The food-as-medicine revolution is led by John Robbins in USA and many others. Read his book bestseller ‘Diet for A New America.’ Alternate ways of healing are leaving behind Allopathy!

By Tara Narayan

FOOD for thought this week, that’s all I want to offer you. Do you like me keep getting this spooky, eerie feeling of seventh sense — that someone wants to kill you? Say I’m paranoid. What spooks me is the fact that while a young actor Rahul Vohra was dying for want of oxygen in a Delhi hospital Prime Time’s Ravish Kumar was there with Rahul’s wife actually video-graphing her husband’s death! Mind you this dying guy is also an ustad U-tuber and Facebook fan and okay with the wife’s video of his last hours on earth circulating over social media…this is not an isolated case but a mirror image of how both governance and the healthcare system is falling apart and failing the people of this country young and old.
I’ve said this before and will say it again. It makes perfect sense to set up your own hospital/sanitarium room and especially if you have a decent home – get a trusted doctor to attend to you and yours. Don’t go to hospital. It’s not worth it anymore. Hospitals are stressed out with covid-affected patients crying for oxygen and no oxygen for love or for money if you don’t know the Prime Minister or Chief Minister of Health Minister – and I won’t be one bit surprised if they’ve put off their phones.
Trust has fled and there is faith left only in doctors who care and are doing everything they can to save you from death’s door…and then there is God of course, yours or mine. Which god, whose god, where is god? As far as I am concerned my gods are trees forever after, I’d trust a tree to save me any day!
WHAT I’m asking myself these days is why is this double mutant virus of India catching the lungs to eat up with infection and death (a disease called black fungus is strangling most covid patients and the story is this is because of recycling medical equipment and the use of infected water…when water is filling up the lungs can any amount of oxygen save you? Once medical staff know a patient is going to die anyway do they act stingy with whatever oxygen is available or rationed…in hospital after hospital, except in the private hospitals of course where they will bill you up for even the staple pins pinning together your medical papers (by the way the use of staple pins is illegal although they’re still being widely used both in the food retailing business and other businesses, these thin fine zinc staple pins are deadly and cause infinite harm depending on where they go and lodge themselves, lease boycott them).
But to get back to all the dying going on all around not to forget dead dumped bodies turning up by riversides and beachsides in the country…will we ever know the exact number of people who’ve gone with the wind in this clearly man-made genocide or genetically modified bio-warfare designed allegedly by American money and Chinese brains. If one is to believe my friend Dr Shiva Ayyadurai (scientist most extraordinary born in India, made it good in the US of A) the pandemic is more a pharma created warfare to make upper crust cash registers ring all the way to hell than anything else.
See, with increasing consciousness about how food is medicine and exercise is nitric oxide (your cardiovascular system’s epethilial cells produce it and if they’re turning into concrete obviously there’s going to be no nitric oxide) more and more folk in the countries of the West have been doing lifestyle turnovers. That is watching what they put in their mouth and making sure they walk, favorite exercising, de-stressing big time, and taking no shit from no one in or out of home. That’s just one way of putting it. Listen up: The drugs industry of the Western world was not making enough profits to keep the pharma big daddies, VVIPs and all down the line, they were in the doldrums – so enter mandated vaccines big time.
WHAT do you know. It is a rigged up pandemic in cahoots with governments who want to reduce their troublesome population problem in China, India, South America, etc, all the poor countries bursting at the seams with poverty with unimaginable sob stories. Who in utopia wants to deal with all that kind of crap? Everybody wants to be filthy rich or die! To cut this short. Well, look around you, the only folk rolling into business for a year and half globally are the pharma companies and chemists shops big and small – there is money in drugs which have long since lost their validity and value.
Just for example, the inexpensive anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin is back in business. Suddenly the report is this drug “could inhibit in vitro coronavirus replication in large doses.” Therefore, it’s the treatment for covid sufferers, along with steroids, blood thinners, anti-viral drugs, etc, ad infinitum. Hey, in desperation sick people are turning to quick fix drugs to die quickly or less quickly? Drug cash registers are rolling all the way to the banks again, hurrah!
Doctors too are back in business with all due apologies to the honorable ones and who don’t know any better. Honey, the truth as I see it is that the healthcare movement out in the USA is now driven not by the mainstream but alternate healthcare business! Yes, with their disciplined lifestyle prescriptions of food as medicine, exercise and peace of mind as nirvana…as the new gods of healing…those who manage to do it are staying alive better than ever before.
Lately, I’ve been reading up this whole slew of mainstream doctors who’ve now taken to prescribing alternate medicine for all our aging degenerative lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle changeovers are far more difficult to do even in financial terms but the traditional healthcare systems with modern day inputs are led by some very respected and formidable names from mainstream medicine who’re also practicing non-mainstream healthcare medicine.
SOMEHOW I managed to catch some of the Ocean and John Robbins recent 10th Food Revolution Summit from April 24 to May 1, 2021, featuring some 25 learned and absolutely insightful speakers in the alternate healthcare business (many practicing nutraceutical medicine). To mention just a few of the speakers there were Dr Dean Ornish (MD) on the transformative power of lifestyle medicine, Kristi Funk (MD) on cancer-kicking superfoods, William Li (MD) on improving your immunity and preventing disease with food, Joel Furhman (MD) on the optimal diet to beat chronic illness, Will Bulsiewicz (MD) on the plant-fed gut, Machael Klaper (MD) on the science of nutrition, Susan Peire Thompson (PhD) on rewiring your brain for food freedom, Dean and Ayesha Sherzai (MDs) on the best foods to prevent Alzheimer’s, David Perlmutter (MD) on lifestyle strategies for a healthy brain, Mimi Guarneri (MD) on nourishing your whole heart, Joel Kahn (MD, top cardiologist) on plant-based solution to whole health and many more on living on the power of plants, healing autoimmune diseases and so much more.
Hey, Allopathy, which sidelined so many of the older traditional healthcare systems in the last 100 years, is definitely being impacted as more educated and up to date people think alternative healthcare is more rewarding in the long run! What will Allopathy’s doctors do if more and more patients go to the “quacks” of Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, Siddha, Yoga, etc? The flip side of healthcare is that it is turning into an entertaining and wonderful affair with several twists of the real and welcome kind. I think so anyway along with a whole lot of others.
The heartwarming story is that the body never gives up on you, it’s incredibly resilient and restorative and as long as you give it a chance it will keep you alive and kicking. But you have to learn about how body beautiful works on oiled or appropriately fueled systems science…go ask Dr Shiva Ayyadurai about it or any of the speakers at the Robbins’ 10th Food Revolution Summit! They will provide you with ample proof with impeccable data, at least abroad the growing number of alternate medicine practitioners are supporting large communities, with their health parameters on top of the world…and many of these patients were once very sick dying folk!
Until they were taught the lessons of how food is the best medicine of them all. Don’t laugh. Or by all means laugh but check it for yourself what such natural kitchen ingredients like ginger, garlic, onion, turmeric, cinnamon, black cumin, the leaves of tulsi, methi, drumstick tree, spirulina, etc, etc, can do for you…the times they are a-changing, that is if you want to catch the ongoing revolution! I dare say, age no bar. Don’t knock food as medicine, preventive, curative, natural.
I love what Ocean Robbins says about their mission being ethical, healthy and sustainable, that means good for Mother Earth too, why leave Her out, the womb and bosom of all life? The new age doctors want the doctors of Allopathy to catch up with them and learn the science of nutrition in medicine school. Everyone should have access to health. Perhaps in time to come we’ll be our doctors for medicine nowadays is increasingly being perceived as “right medicine at the right time for the right person.” It’s called precision medicine.
The art of healthcare is no longer a hit and miss affair as we see it these days courtesy this maddening and mysterious covid-19 pandemic which is all around us …with the sad scenarios of millions dying each day for want of – perhaps a better protocol of treatment, not necessarily based only on drugs, oxygen and vaccines.
Yes, the I pray the day is not far away when each one of us will be able to doctor our own ailments of mind, body, heart and soul, armed with the knowledge of a gamut of alternate treatments apart from drugs. Today’s increasingly politicized, corrupted, horror healthcare story will come to a just and fitting end, Amen to that!

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