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IF the month of frisky April is here can Easter be far away? This year Easter on April 4 is going to be a special long weekend celebration at the Taj hotels where the chefs promise to lay out a true Easter feast for those in the mood to get away from at all with family and friends for at small gatherings. The Taj hotels in Goa and Kerala are all set for traditional Easter revelries to remember the Resurrection of Jesus, a day close to the heart of Christians the world over.
Resurrection day, according to the New Testament occurred on the third day after his burial following crucifixion by Romans at Calvary c. 30 AD. For Christians the day is a day to celebrate new life, rebirth, and over the years the popular symbols have been Easter eggs, new born chicks, bunny rabbits…hence, we see the repetition of these symbols in festivities of Easter Sunday feasts on the Christian dining table.
If you want to get into the spirit of celebrating Easter you may want to join in the many Easter customs organized by the Taj Hotels – attend the traditional Easter mass at the local church, and afterwards head for an authentic culinary journey with extravagant lunch laid out with roast duck roast, stuffed pork and bunny chow among other delectable savories and sweet pretty things. There will of course be all kinds of eggs to take delight in and recipes such as devilled eggs along with creamy spring peas with pancetta, four-cheese scalloped potatoes, carrot cake, etc. Do you know that eggs were adopted by the early Christians as a symbol of life after the resurrection of the Jesus story?
Along with the goodies the Taj management hasn’t forgotten the children who may participate in such adventurous events as an Easter egg hunt, followed by paintings special Easter eggs, learning the art of making edible eggs and bunnies and so on and so forth to make it a memorable Easter for both young and young inspirit!
For more information on the curated Easter experiences coming up at the Taj hotels in Goa and Kerala call any one of the Taj hotels. Established in 1903, Taj is The Indian Hotels Company Ltd (IHCL) iconic brand for the world’s most discerning travelers and seekers of the authentic good life in luxurious comfort. There are Taj hotels across the world including India, North America, United Kingdom, Africa, Middle East, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan and Nepal. More information:

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