It was a red-letter day for Make-A-Wish children suffering from cancer in the age group of 3 to 18 years on November 25, 2020. At a joyous function the Goa Cancer Society’s donation of Rs1 lakh was put to good use to fulfill ten childrens’ wishes — five wanted bicycles, three wanted laptops and the rest mobile phones. Their wishes were granted! Present on the occasion were Vice President Dr Suresh Shetye, Secretary Dr Mahesh Naik, Jt Secretary Dr Shekhar Salkar and member Dr Sitakant Ghanekar of the GCS. Smiles on the faces of the children and their parents say it all!


YOU might wonder how those who indulge in strenuous physical exercises may not succumb easily to diseases. It has been proven beyond doubt that those who engage in physical labor and exercise build up a sturdy and robust immune system which does not fall prey to infections and diseases easily.
So here’s your reason for not shunning the act of trying out some strenuous exercises while simultaneously recharging yourselves with salts and minerals that are lost due to perspiration, so as to hydrate yourselves by carrying a bottle of water with electoral or Glucon-D dissolved in it. Altogether this is proving to be the right prescription for building an immunity that offers very high resistance to Covid-19.
To make it more effective do your exercising in at atmosphere where there plenty of leafy trees so that you also benefit from higher oxygen in the air to perk up your lungs and blood streams. Constant dosage of oxy-haemoglobin is known to protect patients who have contracted Covid-19 and are on recovery mode.
In conclusion, exercising and exertion are definitely the right prescription as a precautionary measure against being vulnerable to the coronavirus contagion. Look out for gardens, seashores, avenues and jogging parks for they are the best places to move it, shake it, stretch it…to fast forward oxygenation of the lungs and one’s entire circulation system. Walk or jog uphill! An hour or two of working out daily will keep Covid-19 at bay.
— Elvidio Miranda, Panaji

THE pandemic demands every single person play his or her role daily. This has thrown up a negative side and that decision making too is carried out by everyone! There can be just one objective: break the transmission. Everything we do must focus on this. Why? Because the Sar Cov2 is a killer. Yet, the danger is only to 15% of the population!
In a 15 lakh population 12 lakh people have no problem. Such numbers make the virus even more deadly. Recently, a biometric machine resulted in a spurt of positive cases including a death. Everyone knew these touch type machines are suspect for spreading infection. We even reported that there were upgrades to non-touch facial recognition ones that don’t require you to even remove your mask! So, who took this decision to commence with the same type of machine? A commerce graduate? Even agriculturists do not know enough about environmental situations.
Surely, we must have the right person to decide? For this, we have IAS officers but where are they? Goa, we know, is one of the first postings for such people because it’s a soft posting. This does not absolve them from their responsibilities.
But in India there appears to be no right person! ICMR now says that the entire 1.2 billion population will not be vaccinated, only a core group to stop transmission! Is this a scientific decision, financial, logistic or political one? Traders always think in terms of poishe!
If this is so why so much fuss over polio? Further, only one vaccine, currently under trial, has claimed that there will be no transmission from the vaccinated. This too is a claim. Further, this is not the vaccine from Russia: So which vaccine will they give to the core group? Remember, vaccines protect only 90% of the vaccinated! Once again, in India there is no champion for human rights.
— R Fernandes, Margao

THE government should consider amending the Goa Lokayukta Act to enable any retired High Court judge to be appointed as Lokayukta. Currently in terms of the act only a retired judge of the Supreme Court or a retired High Court chief justice can be appointed as Lokayukta. If a retired High Court judge is made eligible it would facilitate the filling of the vacancy.
Earlier, the law was amended to enable a retired High Court judge to head the Goa Human Rights Commission and a similar amendment to the Goa Lokayukta Act could be done by way of an ordinance. The post of Lokayukta has been vacant since September 17 consequent to the retirement of Justice PK Misra. There is need to expeditiously fill the vacancy so that the very vital Institution of the Lokayukta starts re-functioning in the State of Goa.
The High Court of Bombay at Goa on September 23 had directed the Goa government to fill the vacancy of the Lokayukta within three months. It is also imperative that for its proper functioning the Institution of Lokayukta be provided all the required infrastructure including an investigative team to assist the Lokayukta.
— Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

MOGACHO Goenkar bhav-bhainino, we are Indians first. When we travel we realise that our country is flourishing on the strength of unity in diversity. When we are on a moving train and train our eyes around we see innumerable households next to the rail-track! We need not be exceptions.
The nation has a number of thermal power stations and industries that make use of coal as fuel. Their products are shared amicably by the whole country. We are buying our power needs from the southern grid and they need coal. This cannot be handled by trucks. Only trains and ships can transport them economically from one end to the other end. Harbours and trains play a great role.
Do appreciate that these national properties are owned by every lndian. To be selfish on this matter will prove to be a foolish stand. Opposing this project at this late stage will rob us of our varied day-to-day needs is the moot point.
Someone, whether Adanis or Jindals are our job-givers, and they keep the machinery rolling for the benefit of all! We Goans stand to lose our moral status of a State of the Union, if we decide not to cooperate in matters pertaining to the wholesome development of lndia.
So let us not be carried away by the crooked chicanery of our disgruntled politicians, suffering from “no kursi” virus. We are not blind not to appreciate the on going developmental works. If we falter it is the common man who will be forced to face the brunt and the tricksters will live on the comforts of their ill-gotten funds.
Remember our blunder saying ‘no’ to Konkan Railway? I want all true Goans to join the mainstream and prove that Goenkars are no less lndians!
— Mohan Rao, Caranzalem

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