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AN art exhibition by six Goan artists was held at Art & Culture Gallery of Sankruti Bhavan, Patto in Panjim, from April 10 to 13, 2021. The artists whose works were on display included Praveen Naik, Vasudev Shetye, Siddharth Gaitonde, Sandesh Naik, Sanjay Naik and Rajaram Naik. Siddharth Gaitonde’s paintings take form and shape with spontaneous impulse rather than “pre-conceived ideas that evolve from subconscious reservoir.” He is inclined towards representing elements of nature and the various facets of being human beings.


Vasudev Shetye uses multiple textures and design elements in his paintings. They are primarily Goa-centric and most significant is his painting of Abade de Faria. Sanjay Naik is a painter who closely identifies with the animal world. His paintings depict various animals hugging the human shoulder-neckline! There’s the suggestion that we humans have many subtle animal traits within us which may or may not recognize. In many of our actions these traits are manifested consciously or unconsciously.
Siddharth Gaitonde

Praveen Naik
Praveen Naik’s paintings reflect emotions of current and unresolved issues of socio-politics, culture and human beings in contemporary India. Rajaram Naik depicts a fascinating impression of ‘Dashavtara.’ This time it is in the mask form of different avatar. Dashavtara refers to the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu in Hindu mythology. Altogether the exhibition offered an interesting presentation of modern Goan artists and their varied vision and art medium.

Sandesh Naik believes that energy from a painting or an installation can influence the viewer positively or negatively. His inspiration is usually the state of Goa in myriad aspects. He has a talent for using simple, everyday materials and ingredients to give his vision form, shape and size. Classic examples: The use of jute, salt, chilies, dried fish mackerel, prawns, galmo… all Goan motifs translated in mixed media artwork which may be perceived as installation or painting. Sandesh’s geometric forms inspire a sense of unity and diversity. He is a meticulous artist who is also engaged in art restoration and has restored several old paintings across Goa including those in churches.

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