FOR Goans who can afford it they do not have to go to the Urban Health Centre or the Primary Health Centre to have their swab samples tested. Metropolis Healthcare, a private company, is now offering the facility of collecting swab samples from your home or any place convenient. Trained health workers in full personal protection equipment will come to collect your sample.
The fee is Rs4,500 and the test conducted will be the sophisticated RT/PCR test which is considered the gold standard and not the antigen test. Marcel-based Thyro Care Centre has already started its home collection facility for residents of Panjim, Ponda, Margao, Marcel and surrounding areas.
Health workers will not enter resident’s house but sample will be collected at doorstep or veranda. They will be equipped with disposable bags to collect all bio-medical waste so that nothing is left behind. The samples then go to the Thyrocare lab in Mumbai and results will be received the next day. Victor Hospital in Margao is also offering PCR test in Margao at a charge of Rs4,500 plus Rs800 for PPE kits used.


THE mask is meant to prevent even tiny droplets from a Covid-19 patient’s mouth from landing on you. Doctors have observed with shock that when potentially infected persons meet a friend they tend to pull down their mask and use at a loose scarf draped their mouth to enable chatter. For naturally it is difficult to carry on a conversation with a mask muffling the voice! Unfortunately, it is when you’re talking that you have to be the most careful about having your mask in place, so that there is no saliva sputtering in the air. Doctors also advice against touching the front portion of the mask with your fingers. If the mask becomes wet or dirty it should be changed immediately. A mask should not be worn for more than six hours continuously. You should avoid touching not only the face but also the face and the mouth while wearing the mask. After withdrawing the mask you should wash your hands again. You must use your mask and disposable gloves by cleaning any new surface. For some reasons the Indian Medical Association has stopped extending help to patients who have chosen isolation at home over admission to the hospital.


THE need for precautions cannot be over emphasized. The family and medical staff offering help to an infected patient face as big a risk as the patient himself/herself. Care givers are well advised to avoid direct contact with a patient’s body fluids. They must use disposable gloves when dealing with a Covid-19 patient. Caregivers should also avoid exposure to potentially contaminated items such as sharing cigarettes, utensils, dishes, drinks, used towels and bed sheets used by patients. Patient’s things should be washed with soap/detergent and water using gloves. After completing the cleaning of the items the caregiver should wash or sanitise own hands.

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