Saturday, Sept 26
Appreciating Indian Classical Music: Classical, Contemporary and Continuum: Widely regarded as one of the finest art forms in the world, Indian Classical Music is a performing arts tradition filled with subtle nuances and intricate complexities. Understanding the fascinating traditions and facets associated with this unique art-form requires sensitivity, skill and knowledge. Royal Opera House, Mumbai and Avid Learning present an absorbing live session led by co-founder Art Links Learning Sadhana Rao.
This will help develop your ear for this art-form. It’s a week-long virtual music appreciation class celebrating the enduring legacies, traditions and cultures of Indian music. Highlights include introduction to Indian classical music, origins, history and legacy, plus associated cultures and traditions spanning millennia, evolution and spread of the art-form across generations, various genres and the unique features of Folk, Carnatic and Hindustani; musical elements like raags and taals, plus sonic landscape of swar and sur; musical expressions vocal and instrumental; practitioners and artists, how their identities shape and influence their craft; symbiotic relationship between music, artist and audience; blending of classical and popular music with illustrative examples from Indian film music; contemporizing the art form, innovations in recording and technology,
Tips on how to build an ear and appreciation for Indian Classical Music. Join up to learn more!

Chandni Singh X Make Me Up: Masters & Magic, a venture by Make Me Up, India’s leading beauty platform is back, and it’s just getting bigger and better! Makeup guru is make up educator Chandni Singh, when it comes to makeup this genius knows what she’s doing! She’ll be teaching the ABC’s of soft glam and a dewy glow on dusky tones on the Indian skin. Limited seats. Date: September. Time: 1 pm onwards. Platform: On Zoom. Details: Tickets to the class are non-refundable and non- transferable!

World Rivers Day: This day is celebrated on the last Sunday of September, this year it falls on Sept 27. The day highlights the importance of rivers and generates awareness and encourages people to improve and save water, rivers around the world. It is necessary to care for our water resources. Choose from running, walking, cycling, exercise, yoga, painting, writing (Poem/Slogan/Essay), drawing, singing, blog writing (On Ozone Layer or Ozone Day). Share on Sept 27 via WhatsApp 9412149669 (Anil Mohan). Note: Please follow government rules and guidelines, don’t go out to areas not allowed by authorities in your area, follow social distancing, wear mask, preferred activity at home. Date: Sept27-28

Plant-based Diet: Certified course by Ila Pathak, topics include eating more to weigh less, guts to be healthy, fighting the blues with greens. Date: Sunday, Sept 27. Time: 12 noon, Zoom. Limited seats, register now.

Colonelz SharpShooterz Shaheed Bhagat Singh Memorial Fitness Days 2020: Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s love for freedom knew no boundaries, join the best fitness guru in this fitness program of Run/ Cycle/ Yoga.
Free Registration! Date: The event takes place on Sept27-28, 2020. Distance Categories are Basic Run – 2/5km, Advanced Run – 10/21/42km or above; Basic Cycling – 5/10km; Advanced Cycling 30/50/100km or above; Yoga Day 1 – Surya Namaskar, Day 2 – Set of asans as per protocal to be emailed to the registered email id. Complete the activity in your own location, and record the same in any fitness app you may have, such as Strava, Garmin, Google Fit etc. Submit either the link, or a screenshot of your activity. Add aselfie of your participating for printing on your e-certificate, and you’re done! Multiple Events Entry
Simply tick as many boxes as events you want to attend – it’s FREE after all! And don’t forget to fill the categories!
Of course if you want multiple medals or goody bags, do take the trouble to fill up another form ( just to make it easier for us!) Self-Certification applicable to basic categories: Run – 2&5 km, Cycling – Upto 10km, Yoga – All formats. Indoor/Outdoor run/rides/yoga accepted
(Please note due to COVID-19 situation all protocols will be strictly followed by the participant.) Details: Colonelz SharpShooters
Mob 9888222248

Incredible India Run & Ride: A virtual run to celebrate World Tourism Day. With a variety of cultural values, designs & infrastructure, India is the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Let’s come together to celebrate the beauty and promote the tourism of India. Categories: Run Category: 2 KM | 5 KM | 10 KM | 21 KM | 42 KM; Cycling Category: 10 Km | 25 KM | 50 KM | 75 KM | 100 KM. Guidelines: Run inside your home or outside as per your convenience and government guidelines on any one day from Sept27 to Oct4 to qualify for this Incredible India Run & Ride 2020. Run with App / Watch to track your run and submit data with proof on WhatsApp Number: 80003551213. Data can be submitted on a given link from 27 Sept till 5 Oct by 11 am. Data submission is MANDATORY (Strictly No Exception allowed). Once you finish your run, you have to click a screenshot of the app you are using to calculate your distance. You need to submit this screenshot as a proof of distance you covered on the WhatsApp number provided.You can use any App Garmin, Strava, RunKeeper, Nike running, Runtastic or whichever app you are using for running on your mobile.

Nagari Short Film Festival: The Charles Correa Foundation is organizing a short film festival focusing on urban housing to help generate ideas that can be used to reconfigure cities to benefit residents. According to architect Tahir Noronha this festival intends to be a bioscope for cities to explore diverse subjects. The films should be of 4-5 minutes duration, fictional or non-fictional narratives, documentary, animated or a combination of both. A panel of mentors will shortlist 12 entries for guidance and production in a time span of a month. Grant of Rs25,000 for each will be provided. Details: Charles Correa Foundation

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