By Pankajbala R Patel

THE WORLD OF VACCINES: How do they tamper with the immune system to compromise it after a slew of mandated childhood vaccines?

TODAY in the US they know a lot about vaccines and how good or bad they are! In fact there’s a huge movement led by Dr Shiva Ayadurrai (US-based Indian American, inventor of email and leading a political movement for senator’s seat in Massachusetts elections coming up in September 1, 2020) which is questioning the bombardment of children with as many as 30 to 40 vaccines. There is a growing number of mothers who say their children have been damaged because of too many vaccines… the vaccine-engineered conditions range from mental handicap to nervous conditions to various grades of autism.
The movement to recall the mandatory vaccine schedule in the US is gathering momentum with every election. What parents seek is a reversal to voluntary vaccines programs than the current mandatory program which sees the Big Pharma companies being virtually bankrolled by State funds. Vaccines should be voluntary rather than enforced or a coercion and the battle lines are drawn between the pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine agenda hosted by the State Public Health programs. Make vaccines a parental choice instead of what’s imposed by government diktat. Freedom of choice is a cardinal principle of any democracy.
Some of the history of life-saving vaccines most of us may have studied in school. It all started in the late 18th century when country doctor Dr Edward Jenner noticed that that maids working with the dairy cows got cowpox but not smallpox which is far deadlier. So he took pus from cowpox lesion and inoculated it 11-year-James Phipps to acquire immunity against smallpox. The rest as we say is history and the good doctor is the founder of the now complex biological, molecular science of vaccinology.
IN fact the word vaccine comes from the Latin “vacca” from “cow.” For the next 200 years vaccines became some kind of a holy grail to discover for researchers in laboratories and through the 19th, 20th and 21th centuries came a slew of vaccines to fix a host of undoubtedly fearful and vexatious afflictions such as cholera, diphtheria, anthrax, tuberculosis, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, haemophilus…till we come to the most expensive of vaccines for the protection against the human papilloma virus (HPV). With the vaccines market growing huge and pharmaceutical companies allocating funds to vaccine research – they acquired enormous clout along with enormous fortunes, the four companies engaged in vaccine research being in the US, namely Aventis Pasteur, GlaxoSmithKlin, Merck and Wyeth are Europe-based.
The journey of vaccines which began in the late 18th century continued through the 19th century when vaccines developed in laboratories, 20th century when they developed with immunologic markers, and finally arrived in the 21st century when molecular biology leads the way along with genetic engineering. It’s a long, long way to come and undoubtedly over the last 300 years vaccines have impacted human longevity and health. Humankind’s hunt for immortality for a few is never ending and one grapevine video over social media has it that what the educated super rich class is after is how to harvest the master gland of them all in young bodies – the “third eye” pituitary gland. Replace the pituitary gland and perhaps one may live forever young! But to stay with vaccines the vaccine hunt has really come full circle in the 21st century with every pharmaceutical research team trying to create yet another vaccine, one that will this time around fix the novel coronavirus pandemic happening globally. Anyone coming up with the right vaccine may very well take off to the rainbow in time to come! Vaccines for the deadly contagion are already out (never mind what their lab antecedents are).
Reportedly, 150 labs around the world are pursuing a vaccine for Covid-19 and the stakes are high. There is also the not so little media attention on the contagion with the growing perception (with lots of evidence emerging in bits and pieces to complete the jigsaw puzzle) that the novel corona virus or Covid-19 was created in a laboratory in China courtesy secretive and strongly controlled virology research funded by American and Chinese academic and business players looking for something to unleash biological warfare upon the world’s population in a seemingly foolproof way! The verdict is not yet out on this but we are being enlightened every day by disquieting information leaking out from the shocking Hunan tragedy quietly being brushed under the carpet by China’s ruthless Chinese Communist Party (CCP) headed by President Xi Jining (his wife Peng Liyuan is reportedly one of the 6 WHO ambassadors who sang patriotic songs to soldiers post-Tianneman incident).
To conclude with the story of vaccines many learned folk think they’ve become just a hoax at worst and a placebo at best, a Joseph De Souza on social media had this to say: “They will never make a vaccine. Get back to reality. Stop the placebo.” According to his learning any virus can only be treated with specific antiseptics. So the best option is the true story of over the counter medicine. For example, in the UK they are treating Covid-19 symptoms with something like Triple Action cough oral solution which is a 3 in 1 ingredient formulae of cetylpyridinium chloride, benzoin tincture and Capsicum tincture which reportedly is very effective for Covid-19 treatment and improves breathing almost immediately within 24 hours.
In Goa one is told that we are actually doing good. Goa’ testing number per million is 60,000 and that is comparable to that of China. With the number of testing facilities increasing more and more it will help us overcome crisis of the contagion soon. Goa is the No 1 in testing per million in India!
In any case last week came the news that human trials of `Covaxin’ are already under way, this is an indigenously developed vaccine courtesy Redkar Hospital, the trials are on along with 11 other facilities across the country. Testimony of India’s immune potential in healthcare is in innovation says Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant who has already given his blessings for the use of Covaxin. There is also the news of the Oxford Covid vaccine called Astra Zeneca vaccine launched by the Serum Institute in India in partnership with the government of India. In India the Serum Institute is a big time player in the history of manufacturing serum (extracted from horses) as a medium for vaccines.
There’re a lot of naysayers for the perfect vaccine drama being enacted globally! For instance geriatric and functional medicine physician Dr Lenny da Costa who has clinics in Goa, Mumbai and elsewhere. His tips to survive Covid-19 in a Facebook video site are to keep Budesonide/Budacort 200 mg (asthamatic medicine for breathing difficulties) in the house and take “Vitamin C 1,000mg; vitamin D 60,000iu softgel; zinc 50mg; magnesium 500mg twice a day; for fever there is Doxy 200 mg twice a day for 5 days; Ivermectin 12mg once a day for 5 days; for non-heart patients there is HQOS 400mg day one two times a day and thereafter once a day. “But do check it out first. Don’t worry if you find hospitals are overburdened and you can’t find a bed in hospital! Chances are you won’t go into complications. Do not panic, is his final advice.

What are viruses?

According to Rudolph Steiner, Viruses are nothing but the excreta of our toxic cells along with proteins and other stuff which comes out when cells are poisoned.
In the last 150 years through two world wars we have seen such a quantum leap in the electrification of the earth’s environment with electromagnetic waves, radiowaves, radar equipment to do with war surveillance systems across the globe, and what not and what not. technology too much is definitely affecting the earth’s integrity, cosmos beyond earth, as also other life forms big and small who also reside as residents of Mother Earth.
In a nutshell there’re a lot of buyers for the evidence which a section of humankind does not see, hear or pay heed to – too much research and its “gifts” of mindboggling technology now being capped by G5. We may wax lyrical over such technology which ushers in more and more comfort and easy of lifestyles …but in the short and long run it will take a toll of our biological being. For human beings are electrical beings too, have no doubt about that.
Quite simply, this deadly 5G electrification of the earth’s environment is not compatible with our health, it is more destructive than constructive and many in the countries of the earth are actually throwing out their smart phones – enough is enough. Read a book titled The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg You may feel like chucking that smart phone too!

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