Faith in the covishield vaccines has dropped with the former PM Manmohan Singh who had taken both the covishield vaccines tested positive for covid-19 and was admitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

The 88 year old former PM had just a day before sent a letter to the PM asking him to step up the vaccination drive to cover all citizens.

Dr Manmohan Singh has reported mild symptoms of disease including fever and is known to be a diabetic and has undergone two bypass surgery. On facebook prominent resident of Panaji who is one of the few Goan graduates of the university department of technology in Mumbai posted that he was considering that not taking the second dose on the advice of Allan Rocha who is incharge of NCERT centre in Goa.

He however agreed to take the second dose after it was pointed out to him this would have a negative impact as many people would follow his example. Meanwhile Boris Johnson the British PM has not only cancelled his trip to Goa but put Goa on the red list. This means that Goa cannot expect any revival of the UK charter business even the Russian charter which was suppose to start on April 24 are having second thoughts.

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