In search of truth, freedom and health for all….. Dr Shiva Ayyudurai

By Tara Narayan

Dr Shiva Ayyudurai is an India-born Indian American extraordinary. He is fighting in the USA for a senator’s seat in the upcoming Massachusettes elections…he is a scientist and revolutionary whose voice speaks from the bottoms-up to people across the world. His growing fan mail is legion across the world as he calls for reformation or “truth, health, freedom” instead of ugly, incompetent, greedy megalomania! Either our civilization lets Mother Earth live so that we may live – or we die like flies caught in the current novel coronavirus pandemic still arguably or unarguably created by a cartel of wealthy powerbrokers around the world from America to China to India. A profile…

OVER and over I cannot help thinking he is a man for our stressed-out times if only we would listen to him! Let’s say I discovered him just by fluke recently while surfing the Internet or was it Facebook, not sure. Meet Dr Shiva Ayyadurai or VA Shiva Ayyadurai hailing from a background at the bottom of the caste system in Tamil Nadu, his grandparents were coconut climbers, he confided somewhere in an interview and they lived or died in a hierarchy-ridden social environment.
Mercifully, his parents made it out to USA as migrants in 1970 where their brilliant son not only invented Email at the age of 14 years but also went on to win the hearts of American working folk…despite all the initial racist oppression which came his way. In the USA the dice was loaded on both sides for him but he won and continues to win till today a lot of folk are listening to him and so am I as part of his growing fanmail!
For the world over the common people are being manipulated and fleeced by utterly corrupt top down governments which have let working infrastructures deteriorate and collapse bringing hardship to the quality of their life. Life is tough even in oftentimes described greatest democracy in the world, the USA. If one reads Dr Shiva Ayyadurai 10,000 million are unemployed to today’s US of A with homeless people growing by the day…residing in cars in free parking space and shacking up in street corners.
Not since the controversial American novelist Ayn Rand has anyone come across to stir up such a storm of protest against fear-mongering, the politics of a foul health system and exploitation of digital technology to create a new kind of slavery the world has never seen before. For some reason Dr Shiva Ayyadurai calls the political nexus which runs America as the Natso army establishment comprising of a whole host of celebrities coming from Hollywood and the top echelons of political families like the Kennedys and Clintons, not to mention some top notch institutions. Nevertheless he has taken them on in the race to win the senator’s hot seat of power in Massachussettes.
Who is Dr VA Shiva Ayyadurai? He presents himself very eloquently in his video shows and possibly dislikes, Wikipedia cordially for describing him as an Indian American scientist engineer, entrepreneur and “promoter of conspiracy theories and unfounded medical claims.” He is much more than all that covert patronage presumably! He was born on December 2, 1963, to Meenakshi and Vellayappa Ayyadurai in Mumbai and they migrated out to the US in 1970. Where he studied systems biology, computer science, scientific visualization and has his own company Cytosolve which helps evolve software to solve technological, engineering, pharmaceutical problems or so one gathers. He’s authored several books, “Systems Health’, Your Body, Your System’,The Email Revolution”, The Science of Evolving,’The System’ and of course he is linked up with Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and more…he has been to MIT, got four degrees from there, a bachelors in electronic engineering and computer science, dual master’s degrees and what not and what not. Enough to say here’s someone who lives up to his own credentials of no mean achievement.
Growing up in Massuchusetts he has had his finger on American politics and in all his provocative talks says he is starting a revolution which is a bottom-up revolution to take on the “incestuous bunch of whatevers” which rule the roost in the corridors of political power…right, the Natzo Establishment of USA made up of a filthy rich racist lawyers lobby of Kennedys, Clintons (Hillary Clinton is a Ms Vaccine Queen!), etc.
In his many disarming talks he urges everyone to take control of their life (“wake the hell up everyone, we’re talking of the future”) and says his movement for a sweeping stinking political system is all about “integration of truth, health and freedom.” Truth, health and freedom, truth, health and freedom – and his definitions and linkages are as fascinating as appealing. What’s there not to love about this man!
The common working people of the world are up against a global elite which has an agenda of making trillions of money on drugs (the aristocratic Big Pharma mafia is in league with CDC, WHO, the Chinese Communist Party, the Harvard School of Health and much more) – from the sound of it the world is at the mercy of its corrupt governments, small coteries of evil mongers and fearmongers, Dr Shiva repeats over and over again, “Politicians don’t give a damn about infrastructure, we need infrastructure…we are about the integration of truth, health and freedom.”
By all means check him out and credentials, it’s an open call to his enemies in the political arena – prove all the false accusations flung at him and his company Cytosolve and he will go to court for justice again and anew. He is not a nobody in USA anymore having come up the ladder of success as a migrant kid from India! Of course he is a “darkie” coming from the lowest of the lowly caste system of India and he is used to cleaning up a lot of gutter dirt! “I am a systems biologist and my politics is about decentralized medicine…the right medicine for the right person at the right time,” he says, when on the subject of today’s spread of the coronavirus pandemic coming from China.
China is not a democratic country like the USA where it is less easy to sweep corruption beneath the carpet. Six months before the coronavirus pandemic broke out thousands of Wuhan people came out bravely in public to protest against huge incinerators coming up to burn plastic garbage to make their lives hellish…China has a monumental waste problem to deal with and consequent dirty pollution! Today we, the people of the world are trapped in “dirty air, dirty water, dirty food.” Crooked and corrupt governments only make false promises and paint “bogus utopia” scenarios to lull us into a state calmatose.
It’s time we got angry and expressed our anger for some kinds of anger are positive and healthy and that’s what we need to feel! His “Truth, Freedom, Health” grassroots movement in the USA and beyond it about how ugly health policies are leading economic policies today in country after country and at the center of this is mandated vaccination, “and if we don’t fight this they will be playing with our future…I want you to be happy, be you, be the light!” All suffering, says this Dr Shiva Ayyurdurai, “comes from ignorance. Our body has evolved through eons to support life, not death…” The world needs a bottom-up and not tops-down healthcare system to get well again!
And some more: If the world doesn’t wake up now we will soon be living in a 5G surveillance world and a different kind of institutionalized racism. No different from the caste system of old of India but in a new avatar, “I’m an untouchable from India, I’ve got to do the dirty work!” He is as disarming as mogra flowers or malligiphul, Himalayan mountain spring water for the soul, this Dr Shiva Ayyurdurai of Cytosolve. Go read his books if you’re seeking inspiration to stay alive and live your life, my dears and I wish him all the best in his fight to be Senator from Massachusettes in the US of A!

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