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IT is finally happening. From few recovered patients willing to donate their antibody rich blood plasma to patients still struggling to recover from Covid-19, now there’re several warriors coming forward to donate! This is in response to the call of Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad, V C Sajjanar (IPS) who notes that these last few days at the very minimum 229 recovered Covid-19 patients have donated their plasma.
Says Mr Sajjanar, “Plasma donation is a noble and social responsibility. Plasma donors are equal to God as they are saving lives. Society will be grateful to plasma donors and to date plasma has saved 390 lives in critical and emergency conditions.” He said that by donating blood/plasma a donor helps at least three persons get a new lease on life. That is, three persons will get RBC, plasma and platelets. Mercifully now many successfully treated Covid patients (recovered coronavirus patients) are coming forward to donate their plasma so that it comes in useful to save other patients struggling to recover from the contagion.
The Cyberabad Covid Control Room is now getting requests for blood and plasma requirement daily and the public is urged if they have recovered from positive to negative they should consider donating their plasma to help patients struggling to recover from the contagion. Do not be afraid because the body recovers the donated plasma within 72 hours!
For a week after the inception of the portal donateplasma.scsc Cyberabad police unit collected a 1,000 people date base of donors. It is not easy to match the blood of donors and recipients so now there are separate teams to coordinate the categorization of blood groups to help those who need the various components of blood. Usually, about 500 ml plasma can save two Covid-19 patients as also cheer up their families.

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