THREAT: The Goa Bench of the Bombay High Court was informed that its order was not being implemented regarding those entering into Goa, particularly in the case of Konkan Railway passengers

By Adv. Vinayak D. Porob

Gender bias is still deep rooted in our society including Goa. Recently, a male child was stolen from the GMC by a woman who had given birth to her third daughter and was being harassed by her inlaws.

Discrimination between boys and girls is prevailing not only in the State of Goa but in the entire Country since ancient times and in our small state of Goa the height of this discrimination was at a different level and which somehow now has mellowed down due to literacy of the parents and other compelling circumstances as most of the parents during their old age are now taken care of by the daughters rather than their sons. By handling such family disputes and out of experience in this legal profession, I have learnt a lesson that it is always better to have a son and a daughter or an only son or an only daughter or two or more sons and a daughter but certainly not one son and two or more daughters and specially two or more elder daughters and a son who is the youngest among the siblings. Once there is an only son in the family and that too the youngest one in the family and if the other siblings are females than it is a cause for creation of what is called as a Laadka Babu, who enjoys all the privileges of life without efforts and at the cost of his parents and sisters.

girl child rejected

Gender discrimination commences right from the birth of these laadka babus and during their childhood these laadka babus enjoy all the facilities and the daughters unfortunately are made to slog hard so that these laadka babus get to enjoy all the luxuries of life. The parents are least bothered whether these so called laadka Babus pursue their studies or not as even when in school all their homework and studies are forcefully dumped upon by the parents on the female siblings so as to enable these laadka babus to come clean in school. However the parents often fail to realize that the habit they inculcate in these laadka babus of providing everything conveniently is in the future a cause of destruction of such laadka babus. The best of the food, fried fish etc is first served to these laadka babus by ignoring the tastes of the daughters and by this the laadka babus always get the first choice to select not only food but all the other necessities of life too. The fathers who usually restrict themselves only to rice, kokum curry and pickle also in order to avoid incurring expenditure on food, dumps the same food on their female siblings during their childhood, however gives liberty to such laadka babus to enjoy good food in restaurants which later on contributes in creating such laadka babus. The same fathers who eat only rice , pickle and kokum curry at home, when they attend functions shamelessly eat all the delicious items served free for the functions including chicken and mutton dishes which they pretend of not eating at home and which by ignoring the tastes and desires of their children especially the daughters, do not get at home .The daughters get habituated to such food which is non- nutritious and after marriage when these daughters at their husband’s houses get to enjoy the best of the food, the difference is apparent physically and hence the pictures posted on face-book after marriage compared with the pictures posted prior to marriage exposes the truth.

boy child spoilt

These laadka babus during childhood apart from playing and enjoying their lives at the cost of the parents do nothing more which ultimately results in being school drop outs by not even in most of the cases passing SSC. Being a school dropout further worsens these laadka babus as being school drop outs with the privileges of getting everything ready made at the cost of the parents, directly diverts them towards vices such as alcohol, gambling etc. With no education and work to do, these laadka babus are habituated at the young adolescent age to giggle by sitting at road junctions in the village with friends who are most of times not up to the standard of the family to which these laadka babus belong to. Gradually these laadka babus being habituated to get things ready made develop into avaricious, alcoholic and parasitic babus who just know to live and enjoy at the cost of their parents and sisters who inspite of being treated unequally, fight the circumstances and get themselves educated. The mother usually in most of the cases is responsible for the creation of such parasitic laadka babus and as such the sisters are also in their childhood taught by the mother the only lesson of satisfying the demands of these so called laadka babus being the only brother. Girls are always emotional and loving and by taking advantage of their blind and unconditional love for their brother, these parasitic laadka babus start living and enjoying at the cost of their sisters who even after marriage by concealing from their husbands continue to provide money and other luxuries to these parasitic laadka babus who are a disgrace to the family. The sisters out of love for these parasitic babus go to any extent and even sometimes are ungrateful to people who have helped them as the laadka babus for being parasitic and avaricious are criticized and attempts to reform such laadka babus are made by such people. These same sisters out of helplessness when their husbands curtail their money or maintain a strict vigil over their finances, out of love for the brother and on the instigation of the parents especially the mother, stoop so low that they even go to the extent of stealing money from the wallets of their husbands and /or stealing from the drawers of the cupboards and further in order to conceal the same shed the blame on the servants working in the house who are trustworthy servants and who are working for several years in the houses of the husbands of such sisters. One sometimes gets the feeling that the sisters and the parents also do not want their laadka babus to work and slog hard in life and hence must be unconditionally by starving themselves providing all luxuries to these laadka babus.

avaricious grooms

God always gives a person what is due and sometimes it is divine justice that such callous and avaricious babus are born as the parents to whom such laadka babus are born must have committed such a sin which is not pardonable even by the almighty and therefore one should always have a second thought when you cheat and breach trust of your own family members for gold, property or other worldly things. If the only treasure of your house is worthless what would be the use of the gold and property one has and which will be surely be converted into soil.
(To be continues next issue July 17)

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