The Maharashtra government has branded Goa a Covid sensitive state and has barred people from Maharashtra to go to Goa and will not permit Goans into Maharashtra without a covid-19 certificates. Similarly Karnataka and Kerala have also barred Goans without Covid-19 negative certificates.

Due to the lockdown in major cities which used to contribute to the huge tourist traffic during the weekends, there has been a sharp drop of upto 80% in the hotels and even the casinos in Goa.

Even if tourist want to come to Goa which is still not impose any restrictions the airport authority has made it impossible with cancellation of flights from Delhi Maharashtra Rajasthan and several other flights. As many as 33 flights to Goa for Sunday have been cancelled and the number of flights that have been cancelled even on Monday is 38 at present.

Maharashtra which has declared Goa a place of Covid origin has also asked the railways and the inter city transport buses not to take passengers without covid negative certificates. The Chief secretary of Maharashtra declared Kerala, Goa,. Gujarat, Delhi , Rajasthan and Uttarkhand as places of sensitive origin. In other words it has banned travelers to Mumbai from this states. Even if they are coming by train people in this train will have to show a negative RTPCR report conducted within 48 hours at the rail travel. For those who have not tested RTPCR test will be performed at the boarding point an Antigen test whether it is a airline of railway station.

The railways have also been directed not to issue any unreserved tickets to travel to places in Maharashtra. All passenger who want to travel have to come to the outer platform to make it easier to conduct thermal screening of passengers.

Meanwhile the Urban health centre and the primary health centres in Goa have stopped testing people who do not have any symptoms. If the test are for travel even in government hospitals the person concern will have to pay Rs 1200 for the test.

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