DOWN: The failure of the bank server has affected the popular Google Pay app which is used by most everyone now.

By Rashmi

In most banks the servers are down making it difficult to either deposits cash or withdraw it. You cannot even get your bank balance and in many areas even ATMs are affected…..

SBI account holders have been facing problems since August 3 while doing UPI based transactions. Users have been confronted with messages “servers temporarily unavailable” or “Your bank’s servers didn’t respond” on their screens due to failed SBI UPI transactions. They have encountered server issues when they tried to make payments, check the account balance, or even update their profile.
Many have carried out payments but the SBI UPI transaction is not getting reflected at their end nor at the end of the receiving person. People who are trying to fetch their balance are confronted with the message “your bank server didn’t respond”. The breakdown of servers happening in the first week of the month has left the users frustrated. More so, if they have a salary account with SBI.
The agitated customers have taken to Twitter to raise their voices and seek help from SBI and digital partners. SBI has responded to them with the message “Dear Customer, we regret the inconvenience caused. There are intermittent connectivity issues with our UPI app. Our team is on the job to resolve it at the earliest. We suggest you to use our other digital channels.”
But SBI UPI has not given a date to the resolution of the issue. Though the SBI team had made an attempt to resolve it on August 6, but the issue persists. The frustration amongst the SBI account holders is more due to frequent issues. SBI UPI servers have been plagued with similar issues in the past too.
Scanning the messages initially indicated that the SBI UPI transactions could not get through Google Pay. But later on, people using PayTM, PhonePe, Amazon UPI, and BHIM UPI also encountered similar challenges.
SBI is aware of the issue and its team is working on resolution of intermittent connectivity issues. In the meantime, it has requested the users to opt for other modes of digital transactions like netbanking/credit card/debit card.
It has to be kept in mind that UPI servers give limited functions during night hours. Many would have experienced that at night they are not able to get through their transactions. It depends on the bank’s infrastructure, how native bank’s CBS talks to NPCI Switch/Server at night.
Many banks keep their CBS database in offline mode at night leading to failure of UPI transactions through NPCI usually keeps its UPI Servers/switch on a 24x7x365 basis. For instance, if a transaction needs to be done from HDFC bank at night using SBI UPI App. In that case for a transaction to be successful, the three entities SBI UPI App, HDFC CBS, and NPCI should be in synch.

Updates as on August 10

There has been no development on the matter of the SBI UPI server issue. The official SBI Twitter handle is responding with a standard reply to such issues. Please check what it says!
“We regret the inconvenience caused. Please ensure that your account with us is linked to the UPI app used by you. There are intermittent connectivity issues with our UPI Server. Please try again as our team is on the job to resolve it fully at the earliest. You may use our other digital channels like Yono SBI (Banking & Lifestyle app), Yono Lite (Mobile Banking app) & Online SBI (Internet Banking)”

Updates as on August 11

Today SBI has officially conveyed that SBI customers can opt for Yono SBI & Yono Lite apps as official alternatives for the SBI UPI server issue. This is a stop-gap arrangement till the time bank is trying to solve the issues with the UPI servers. In the meanwhile, check details here on Yono SBI and Yono Lite.

Updates as on August 20

Though SBI had informed a week ago that the UPI issue has been resolved but users have started reporting the problem again. SBI has responded to the queries with the statement “Please note that all our digital services are working fine. We are only facing intermittent issue in UPI.”
It has asked its customers to “we recommend you use an in-app complaint mechanism for UPI related issues or escalate the same to our technical team at if the issue persists.”

UPDATED AS ON 3rd December

On 22nd November, SBI had announced that they were upgrading their internet banking platform to provide for a better online banking experience. However, it seems since 1st Dec, the earlier issues while doing BHIM UPI, Google Pay, PayTM, or on the official SBI Yono app transactions refuse to find a permanent resolution. This time users are encountering issues related to the server’s performance due to which they cannot complete transactions.
SBI’s online payments are not getting through and even UPI credit card and debit card payment transactions are failed. SBI has not responded to such failed transaction reports. Though we believe that SBI’s team would be working towards a permanent fix.
However, SBI bot has replied with “We request you to raise a transaction dispute through the in-app complaint mechanism of the UPI app or send a mail to . Your matter will be looked into. Thank you.”
The SBI UPI servers have again run into rough weather. The bots have replied with no TAT in sight

Updated as of 14th March – SBI Updating UPI Platform

Finally, there is a date to the resolution of the SBI UPI Server issues. After endless complaints, on March 13th, SBI announced about upgrading its UPI platform. In an effort to provide uninterrupted banking experience in the future, it notified about the possibility of intermittent issues during the process.
Stay tuned with us for updates on the issue and in the meantime, do share with us in the comment box, the issues you are facing!

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