be controlled by Prozac, Tynol, Ibuprofen, etc. Only ignorant and arrogant swear by their insurance, it’ll pay your bills but won’t take away your health problems! Don’t put on masks to hide your lifestyle, it won’t make you feel better. Invest in prevention, that’s real insurance.
It’s a real treat to listen to Luke Coutinho, listen more to him, my dears, and do what he says. Make sweeping changes in your lifestyle during these novel coronavirus days…on that note it’s avjo, selamat datang, poiteverem, au revoir, arrivedecci and vachun yeta here for now.
— Mme Butterfly

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